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Kingston security and notable fixes

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Kingston security and notable fixes

This release (Early Availability) contains fixes to the following problems.

Kingston was released on November 16, 2017.
Build date: 11-11-2017_1422
Build tag: glide-kingston-10-17-2017__patch0-11-06-2017
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Kingston.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Kingston fixed problems, see KB0623762.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related fixes

Kingston includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Kingston, refer to KB0656226.

Important fixes in Kingston

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce



MySQL crash 5.6.16 - Signal 11 (Failure while unlocking rows) MySQL can crash with a Signal 11 error for undocumented reasons. In most cases, MySQL will self-recover and continue to function as expected. Engineers may need to manually intervene to ensure application nodes properly reconnect to the database.

IT Service Management



gs.calDateDiff results in an out of memory error when dates cross DST change days When dates cross a Daylight Saving Time change, gs.calDateDiff results in an out of memory error. gs.calDateDiff is used in the 'mark_closed' and 'mark_resolved' business rules, which are in the Incident module and Incident AutoClose scheduled job.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




During the TPP migration, if a row size limitation error occurs, the CMDB table may experience data loss

During the TPP migration, a MySQL row size limitation error can occur when there is a large number of medium text fields on the CMDB and its child tables. The migration can fail and cause data loss.

If this has occurred, the state of the migration will be in "Complete (with errors)". Check the sys_tpp_migration record for "Base Configuration Item [cmdb]" to see the state of the TPP migration.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




CMDB TPP migration during a Jakarta upgrade can fail if the migration takes over 24 hours

On an upgrade to Jakarta, the CMDB table will go through a migration called TPP. This can fail if the migration runs for longer than 24 hours as the database connections are destroyed after being marked as obsolete by the connection pool sweeper.

The upgrade will get stuck on the fix script that is running the TPP migration, z_z_migrate_cmdb_tpp.xml. This can be observed in the upgrade monitor and will require manual interventions or a rollback of the upgrade.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




A specific StackOverflowError during a query can leave a node in the corrupt state During a database query, a specific StackOverflowError can lead to incorrect data deletion or insertion. Due to the unpredictable nature of the error, symptoms are varied and could include any or none of the following:
  • Multiple scheduled jobs (sys_trigger table) are mysteriously deleted.
  • Business rule records are mysteriously inserted (sys_scripts).

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components



sys_Metadata_delete grows rapidly for sys_filter deletes and causes outages during upgrades

The Activity Stream field will add a 'mobile = true' sys_filter every time it is viewed. Once 11 or more such records have been created for a single user, the code starts to delete them.

For users who use the activity stream, this can result in tens of thousands of such records being created and deleted per week.

When these records are deleted, they stay in the table as sys_metadata_delete records because these records are tracked in sys_metadata. Also, they have sys_customer_update set to true, so that for versions affected by PRB951491, the node running the database upgrade can be out of memory.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Domain Support



Upgrades are causing domain table to be reset back to sys_user_group, causing recalculation of domain paths and unique constraint violations A Unique Key violation error occurs when adding/importing a group into a domain separated instance upgraded to Istanbul Patch 6. Istanbul Patch 6 adds a unique index to sys_user_group table, which is supposed to allow duplicate values.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Cloud Management Application



Two scheduled jobs created by the Cloud Management plugin may delete data unintentionally

By default, both the job 'Global: Clear terminated/stale cloud resources' and the property to activate the job are set to inactive. When the job is executed, it deletes data incorrectly. The job is designed to delete old cloud configuration items (CIs), but it also deletes CIs from the application and service tables.

The job 'Azure: Clear terminated/stale cloud resources' is also disabled by default. When the job is executed, it deletes the CI resources under the Azure scope only.




In Jakarta, setting the property 'glide.ui.escape_all_script' to 'false' causes issues with List v2 pagination and context menu This issue only affects List v2 users. When the property glide.ui.escape_all_script is set to false, list pagination and the context menu do not work.
  1. Ensure that List v2 is active.
  2. Go to / and set the property glide.ui.escape_all_script to false.
  3. Navigate to Incident > Open.
  4. Filter the incident based on any date field with a "before" or "after" parameter.

Note that data is filtered but the list context menu and pagination are not working.

Asynchronous Message Bus



Memory leak may prevent AMB (chat, record watcher, etc.) messages from being sent when session_message_queue_size reaches capacity In Istanbul, a memory leak can prevent the AMB session message queue from being flushed correctly.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




In List v2, a tooltip with the full text does not appear as expected when users hover over a truncated cell When the value is too long to display completely in the cell, an ellipsis is used to signify that the value is truncated. When users point to the value, a tooltip with the full value should appear. However, no tooltip appears in List v2.
  1. Navigate to sys_properties.list in List v2.
  2. In the Description column, point to a value that ends with ...

A tooltip that contains the full value is expected to appear, but nothing happens.

UI Components



Users without privileges cannot save the filter using the condition builder
  1. Impersonate the user Abel Tuter.
  2. Go to any List - All incidents/ All HR cases.
  3. Click on filter and add a condition. For example: active is true or state is new.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Give the name - sn_test for "save as"
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click List control just above.
  8. Click Filters.

Expected behavior: sn_test filter should be available after saving.

Actual behavior: sn_test is not available.




Window hangs because of workflow sequence generation when a version still contains pipes "|" in the sequence fields If a Workflow version still contains the pipes and is using Legacy or Service Catalog renderers, the old behavior is seen on very complex workflows.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Trying to group by a field with a column name longer than 30 characters results in the label of the group displaying "(empty)" If users try to group by a field with a name longer than 30 characters, the labels show as "empty" even though the results under the group are correct.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



In List v2, if a filter on a list is too large, the filter returns an HTTP error 400, then returns a blank screen when it is rerun Large list filters can result in a HTTP 400 error. When the filter is rerun by clicking 'Run' or clicking the blue text hyperlinks, a blank screen is returned.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Service Portal - Poor performance for Order Guide with large number of included items and variables After upgrading to Helsinki, Order Guides are not working correctly. If an order guide has many items and variables, it can experience performance issues and often time out.

Try to order a large or complex order guide using the Service Portal.

Note the performance issues.

Core Platform


Notification conditions for [Created][Trend][on][Sunday] do not function or trigger

Notifications that use the condition, [Created][Trend][on][Sunday], will not trigger.

[Created][Trend][on] does trigger with all other days (Monday - Saturday). If the 'on' evaluator is changed to 'on or after' or 'after', the notification/condition does trigger.




Long running events cause delays in email and other events processing

When processing events, the following can occur due to some changes made in Jakarta and cause a slow query:

  • Longer time to process events (inbound email specifically).
  • Backlog of events due to longer processing events (delays for other events in the same queue).

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Application Navigator



The UI16 application navigator filter returns unexpected results When a user types some text into the UI16 application navigator, the visible applications and modules are filtered dynamically to match the string. Sometimes, the user sees unusual results. For example, typing 'Plugin' can return results for the 'System Definition' application. This issue can occur more frequently on slower connections, but it is not limited to slower connections.
  1. In Chrome, open the developer tools and select the Network tab. Under the throttling menu, select Good 3G.
  2. With UI16 enabled, enter a string in the application navigator filter. For example, Plugin.
    • The application navigator displays many results that do not contain the word plugin.
  3. If the issue does not occur, repeat step 1 with a variety of strings, such as Create and Inci. It may take a few tries before the issue surfaces.




Four-byte UTF8 emojis cause emails to be truncated in the database If string fields contain an emoji smiley icon (for instance, an email from a Windows phone), all the content after the smiley icon is missing.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Unable to see tags data when the tags column is added to a report
  1. Navigate to Incident > Open and select an incident.
  2. In the header, click the More options (...) icon and select Add Tag.
  3. Type text in the Add tag field and press Enter.

    Note the incident number.

  4. Navigate to Reports > View/Run and click Create a report.
  5. Create a report with the following values:
    • Report name: Test Tags
    • Data Source: [Click Use a Table instead]
    • Table: Incident
    • Filter: [Number][is][Number of modified incident]
  6. Click Next to choose the type of report chart, and click Next again to choose the columns to display.
  7. Use the slushbucket to add the Tags field to anywhere but the first column in the report and click OK.
  8. Click Run to run the report.

