Exceptions to browser support

Certain applications and features in the Kingston release have browser requirements that differ from the list of browsers generally supported by the ServiceNow platform.

Note: In Kingston and later, Internet Explorer versions prior to IE11 are no longer supported.
Table 1. Platform browser exceptions
Platform features Details
Accessibility release notes

Some keyboard shortcuts and tab-through are browser-specific. See your specific browser documentation for more information.

Automated Test Framework release notes

Automated Test Framework works with all browsers supported by the ServiceNow platform, but some browsers have features to throttle CPU time that can hamper automated test performance. For information on how to mitigate these issues, see browser recommendations for ATF .

Dependency Views release notes
The Dependency Views module supports the latest version or service pack of the following browsers:
  • Firefox with the latest ESR
  • Chrome latest version
  • Safari version 8 or later (latest is recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 11 and Microsoft Edge.
Mobile release notes

Access the mobile web interface from the latest versions of the Safari or Chrome web browsers on your mobile device.

Notifications release notes

If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, you must use version 11 or later to use the email digest feature, which involves user notification preferences in the System Settings window. You can also use any of the other supported web browsers .

Visual Task Boards
  • The latest public release of Firefox or Firefox ESR
  • The latest public release of Chrome
  • Safari version 9.1 and later
  • Internet Explorer version 11
    • Edge mode is supported.
    • Compatibility mode is not supported.
    • Setting Security Mode to High (via the Internet Options > Security tab) is not supported.
    • Internet Explorer 11 is susceptible to memory leaks, which may impact performance, especially in Windows 7.
  • Access Visual Task Boards on your mobile device using either a browser or the native mobile app. See supported devices for more information.
Table 2. Business Management browser exceptions
Application Portfolio Management release notes

Internet Explorer version 10 and later.

Financial Management release notes

Internet Explorer version 11 or later (including Microsoft Edge) is required to use all aspects of the workbench.

Project Portfolio Management release notes

If you are using Internet Explorer, version 11 or later (including Edge) is required to use all aspects of the workbenches.