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Automated Test Framework release notes

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Automated Test Framework release notes

ServiceNow® Automated Test Framework feature enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

New in the Kingston release

Ability to re-run failed tests in a test suite
Re-run failed tests within a test suite without rerunning the entire suite. The Re-run failed tests button appears on the suite result form and on the suite execution progress viewer after a suite with failed tests completes. It does not appear if test execution is disabled, the suite is deactivated, the suite passed, or the user does not have one of the required roles.

See Getting started with the Automated Test Framework for more information.

Activation information

Platform feature – active by default.

Browser requirements

Automated Test Framework works with all browsers supported by the ServiceNow platform, but some browsers have features to throttle CPU time that can hamper automated test performance. For information on how to mitigate these issues, see browser recommendations for ATF .