Note that the Tags column is blank despite the text added to create a tag.

UI Components



Randomly, system-wide, the NONE choice in choice list will appear to be empty On random instances, the "None" (or -None- or -- None --) in the choice list can appear with no label (or empty). This will appear system-wide for all choice lists.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Activity Stream



Line breaks in multi-line string fields are removed in activity stream Line breaks in string type description field do not appear in UI16.

The following steps use the incident activity formatter as an example.

  1. Open an instance and ensure that you are using UI16.
  2. Navigate to Incident > All.
  3. Open an incident record.
  4. Click the menu icon and select Configure > Form Layout.
  5. Add the Description field.
  6. Do one of the following to configure the activity formatter and include the Description field:
    • Update the glide.ui.incident_activity.fields system property
    • Customize the fields on the activity formatter
  7. Open a saved incident record.
  8. Add the following text to the Description field:

    'All work and no play make\n\n'

    'Jack a dull boy\n\n'

  9. Save the record.

    Note that the text you added in step 8 is presented in a single line in the activity formatter.

  10. Switch the user interface from UI16 to UI15.
  11. Open the record from step 7.

Note that the text added in step 8 is displayed on two separate lines.




'Edit' button disappears after creating or modifying templates as ITIL user

This issue occurs when an ITIL users creates or views a new incident, change, or problem.

If an ITIL user brings up the 'All Templates' box by clicking the 3 dots to 'Edit' a template, they can make changes to the templates and save. After the modal box goes away and shows the form again, if the user clicks on the 3 dots again, the 'Edit' link is no longer there. It also disappears when you create a new template.

  1. Log in as ITIL user.
  2. Create a new incident or problem, or change or view an existing one.
  3. If the template bar is not shown, activate it by toggling the template bar.
  4. Click on the 3 dots to open the All Templates box.
  5. If you do not have access to edit a template, create a new one by clicking the plus icon, next to the 3 dots icon.
  6. Add fields to the template.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click the 3 dots again.

    You can see the issue happening now and the Edit link is gone.

  9. Reload the form so the Edit link appears.
  10. Click on the 3 dots, edit the newly created template, and save.

The Edit link is gone, though it should be showing the whole time. It disappears after a template is created or edited.

Import / Export



Trying to create an xlsx format template (for update operations) fails for tables containing a currency output field Exporting an import template and attempting to save it as an Excel template file locally fails. The import template has zero bytes and cannot be opened.
  1. Navigate to Asset > Portfolios > Hardware Assets.
  2. Right-click a column header and choose Import.
  3. Select the Update option and click Create Excel template.

    Wait for the export to complete.

  4. Click Download and save the file locally.
  5. Try to open the xlsx file.

The file size shows Zero bytes and an error message appears.

UI Components



The 'Edit tag' icon on the incident form is visible but does not work
  1. Log into the instance and switch to the UI15 interface.
  2. Open any incident records.
  3. Click the 'Edit tag' icon on the navigation bar.

Expected behavior: An input box should appear to insert a new tag.

Actual behavior: The 'Edit tag' button is not responsive when clicked.

UI Components



Incident priority lookup is not working after an upgrade to Jakarta After an upgrade to Jakarta, the Priority field does not automatically change when the values for the Urgency or Impact fields change.
  1. Open an instance in any version prior to Jakarta.
  2. Upgrade to Jakarta.
  3. Open an incident and try changing the Impact and Urgency choice list values.

Expected behavior: The Priority field should change automatically when the Urgency or Impact field changes.

Actual behavior: The Priority lookup does not get triggered immediately after an upgrade.

Service Catalog Widgets: Service Portal



Date field submitted through an Order Guide on Service Portal reverts back to the current date A date field whose value is a future date that is submitted through an Order Guide on Service Portal reverts back to the current date if the date format is set to anything else other than yyyy-MM-dd.

Transaction and Session Management


Unclaimed transaction, whose underlying request gets recycled while waiting in queue, is left in the active transaction list When an instance is running a large UI activity with presence enabled, the following error appears in the localhost logs: 'Cancelling unclaimed (waiting) transaction'. This transaction will stay in the Active Transactions list until restart.

UI Components




g_form.isReadOnly does not work for most fields when marked read-only on their dictionary record

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components



Reference fields with & in their display value show as & when glide.ui.escape_text is false
  1. Make sure glide.ui.escape_text is set to false.
  2. Clear the cache, log out, and log in to verify.
  3. Create a group called A & B.
  4. Open incident.
  5. Change assignment group to A & B.

Expected behavior: The group shows as A & B.

Actual behavior: The group shows as A & B.

Import / Export



Transforming a 'Basic Date/Time' to 'Date/Time' field creates a NullPointerException When a date field is configured for an import from an Oracle database with JDBC, the related field is created as a 'Basic Date/Time' field in the staging table. When this field is configured to be transformed to a 'Date/Time' field in the target table, it gives an error.
  1. Select a table with Date format in an Oracle database.
  2. Configure this table as a data source in a ServiceNow instance.
  3. Configure a transform map from this Oracle field to a sample target table with a Date/Time field.
  4. Load data.

    The staging table has the Basic Date/Time attribute for that field.

  5. Run a transform against the target table and observe the error message.
  6. Change the staging table's field type to Date/time and reprocess.

It works as expected.

Service Catalog



RITM records are intermittently created without their variables Variables are being deleted or are not created for some RITM records. This issue is not reproducible on demand. However, based on the final outcome, the steps to reproduce are:
  1. Order a Catalog Item.
  2. Check whether variables are created.

Note that sometimes the RITM is created without the variables.




Idle Countdown never times out even after several minutes of inactivity After several minutes of inactivity, the Idle Countdown does not time out the user. The Connect Support properties and are not working as described in Configure Connect Support chat timeout.


  • Use two browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox.
  • Set the Connect Support properties and

Steps to reproduce

  1. In Firefox, impersonate an end user, such as Abel Tuter.
  2. In Chrome, impersonate a chat agent, such as David Loo.
  3. Initiate a chat for the end user by entering any queue (e.g. HR Support: $ aeb40252d7133100816403548e610363).
  4. As David Loo, respond to the chat after accepting it into your queue.

Expected behavior: After 20 seconds of inactivity, the end user should get a timer for a timeout alert. After an additional 10 seconds, the user should get removed from the chat session. The agent should get a message that the user has left the chat session.

Actual behavior: After several minutes of inactivity, nothing happens on the end user side.

Table Rotation/Extension


Error on cmdb_ci_computer form: Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'cmdb_ci_network_adapter2.mac_address' in 'field list') The error appears on the cmdb_ci_computer form with an entry in the CI IPs related list. Note that the CI IPs related list is provided through a sys_relationship.

UI Components


Delay in Type Filter on left navigation panel There is a delay when typing text into the Type Filter text in the left navigation panel. The delay is much more significant in Istanbul vs. Helsinki due to styling changes, including some additional markup between the Helsinki and Istanbul releases.
  1. In the filter navigator, type System or any other term.
  2. Notice the slight delay in the type-ahead.




Adding a new column to very large tables with a default value can take an extremely long time It can take a long time to add a new column with a default value (that is NOT prefixed with "javascript:".) to large tables (100K+).
  1. Get a large table (>100k rows).
  2. Add a column to the table with a default value.

    It is important that the default value is specified when the column is added, not after.

Expected behavior: The column is added and the default value is applied quickly.

Actual behavior: Based on the size of the table, this operation can take a long time to add the column and then go back through and apply the default value. When this operation is during an upgrade, it can cause the upgrade to take a very long time or seem like the upgrade is stalled.

Performance Statistics and Graphs



The ServiceNow Performance dashboard widget is empty After upgrading to Jakarta, the ServiceNow Performance dashboard is not displayed.

Service Catalog Widgets: Service Portal



Catalog UI Policy does not work on requested items viewed on the form page of the Service Portal
  1. Create a catalog item.
  2. Create a variable.
  3. Create a catalog UI policy for the catalog item:
    • Select Applies on Catalog tasks
    • Select Applies on Requested Items
    • Set Run scripts in UI Type to Both
  4. Create a UI policy action for the variable with the following:
    1. Read Only=true
    2. Mandatory= Leave alone
    3. Visible = Leave alone
  5. Using the Self-Service view, access the catalog item. Take note of the requested item that was created.
  6. Open the requested item created from the Service Portal using the form page: /sp?id=form&table=sc_req_item&sys_id=<sys id of the requested item>.

The variable is not set to read-only. The catalog UI policy does not take effect on the form page of the Service Portal.

This works as expected when the Applies on a catalog item view option is selected. However, selecting this option causes the Catalog UI Policy to take effect when user the accesses the catalog item to order.

Service Mapping



Under certain circumstances, Discovery processing is very slow or stuck When Service Mapping discovery is run for multiple services (or all services), the discovery job may slow down due to the service recomputation jobs being processed. As a result, discovery tasks can time out.

Service Catalog



Order is not properly set for variable sets when applied to an order guide in a record producer Attaching a record producer with a variable set to an order guide does not set the expected order for variables. This inconsistency is displayed in question_answer and when viewing the variables through the Variable Editor.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



When opening a "published" workflow that has been checked out by another user, UI warning message should be displayed on the editor

When opening a 'published' version of the workflow that has been checked out by another user, the workflow editor should display a warning message with the username of the user that has checked out the workflow.

This way, if the workflow is checked out by User A, User B will be aware of this when viewing the workflow through the editor.

  1. As System Administrator, navigate to Workflow > Workflow Editor.
  2. On the workflow editor, open Default SLA workflow.
  3. On the icon (left of the workflow name), click Checkout.

    The workflow is checked out.

  4. Log out and log in as another user with the "workflow_admin" role or as another administrator.
  5. Then, repeat steps 1-3.

Notice that when you click on the icon (left of the workflow name), there is no checkout or published button. This is expected because another version exists where its been checked out by the System Administrator" user.

However, the workflow version at the top of the workflow editor says "Published", giving the impression that the user should also be able to check out the workflow.

Express to Enterprise


Some ACLs remain after an Express to Enterprise conversion pre-Istanbul After an Express to Enterprise conversion on a Helsinki, Geneva, or Fuji instance, some ACLs remain that prevent Enterprise admins from fully accessing script fields and other tables/fields.

Service Catalog Widgets: Service Portal


Date/Time variable does not show the correct value in the Variable Editor widget The Date/Time variable does not show the correct value if the record is accessed through the Service Portal after submission.
  1. Activate the Service Portal plugin.
  2. As a user with elevated privileges, navigate to Settings and change the time zone to US/Central.
  3. Navigate to Service Catalog > Maintain Items > Sample item.
  4. Activate the catalog item.
  5. Click Try it.

    The field 'Date/Time' shows the current time in US/Central.

  6. Set the value in this field and submit the request.

    The RITM Variable editor shows the same time you set before submitting the record for the Date/Time variable.

  7. Access the same record in Service Portal (/sp?id=form&table=sc_req_item&sys_id= 41bdcafbdb423200f2fff71fbf961948&view=sp). Make sure that the page ID is 'form'.

The variable editor Date/Time field should show the same time in the Service Portal as seen in RITM record outside of the Service Portal. Instead, the variable value shows a time that is five hours ahead than expected.

The issue is not related to the Date/Time picker but with how the value shows up after submitting for the Date/Time variable.




Published activities moved through an update set do not show up on the activity designer/workflow editor When the custom workflow activity is published more than once and transferred through the update set, the activity does not show up in the workflow editor because the publish field is set to "false".
  1. Create an update set.
  2. Create an activity, publish it, check out again, and publish.
  3. Close update set, moved it to another instance, and commit.

The activity does not show up in the workflow editor's custom tab.




When authenticating through SSO, the Glide cookie for the old Identity Provider-initiated single sign-on is being used instead of the current Service Provider-initiated single sign-on When authenticating through SSO, the Glide cookie for the old Identity Provider initiated single sign-on is being used instead of the current Service Provider initiated single sign-on as defined by glide.authenticate.sso.redirect.idp.
  1. Configure your instance with the Multi-Provider SSO plugin.

    For more information, see Activate a plugin.

  2. Configure a new identity provider record.
  3. Configure glide.authenticate.sso.redirect.idp with the corresponding sys_id.
  4. Access the instance through SSO.
  5. Create a new identity provider record and configure glide.authenticate.sso.redirect.idp with the corresponding sys_id.
  6. Deactivate the previous IdP.
  7. Access the instance again through SSO without clearing browser cache or cookies.

Note that the old IdP is used.

Service Catalog Widgets: Service Portal



In Service Portal, the Variable Editor widget does not work with sc_task records and does not load client scripts properly In Service Portal, the Variable Editor widget fails when a catalog task is added to the portal. Also, variables do not display on the form.
  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Open Records > Tasks.
  2. Open any catalog task that has variables.

    For more information, see Add catalog item variables to a task.

    Note that the variable formatter is displayed.

  3. Navigate to Service Portal > Pages.
  4. In the ID column, find and open the record for the index page.
  5. In Related Links, click Open in Designer.
  6. In the Widgets list on the left, select the Unordered List widget.
  7. Drag the widget and drop it in any location on the page.
  8. Click the edit icon to edit the widget. Use the following values:
    • Table: Catalog Task [sc_task]
    • Display field: Short description
    • Link to this page: Form
  9. Click Save.
  10. Navigate to Service Portal.
  11. Select the task from step 2.

Note that the SP-Variable Editor widget fails and variables are not shown on the form. If you configure the form and remove the Variable editor, the error is not displayed.

System Applications


Global Text Search - Fields defined on user-created tables are not appearing in search results

When a user creates a new table and adds the table to a search group, the user-defined fields do not appear in search results. There are two cases:

  1. A table extended from another table: Only the sys ID is displayed in search results.
  2. A table that does not extend another table: Only a single field is displayed in search results.

Condition Builder



Unable to add an 'and' filter condition in related lists and catalog list collectors The 'and' button to the right of a filter condition does not work. An error is thrown: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'filterObject' of null addConditionSpec.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Import / Export



Slow business rule 'Set synchronous import set' due to non-indexed sort in setImportSetRow function to retrieve next row number

Some users are experiencing slow performance/throughput of synchronous import sets and semaphore exhaustion (most likely in the API_INT semaphore set).

When importing data in an asynchronous import set, the 'Set synchronous import set' business rule is used to populate the 'sys_import_row' field. The 'sys_import_row' is a sequential number which allows the data to be ordered numerically. However, the query that is generated by this code is not scaleable. For import sets with large numbers of rows, this code slows down over time as more rows are added.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components



UI16 impersonation window allows only name searches rather than allowing any search criteria In UI16, when using the impersonation feature (for example, using other criteria such as user ID or when in a domain-separated instance with users who have the same name value), the search box does only name searches. Earlier versions of this functionality allowed any user criteria to be specified.
  1. Log in to an instance running UI16.
  2. Attempt to impersonate someone using anything other than the name field from their user record.

    The attempt is unsuccessful.

  3. Try to use the reference lookup icon (magnifying glass) to search for users to impersonate by other means.

    The attempt is unsuccessful.

Other notable Kingston fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Update Sets


If an update set contains a delete and insert for the same table, the inserted table is not created unless the delete is removed from the update set

Incident Management



Cleanup of resolved/closed-related fields causes data loss for users who customized the incident state

A business rule was introduced to clean up the resolved/closed-related fields when the incident state changes and the new state is not resolved or closed. This business rule relies on the Resolved Closed and Canceled incident states to specify under which conditions the business rule should run. However, if the customer customized the incident states, the rule will be triggered unexpectedly, cleaning up the resolved/closed-related fields when it should not.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Platform Security



REST Put to update an incident does not update the Resolved and Resolved By fields due to access control restrictions If you send a REST put as an ITIL user to update an incident to the resolved state, the incident is resolved. However, the resolved_by and resolved fields do not get updated by the mark_resolved business rule due to ACL restrictions.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Huge volume of /api/now/connect/support/queues/ * causing semaphore contention

Using Connect Support, conversations will trigger the following types of requests: /api/now/connect/support/queues/7467490b2bf2de0801145eb5a8da1501 (where 7467490b2bf2de0801145eb5a8da1501 references the support queue).

Note: If the instance has a large task table, then the query triggered by the transaction can be non-performant. This issue is not easily reproducible as it is dependent on the database and table size.

Import / Export



Setting glide.export.excel.wrap_cells to false does not allow user to Export .xlsx format excel files with columns containing more than 255 characters

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Express admins starting from Helsinki and below will see blank ACLs when converting to Enterprise on Istanbul Upon upgrading to Istanbul, some Express admins cannot see ACL columns.

Project Management



MSP 2016 not supported in import Projects created using Microsoft Project 2016 are not imported even if they are converted into 2007/2010 format from Microsoft Project 2016.
  1. Create a project in Microsoft Project 2016.
  2. Import the project into ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

The project is not important and the logs contain a Null Pointer Exception in logs.




A field created on a base table is not available to an extended table after applying an update set A column created on a base table (such as cmdb) is not available to a child table (such as cmdb_ci_win_server) after transferring that column to another instance using an update set. However, the column is still available to the child table on the source instance.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Manual approval as the first step in a workflow process does not work in Jakarta In Jakarta, if previous steps do not allow time for a manual approver to be assigned, users cannot have a manual approval as the first approval in a workflow or have a manual workflow in an approval co-ordinator.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Portal



In the Service Portal, manually typed invalid dates can be saved incorrectly, such as '02-09-0017' When using the Service Portal and interacting with service catalog Date variables, there is no check on the date format. When dates are manually typed using a two-digit format for the year (i.e. dd-MM-yy), the dates are saved in an incorrect format (i.e. 02-09-0017). The system is setting the date as dd-MM-yyyy, but the leading zeros come from the year value are being entered as 2-digits instead of four.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



In the approval script, Group does not default the result as 'requested' while waiting for the approval or rejection In Jakarta, the approval script does not return the 'requested' state for the item or the task before it is approved or rejected.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Service Portal - Requested Item stages do not always match those in the normal Catalog UI When a user submits a Service Catalog request and then views it in the Service Portal, the stages show 'Waiting for Approval by...' with a duplicate entry 'Waiting for Approval.'
  1. Make a Service Catalog request.
  2. View the request in the Service Portal.

Instead of seeing 1 entry Waiting for Approval by..., there are 2 entries.

UI Components


Excessive sys_filter records with title 'mobile' are created when completing Angular-style reference fields When completing Angular-style reference fields (such as those that appear in Service Portal, or the one that appears in the "Impersonate User" dialog), excessive sys_filter records are created that have the title 'mobile'. This visibly impacts List v3 users, since these filters are easier to access by using the 'Load Filter' button.

Update Sets


Committing an update set with sys_dictionary record, but not sys_db_object causes problems when the plugin containing the actual table is installed later When an update set does not contain the sys_db_object for a table, but does contain the sys_dictionary for a table, a subsequent plugin activation cannot later parent the table as it is supposed to be configured.

Import / Export



Loading data using Oracle JDBC data source via MID Server fails with NPE while querying table that contains column of type timestamp with null values Loading data from Oracle JDBC data source via MID Server fails with null pointer exception while querying table that contains column of type "timestamp" with null values.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Express to Enterprise


Records are showing up blank for admin users After an upgrade from Express to Enterprise, admin users no longer have the read/write access to different tables.



Inbound email with in-reply-to header matching a record without a target table it will fail to create an event When an incoming email with an in-reply-to header is received, if the message-id is found on the sys_email, the target table is read. If there is no target table, the application throws an exception. If there is no event created, then the inbound actions will not run.



Slush bucket "Loading..." causes a long loop when processing a large set of data that is not readable When clicking the "Edit" button on a related list or when viewing a Service Catalog List Collector variable, the instance appears to be frozen. This can happen if a user is looking at a slush bucket of a table with more than 5,000 records and where the user does not have read-access to any of the records.



Clicking on Password Reset URL in reset emails gives an error

Clicking the Password Reset URL in reset emails gives an error: "Password Reset Error Unauthorized access."

This issue occurs when 'sysparm_token' contains a space (special character).

  1. Navigate to the Password Reset Default Self Service.
  2. Type in username abel.tuter.
  3. Type in abel.tuter again to verify.
  4. Click Done.
  5. Navigate to System Logs > Emails.
  6. Open the URL in the Password Reset email.

Note an error shows up: Password Reset Error Unauthorized access.

Service Catalog



Reference variables autocomplete attributes defined on variables attributes are not honored in catalog reference variables Autocomplete is not working with the column set up in variable attributes. It is not returning any result and giving an error 'Invalid reference'.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog Widgets: Service Portal


Variable Editor widget (sp-variable-editor) does not respect mandatory fields used in shopping cart
  1. Navigate to any item with mandatory fields (e.g. sp?id=sc_cat_item&sys_id=7ee6f61e4fff0200086eeed18110c784).
  2. Add the item to the cart.
  3. In the cart, click Edit.
  4. Clear out the mandatory field.

The user is able to check out the item without filling out the mandatory fields.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)



"Model too big" exception in Service Model on svc_model_obj_element is breaking the whole service computation The error should appear without causing computation to fail.

Core Platform



In the Rhino JavaScript engine, JSON.stringify on a large object/array runs instances out of memory In the Rhino JavaScript engine, JSON.stringify on a large object/array runs instances out of memory

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components



List header shows escaped apostrophe/quote character as \' This issue affects users who need to have Table Column Label names that contain apostrophes, double quotations, &, and <. These characters are displayed in the list view as escaped \'. Users of languages using apostrophes and such characters frequently are particularly affected (e.g. French).
  1. Create a table or open any table from sys_db_object.
  2. Change one of the column labels to have an apostrophe in its name. This is a common pattern in the French language (for example, l'oiseau).
  3. Click Save.
  4. Visit the table directly in list view. Ensure that the column with the apostrophe name is visible.

Notice that the apostrophe is escaped. In this example, it shows as l\'oiseau instead of l'oiseau.

Project Portfolio Management


JavaScript error on loading the planning console A JavaScript error occurs when the planning console is loading. This issue happens in Chrome and Safari.




Failed SNCSSH executions leak SSH channels, which may result in hung SSHCommand probes

There is a limit on the number of simultaneous channels that can be opened to any particular IP (the default limit is 7). After that limit is reached, any subsequent commands must wait for a channel to become available.

Currently, when there is an error in executing a command, the channel is not closed and it leaks away instead. When this happens enough times for a single IP, all subsequent commands hang. This should result in the command timing out, but it does not.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Portal


Customers are unable to submit requests in the 'Activate plugin' record producer on HI All variables are shown as read-only.

Import / Export


Excel Import processor error when using .xlsx format

When using an easy import with .xlsx formatted Excel sheets, the processor gives an error. However, converting the file to .xls works as expected.

The UI displays an error similar to:

Excel Import processor error: "Index: 41, Size: 40".

Knowledge Management


In UI15, the Knowledge homepage is experiencing rendering issues In UI15, the Knowledge homepage shrinks and does not render correctly.




In domain-separated instances, report creators are unable to see any reports under 'My Reports' After upgrading to Jakarta, domain-separated users are unable to see their reports.
  1. Create report and set the report to Visible to me.

    For more information, see Administering reports.

  2. Upgrade from Istanbul to Jakarta.
  3. Try to view the report.

The reports are not visible under My Reports.



Update sets or an upgrade have the potential to make CMDB data inaccessible The CMDB code and path can be corrupted, which makes data inaccessible.

Service Portal



When there are images from sys_attachment on a KB article, the KB article URL on Service portal might not show the images Navigating to a Knowledge Base article on the Service Portal does not show images embedded in the KB article.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Visual Task Boards



Adding Task Type (sys_class_name) to a task's form layout breaks task links in VTB Adding Task Type (sys_class_name) to a task's form layout breaks task links in visual task boards.
  1. Add a Task Type (sys_class_name) field to any task via Form Layout.
  2. Add a task of the same task type to a freeform board.

Links to records on a card or in card details will be formatted incorrectly, for example, [object%20Object].do?sys_id=XXXXXXXXXXXX& sysparm_view=&sysparm_view_forced=true& sysparm_time=1479149003426

Service Catalog



Automated Testing Framework: Users are unable to set the values to the variables in Record Producer and Catalog Items After defining a 'Set Variable Values' type of Test Step, users cannot add more variables to be set. This works as expected when defining for the first time, but users are unable to update the variables.
  1. Navigate to Automated Test Frameworks > Tests > New to create a new test.
  2. Provide a name and description.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Go to the Test steps related list, and click New to create one step.
  5. On the popup, select the Service Catalog and click the Open Catalog Item form to open the item.
  6. Click Sales Laptop and save.
  7. Go to the Test steps related list, and click New to create another step.
  8. Select the Set Variable values option and click Submit.
  9. Open the step you created in step 7 and select Additional Software requirements.

    A textbox does not appear, and the user cannot enter values for the variable.

  10. Select a second variable.

Expected behavior: After selecting one variable value, a select box should automatically display to select a value for the other variable.

Actual behavior: The select boxes are not shown to select the second variable value. This issue also occurs in record producers.

Service Catalog


Automated Test Framework fails when a catalog item does not use the functionality 'use cart layout' When using Automated Test Framework for a catalog item that does not use the 'use cart layout' option, the test fails with error "FAILURE: Order Now button was not found".

Platform Security


ASCII control characters (% followed by certain hex codes) are removed from activity stream or activity formatter ASCII control characters will not be displayed in activity streams or journals if they are added to comments or work notes. For these characters to display, the space between the % and the two digits has to be removed.

Update Sets



Deleted form sections show empty tabs when captured in Scoped Applications migrated via update sets
  1. Create a scoped application.
  2. Create a table.
  3. Navigate to Configure > Form Layout.
  4. Create a new view for this table.
  5. In the new view, add some fields.
  6. Publish the application to an update set.
  7. Export the update set to XML.
  8. Import the XML into another environment.
  9. Check that both views match in both environments.
  10. In the original instance, add two form sections to the new view.
  11. Navigate to System UI > Form Sections.
  12. Remove both form sections from the new view.
  13. Publish the application to an update set.
  14. Export the update set to XML.

The new environment has two empty form sections added to the form, each with a label of the table name.

Web Services



Integrations that rely on deprecated SoapMessage API (such as Verizon Ebonding) can fail

After upgrading to Helsinki, integrations relying on the deprecated SoapMessage API for outbound SOAP Message functions with WS security enabled (such as Verizon Ebonding) are failing with a WSSecurity exception.

Verizon Ebonding Web Service functions appear to lose their configuration (Certificate, Key Store, Key Store Alias, and Key Store password) in Helsinki. Opening the web service function record and then closing it causes the function configuration to disappear. Since the deprecated SoapMessage API is using this SOAP message function configuration (Certificate, Key Store, Key Store Alias, and Key Store password), integrations relying on the deprecated SoapMessage API are failing.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



In Connect, attachments can show up on unrelated Connect conversations after an unrelated user uploads, emails, or exports the file attachment

Incident Management



Incidents can be Resolved or Closed without providing values for mandatory fields like Close Code, Close Notes, Resolved Code and Resolution Notes

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Users without the snc_internal role are unable to Export PDF, Excel, and CSV files on Customer Service Management In Customer Service Management, users who do not have the snc_internal role are unable to Export PDF, Excel, and CSV files.
  1. Create a new user with the snc_external role.
  2. Navigate to /csm.
  3. Go to the Support tab.
  4. Click Orders.
  5. Navigate to the context menu icon in the top left corner of the Orders table and choose Export to Excel.

The message "You are not authorized" is displayed.

Database Locking


Inserting record in db_image under database contention/high-utlization causes database pool connections to become exhausted and a instance degradation/outage Database connection exhaustion occurs when inserting a record into db_image while the database is under heavy load by other users, scripts, or jobs.

Service Portal


The Data Table widget does not show titles as configured by the user
  1. Create an instance in the Service Portal.
  2. Define a title and configure it with the Data Table widget.
  3. Set the class to Instance with table.
  4. Save.
  5. Add a table in the table field.
  6. Save.

In the Service Portal page, the defined title does not appear. Instead, it shows the title of the table.

Service Portal



Date/time picker months and date are not translated In Service Portal, the date/time picker for months and date are not translated.
  1. Activate a language other than English, such as French.
  2. Navigate to Service Portal > Service Catalog > Can We Help You? > Report Outage.
  3. Change the language to French (Catalogue de services > Pouvons-nous vous aider? > Signalez une panne).
  4. Navigate to the Date field (At what time did you notice the outage began?).
  5. Click the calendar icon.

Calendar month and days are not translated.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


Service Portal order guides do not have the attachment button

Using the Service Portal, go to any order guide.

The attachment icon is missing, even though it appears for other catalog items.

Activity Stream



HTML fields in the activity stream show HTML tags If an HTML field is added on the form and the activity stream, when the field changes, its content shows on the activity stream including HTML tags. This issue is specific to Jakarta release.
  1. Navigate to the incident form:
  2. Use Configure > Form Layout to add an HTML field called Test HTML.
  3. Open the form again, and create an incident with blank value on the new Test HTML field.
  4. Open the newly created record, navigate to the activity section, and click the Funnel or Filter icon.
  5. Scroll down and click the Configure available fields link.
  6. Add the Test HTML field in the slushbucket.
  7. Navigate back to the form again, and change the value in the Test HTML field to 'Hello World'.
  8. Save the record.

In activity stream, 'Hello World' appears as '<p>Hello World</p>'.



The approval coordinator has a new activity result == skipped but the default activity condition does not include skipped In Jakarta, the approval coordinator was updated to include the activity.result == skipped. However, by default, this is not added to the activity when it is dragged to the workflow canvas.
  1. Create a workflow on the incident table.
  2. Add 'Approval Coordinator' activity on the workflow canvas.

    Notice there is no 'skipped' condition path.

  3. Add an empty 'group approval' within the coordinator.
  4. Connect the approval coordinator to 'end'.
  5. Create an incident to execute the workflow.

Expected behavior: A result of 'skipped' defaults to 'approved' and moves to the 'approved' path.

Actual behavior: The activity.result == 'skipped', and the workflow cannot move to the next activity.

Service Catalog Widgets: Service Portal


Autocomplete in Service Portal catalog items reference picker does not behave the same as platform reference picker
In a reference element field on a Service Catalog item, several variable attributes can, optionally, be defined on the variable. This enables Service Catalog administrators to control:
  • The fields that display in the autocomplete dropdown for a reference element
  • What fields to search
  • The order in which the fields appear

These variables should be supported by Service Portal.

Service Portal


Relationships (defined related lists) are not supported Defined related lists such as 'Incidents by Same Caller' do not appear on forms in Service Portal. They appear outside the Service Portal. These related lists appear in the slushbucket when modifying the related list for the form within the Service Portal. There is also a space which seems to be put aside for them.
  1. Navigate to /sp?id=form&table=incident&sys_id=9d385017c611228701d22104cc95c371.
  2. Click on the hamburger icon and choose Related Lists.
  3. Add the defined related list Incidents by Same Caller onto the form and then save.

The related list 'Incidents by Same Caller' does not appear on the form.



When looking at a list report with expandable fields (such as 'Questions [+]'), the popups do not always appear For example, if a user is looking at a list report off of the incident table and clicks 'Question [+]', the popups inconsistently appear. In addition, list reports do not support questions and this field should not appear in the slushbucket.

Service Portal


Read-only referenced variables cannot be previewed by users who have read access to the referenced record Clickthrough on reference fields in the Service Portal are disabled, even if the system property is set to true.
  1. Go to any catalog item (e.g. Blackberry).
  2. Add a reference variable to the item and point it to a table such as sys_user.
  3. Make the field be read-only via a catalog UI policy dependent on "replacement" variable if "yes" is selected as an option.
  4. In the Service Portal, open the catalog item.
  5. Select a value in the reference field (any user).
  6. Select Yes as the "replacement" option. This will turn the reference field to read-only.

Expected behavior: Even if the field is read-only, the clickthrough property should allow the user to open reference field variables.

Actual behavior: The property is ignored and the reference field clickthrough is disabled via CSS.



When no user ID is given, all checklist templates are returned (instead of only the current user's templates)
  1. Enable the Checklists plugin.
  2. On an Incident form, configure the form design and add the Checklist formatter.
  3. On the form, create a checklist.
  4. Then, click the arrow to the right of the Checklist and select Save as Template.
  5. Navigate to checklist_template.list.

You are able to assign a Group to a template, but it does not work because all users (in any group) can still apply the template.

Note: A checklist template is different from a regular form template. To apply it, you need to click the arrow to the right of the 'Checklist' inside the incident form.

UI Action



Currency code is reverted to '$' when updating a currency field via the client script

After setting the property glide.system.locale to 'en.AU', the currency code for currency fields should be displayed as 'AUD'.

However, the currency code is reverted to '$' when updating a currency field via the client script.

  1. Do one of the following with the currency setting:
    • Log in as a user with a local currency other than USD.
    • Open a record with a value in a currency other than USD.
    • Manually set the field value to a currency other than USD.
  2. Execute a client script that sets the value on a currency field using g_form.setValue(field_name, value).

The currency is changed to USD. The session currency, or the currency that is currently set on the field, should be preserved.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


On Service Portal, UI policies written on catalog variables are not working as expected in combination (e.g. mandatory and read only) on some field types On Service Portal, UI policies written on catalog variables are not working as expected.

Service Catalog Widgets: Service Portal


An odd number of reference variable fields in container in form causes fields to shift from right to left and vice versa An odd number of reference variable fields in a container of type '2 columns wide, alternating sides' causes the odd number field to jump from left to right and right to left after a value is selected in the other reference fields. An even number of variables in a container of type '2 columns Wide, one side then other' causes one side to render more variables than the other.




'The RPC server is unavailable' error when discovering MSSQL Users receive the error 'The RPC server is unavailable' when discovering MSSQL.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Knowledge Management


CMS - In Knowledge, the 'Copy permalink' link does not display upon page load of a KB article When a knowledge article is loaded through the CMS, the 'Copy Permalink' and other elements are cut off. These can only be accessed by tabbing through to the bottom of the page.
  1. In an OOB instance, go to the ESS.
  2. Click Knowledge.
  3. Search for an article and click on it.

The "Copy permalink" link does not appear.

Core Platform


Exporting to CSV file from a list filtered using 'contains' or 'starts with' operators does not consider translations, and incorrect data is exported

Service Portal



Error messages are displayed when using Typeahead Search widget in Service Portal for non-English language users When searching in the Service Portal when the language is German, the error message below is displayed: "Ihr Abfragetext enthielt nur allgemeine Wörter oder nicht eindeutige Platzhalter. Schränken Sie die Suche ein, und versuchen Sie es erneut." A similar message is seen in French.
  1. Activate a I18N translation plugin, such as German (if not already installed).
  2. Activate the Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management plugin (if not already installed).
  3. Change the user's language to German.
  4. Navigate to the Service Portal homepage where the Homepage Search widget is configured (or any other page where the Typeahead Search widget is present).
  5. Start typing in the search field.

Expected behavior: As one letter is not sufficient to run a text search, no search results will be returned and no error is seen.

Actual behavior: An error message is displayed multiple times.



Email form display breaks when the email client template has too many addresses When applying a client email template to an email form, if too many TO, CC, or BCC addresses are added, the addresses overlaps the field. This can cause issues with copy/paste for the fields.
  1. Navigate to System Policy > Email > Client Templates.
  2. Create a new client template:
    • Name: Test
    • Table: Incident
    • Put 15 email addresses into the BCC, TO, or CC fields
  3. Save.
  4. Open an incident form.
  5. Click the 3 dots for more options, then click Email.

The BCC field is populated and displayed beyond its containing textbox, and the addresses cannot be copied.

Governance, Risk and Compliance


Deleting, updating, and generating items simultaneously causes item generation to get stuck
  1. Create a profile type, associate risk frameworks, and generate items.
  2. Update the profile types condition.
  3. Associate the risk framework while the profiles are being updated.

Notice that the item generation gets stuck.



Charts created using Jfreecharts (SDLC charts, old style gauges) do not load anymore

In a Jakarta instance:

  1. Install the SDLC plugin.
  2. Add data to be able to generate one of these charts: Velocity chart, Burn Up, Story Burn Down, Task Burn Down .
  3. Click on a link from the sprint form to be able to see those charts.

The charts do not load.

UI Components



Defined related list does not display the correct number on the tab if there is a default filter on the list and List v3 is enabled

When multiple related lists are displayed in a tabbed layout on a form, the tab displays the count of records on that list in the format n, where n is the number of records in the list.

If using List v2, the number n displayed in the tab correctly reflects the number of records displayed in the related list if a filter is applied. So if the related list initially contains five records, and it is filtered so only three records are displayed, the tab shows 3, not 5. If List v3 is active and you view the same related list with the filter, the tab shows 5 even though only three records are displayed.

This behavior occurs with List v3 active if the List v3 related list setting is not off.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




An IP network specified with a subnet mask of /32 will prevent a Discovery schedule from starting
  1. Create a Discovery Schedule.
  2. Add an IP Network with an IP ending in /32.
  3. Click Discover Now.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


SLA retroactive start/pause - Incorrect timing calculation when attaching a Task SLA that is in a Paused stage at the time of attaching This issue occurs while using retroactive pause/start. When a Task SLA is in a Paused stage at the time of attaching, the last temporal piece of paused time is incorrectly added when calculating the elapsed time.
  1. Create a P5 incident with state New.
  2. Change the priority to P3.
  3. As soon as the incident is created (within the first minute), move the state to On Hold.
  4. Move the state to In Progress.
  5. As soon as you complete step 4 (within the first minute), move the state back to On Hold again.
  6. Wait a few minutes, and then change the incident's priority to P1.

The Task SLA will attach with the correct Stage (Paused) but with the wrong 'Business Elapsed time', 'Business elapsed percentage' and 'Business time left'. The 'Has breached' flag is incorrectly set to True.




The Chat window does not open and conversations are not displayed on the sidebar The Connect Chat window does not open. Conversations are not displayed on the sidebar for users that belong to the same chat group if one of the user's user ID has been changed.
  1. Impersonate a user (for example, Abel Tuter) and create a new incident.
  2. Assign the incident to a different user (for example, David Loo).
  3. Impersonate David Loo.
  4. Click Following.
  5. Open Connect Mini/Full.
  6. Attach a file from the chat.
  7. Rename Abel Tuter's user ID.

Neither Abel nor David are able to launch the Connect Chat window and the Connect sidebar does not show any of the conversations/chats that the users are part of.

Project Management


Configuration support for custom teamspaces Users try to create their own teamspaces by using an application integration strategy in which they extend base tables and create custom roles. However, Teamspace code assumes that all teamspaces have the 'tspx_prefix' prefix. Users can have any prefix in scoped applications, which breaks the Teamspace logic in templates, MSP import, planning consoles, and other areas.

Knowledge Management



Jakarta - Issue with 'kb_search' page which comes as part of 'Knowledge Management - Service Portal' plugin When the Knowledge Service Portal is enabled and some navigation menus are added to it, after visiting the kb_search page, all URLs for subsequent Service Portal pages are trimmed, which causes an error.
  1. Make sure that the Service Portal and Knowledge Management - Service Portal plugins are active.
  2. Navigate to Service Portal > Portals and open the record for Service Portal (/sp).
  3. Change the Homepage from index to kb_home.
  4. Go to /sp and search for "email".
  5. Choose Service Catalog in the header menu.
  6. Open any catalog item.

The error message "Item not found" is displayed, and the catalog item does not open because the URL is missing parameters.

Domain Support


UI15/UI16: Domain reference picker does not show 'global' option After activating the Domain Separation plugin, the domain reference picker does not show the 'global' option. The global domain placeholder cannot be selected by admin users.


  • Ensure the reference domain picker is activated on the instance.
  • Ensure Domain XXX is the default domain.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Log in as admin.
  2. Change the domain from picker to TOP/MSP.
  3. Try to change the domain to Global.

    The global domain cannot be found. Clicking Reset to default sets the domain to XXX (no global domain).

  4. Open any record from sys_user table.
  5. Change the domain from XXX to Global.
  6. Save.

The admins cannot go back to the global domain using the reference domain picker.

Project Portfolio Management


In List view, 'current.sys_class_name' evaluates as undefined, causing ACLs to fail for dot-walked fields 'current.sys_class_name' evaluates as undefined when used in ACL scripts and when the ACL is executed while pulling list data. The same 'current.sys_class_name' evaluates properly when the ACL is executed from a form allowing the ACL to pass.
  1. Open
  2. Configure the list layout and add the dot-walked field Project (Sub tree root).Short Description.

    As an admin you will be able to see the short description field.

  3. Impersonate it_project_user.
  4. Open the project task list.

You will no longer see the short description.

Service Portal



HTML field in the Form widget does not honor Dictionary read-only In the Service Portal Form widget, a read-only HTML field is not displayed as unavailable (grayed out). A user can type a value into the read-only HTML field, but the value is not saved.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



'Move Column Offrow' UI action causes the table containing the column to be moved offrow to become inaccessible When a user clicks the 'Move Column Offrow' UI action, the table containing the column to be moved offrow becomes inaccessible.




CMS Chat Legacy "Not available" message is not showing when Schedule is out of hours Due to the chat queue not being configured for weekends, the 'Not available; message is not appearing In CMS. If a queue is out of hours, the 'Not available' message is not displayed in the legacy Chat application.
  1. Navigate to System Definitions > Plugins.
  2. Activate the legacy Chat plugin.
  3. In the Application Navigator, type sys_properties.list in the Filter navigator field and press enter or return on your keyboard.
  4. Deactivate the following system properties:
    • collaboration.frameset - false
    • glide.connect.enabled - false
    • - false
  5. Navigate to Social IT > Chat Administration > Queues.
  6. Open the queue named Service Desk Chat.
  7. Set the Schedule to out of hours. For example, if today is a weekend, set the schedule to 8-5 working days. This will mean the chat is unavailable and you are in out of hours trying to use the chat.
  8. Click Update.
  9. Impersonate System Administrator or itil user.
  10. Navigate to /ess (for example, https://<yourinstancename>
  11. Click Service Desk Chat.

Note that the "Not Available" message is not displayed.

Asynchronous Message Bus



Record Presence shows "Guest is viewing" for a timed out session of an authorized user Record presence shows that "Guest is viewing" a record. This occurs when a user has their browser open on a record and the session is expired. When focus is given to the expired session browser window, a request is sent from the browser to subscribe to the record presence channel for that record. If a logged in user is viewing the record at the same time, they will see a "Guest is viewing" message on the work notes and a user avatar for the Guest user.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Core Platform



Service Portal is returning list of empty rows Calculated Fields are now evaluating ACLs.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Activity Stream


Building history sets can result in a mutex lock and cause performance issues Multiple users accessing a record at the same time can cause performance issues because history sets are not allowed to build concurrently. Transactions get stuck while the first transaction builds the history set, which sometimes leads to the semaphore exhaustion on all nodes.

Service Catalog



On Jakarta, g_form.addOption with an empty value adds the label instead When the addOptions API is used in an onLoad catalog client scripts, the '-- None --' option is being set as the value of the select box field.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Security Access Control Lists


Non-admin users are not able to see groups in the assignment group field, if the group has a related admin role
  1. Navigate to User Administration > Groups.
  2. Select any group and give it an admin role, such as eCAB Approval.
  3. Access users and assign an ITIL role to a user, such as Abel Tuter.
  4. Impersonate Abel Tuter.
  5. Create a new incident, or open an existing incident.
  6. Click the Assignment group.

eCAB approval group does not appear in the expanded assignment group list.



Duplicate tabs appear on a related list that loads after the form loads (List V3 enabled) When a related list is loaded after the form loads with List v3 enabled, a second copy of the related list tabs also load on the form.


  • Activate the List v3 plugin.
  • Enabled related lists to work with List v3.
  • Ensure there are a few v2 related lists mixed with the v3 related list on your test form.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to any item_option_new record (variable).
  2. Add the following related list:
    • Question choice: Question
    • Options: Question
    • Item variable assignments: Item Variable
    • Item variable assignments: Order Guide Variable
    • Variable layout: Variable, Updates, Versions
  3. Make sure you set your related list to load After the form loads.
  4. On the item_option_new record, reload the list and scroll all the way down to see the related list.

After several refreshes, a duplicate set of tabs is loaded. This issue is sporadic and requires multiple refreshes of the form.

Service Management Designer


Service Management template does not apply to records produced via the Service Portal

Service Management templates associated to a record producer's model do not seem to be applying to HR cases that are completed via the Service Portal.

System Applications



Users are unable to edit their own script includes because the protection policy automatically sets it to 'read only' When a user creates a script include, the protection policy is automatically setting it to read-only. The user is unable to edit/make changes to their script include after it has been created.
  1. Ensure the Human Resources Scoped App: Core (com.sn_hr_core) plugin has been activated.
  2. Verify the System Administrator has the sn_hr_core roles.
  3. Navigate to the cogwheel in the top right corner and change the application from global to Human Resources: Core.
  4. Navigate to Script Includes and try to create a new script include.
The Protection Policy is automatically set to Read Only, and it is greyed out so that the user cannot make an adjustment. If the user creates the script include and saves it, they cannot edit the script include if they navigate to it again.
Note: This issue does not appear to be limited to script includes created within the Human Resources App Scope, and other app scopes can also be affected.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


Service Portal - onChange client scripts with alerts execute repeatedly Alert popup messages appear multiple times for onChange client scripts.

Domain Support


Forced update on domain record results in unnecessary recalculations of the domain code and path Changing the domain's code and path can potentially turn into an expensive operation that updates millions of records in other tables.

Security Access Control Lists



Users with no roles can modify system fields if they have write access to the records

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Text Search



The OOB 'Max Indexable Size' for attachments is too high, causing some attachments to still run the node OOM (.xlsx, .docx, etc) There is a limit on the size of attachments that are text indexed, as it does not make sense to index huge attachments (their contents are not meaningful to search), and they can cause memory issues for the application node. The base instance threshold for indexing .xlsx type attachments is 50MB. In some cases, attachments under this threshold can still cause OOM's.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Discovery source attribute is not populated for Windows cluster and Hyper-V CI When Discovery creates a 'Windows Cluster' CI in the cmdb_ci_win_cluster table, the sensor does not fill in the discovery_source field as "ServiceNow". It is inserted with an empty value. CIs created by Discovery on cmdb_ci_hyper_v_cluster and cmdb_ci_hyper_v_server also have an empty discovery_source as well.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Bookmark/tab (favorite) icon does not work when opening Connect chat Despite changing the icon system property, the Connect chat tab/bookmark icon is always defaulting to the "now" icon instead of the icon that was just uploaded.
  1. Navigate to System UI > Image ZIP Upload.
  2. Upload a 16x16 image to your instance.
  3. Navigate to the system property glide.product.icon: /
  4. Change the value to the name of your image.

    After a cache flush, the icon image is changed in your tab.

  5. Navigate to Connect chat. This will open in a brand new tab.
In the new Connect chat tab, the icon image is "Now" and not the icon image you uploaded.

Core Platform


Downloading large image attachments can cause an out of memory error This issue has occurred with images that are 400 MB or more.




PDF export can cause out of memory within OOB constraints for rows and columns (glide.pdf.max_rows, glide.pdf.max_columns) Exporting a report to PDF can cause an out of memory issue when the PDF has a large number of rows. This is often in combination with large text columns. When this problem occurs, the base system constraints that are handled by the following system properties have not been changed:
  • glide.pdf.max_rows
  • glide.pdf.max_columns

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Portal


List collector variable type unexpectedly allows emails to be added

In Service Catalog, while ordering an item that has a List collector variable type, users must select from options that appear in slushbuckets. Users are not able to type options that do not exist in the reference list.

In Service Portal, while ordering the same catalog item, users see a watch list type variable instead of slushbuckets. Any emails can be added even if they do not exist in the system.

  1. Navigate to Maintain Items > Standard Laptop.
  2. Create a List collector variable to add to this item.
  3. Order your catalog item from the Service Catalog.

    Notice you have slushbuckets.

  4. Navigate to the Service Portal and click Service Catalog > Order your catalog item.

You can enter arbitrary data that may not exist in the system.



The Stage field is empty in the list view with domain separation enabled wf_stage has a domain_master attribute pointing to wf_workflow_version. For different domain users, they see an empty stage in the activity_stage field on the workflow version.

Service Catalog



Catalog UI policies and onChange catalog client scripts are not fired on read-only fields

When a read-only variable's value is changed dynamically, catalog UI policies and onChange catalog client scripts associated with any read-only field are not triggered.

This issue occurs in record producers, catalog items, and order guides. It does not occur on Service Portal.

In a Jakarta instance:

  1. Set up the following:
    • Catalog item: Test PRB1082072
    • Variables: test_dropdown_1 (select box), test_text_1 (single line text), test_label_1 (label)
    • UI policy: Set Test Text 1 Read Only.
    • UI policy: Reveal Label 1. This makes Test Label 1 visible when Test Text 1 has 'option2' as the value.
    • Catalog client script: Set test text dynamically. This will set the value of Test Text 1 when Test Dropdown 1 changes.
  2. Navigate to Maintain Items and search for the catalog item Test PRB1082072.
  3. Open the catalog item, and click Try it.
  4. Change the Test Dropdown 1 to Option2.

Expected behavior: A label called 'Test Label 1' will appear under the 'Test Text 1' variable.

Actual behavior: 'Test Label 1' does not appear, which indicates that the catalog UI policy 'Reveal Label 1' is not being triggered.



Jakarta upgrade issue with CMDB flattening. Errant CMDB dictionary records can prevent the successful completion of TPP migration

Event Management


After a CI is changed to Maintenance, the old alert is reopened instead of creating a new alert
  1. Check the interval for evt_mgmt.active_interval (e.g. 900 seconds).
  2. Create an alert on a CI and close it. Make sure the alert is not in maintenance, and close it.
  3. Wait for the duration of the evt_mgmt.active_interval (e.g. 900 seconds).
  4. Open the CI.
  5. Change the CI's status to In maintenance.
  6. After one minute, check the alert.

    It should be marked as Maintenance: True with the sys_updated_on updated.

  7. Send an event with the alert's message_key.

The event will be bound to the old alert. Instead of creating a new alert, the old alert is reopened.



Discovery does not discover modern DB2 instances
  1. Install DB2 on a remote server (e.g. DB2-SERVER).
  2. Access ServiceNow.
  3. Navigate to Discovery Schedules and add a schedule to discover DB2-SERVER.
  4. Run the schedule and wait for it to complete.
  5. Access the schedule. Observe the Devices related list.
  6. Access the CI in the CMDB CI column (DB2-SERVER). Observe the Related Items.

There is no DB2 instance.

Service Portal


Time picker does not adjust for time zone when defaulting to current time
  1. Change your time zone to a different time zone.
  2. Install the Service Portal Test Pages plugin.
  3. Navigate to /sp?id=sc_cat_item&sys_id=d6893d420b131200b0b02c6317673a5b.

The time is not calculated correctly, though it is in the general UI.

Change Management



Change Request state field show all states on mobile

When viewing a change request on a mobile device, the state field shows all available states and is not restricted to only the valid states for the state model that is relevant for the that change request.

The client script 'Show valid state values' does not work on mobile as it was originally only written for desktop and there is no equivalent client script for mobile.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


Catalog UI policy does not work on Service Portal when using Container name of the Variable Set as Variable name in UI policy action setup

When a catalog item has a yes/no (selectbox) variable that is used to show another field with a UI policy, and a Container name is used in the Variable name, it does not work in Service Portal.

For example, a catalog item has variable A (yes/no or checkbox). Variable B has:
  • Container name (Container Start)
  • Variable (single-line text)
  • Container end

On load, B should be hidden and only appear after A is set to Yes, which is set with a UI policy. This works correctly in the Service Catalog. However, in the Service Portal, both A and B are shown. The UI policy is not working as expected.




Images pasted using email client are saved in Activity before clicking Send Email button
  1. Navigate to Incident > Open and select an incident.
  2. Open the email client.
  3. Paste any image or add an image.
  4. Check the Activity stream.

Images pasted using email client are saved in Activity before clicking the Send button.

Dependency Views (BSM Map)



"Could not load map data" error is thrown when trying to visualize a CI from cmdb_ci_cluster through the Show Dependency View feature If a user searches and tries to open any CI that belongs to the cmdb_ci_cluster table, and the CI does not have any relationship or a downstream relationship, the user receives an error: "Could not load map data".
  1. Log in to a pre-Istanbul instance with demo CMDB data loaded.
  2. Create any CI in the [cmdb_ci_cluster] table.
  3. Open the BSM Map View /$ through the Show dependency views button.
  4. Search for the CI you created.

While a map with a standalone CI should be displayed in the new form, a blank form opens showing the error Could not load map data.

Survey Management



In Hebrew, creating a survey with question type 'numeric scale' results in '1' appearing as '1.0' in all rows
  1. Activate the I18N: Internationalization plugin.
  2. Activate the I18N: Hebrew Translations plugin.
  3. Create a new survey that contains a question of type numeric scale.
  4. Test this survey.

    The scale shows the numbers as 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

  5. Change the language to Hebrew.
  6. Test the survey again.

The scale shows the numbers as 1.0 2 3 4 5 6 7.

Core Platform


Default semaphore exhausted GlideRecord extended fields leak memory when used in a scope.

Server Side Scripting


Global functions which execute themselves during startup can cause nodes to fail while starting

Platform Performance


Horizontal Discovery Sensor is slow and runs instance OutOfMemory due to excessive duplicate cmdb_ci_ip_address values returned The 'Horizontal Discovery Sensor' sensor can run for a very long time and use an excessive amount of memory (and potentially cause an OutOfMemory condition). This issue occurs when the ECC Queue payload contains an excessive number of duplicate cmdb_ci_ip_address values that are discovered in the "Get VIP's 1" step.

Platform Performance



Query hash values mismatch after upgrading After upgrading to Helsinki or later, customers may experience query hints not being applied (that had previously been added to improve performance of specific queries). Queries that used to run fast will now be significantly slower.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Redundant index check on Oracle can remove an index from a table, resulting in performance degradation
  1. On a Geneva Oracle instance, ensure the sys_watermark table has a non-unique index on the number field.
  2. Upgrade the instance to Istanbul.

There are no indexes on sys_watermark.number after the upgrade.

Performance Statistics and Graphs



Performance Analytics dashboard is empty after an upgrade to Jakarta Performance Analytic dashboards appear as empty. The reports still exist, but the association with the dashboards need to be reestablished. In addition, the ServiceNow Performance homepage does not render.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Content from style tags defined in email layouts are rendered as HTML when applied to a V1 notification In some cases, the style definitions for the unsubscribe and notification preferences links in the Unsubscribe and Preferences email layout are not rendering properly in Outlook clients. Style tags and definitions are visible in the email.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Core Platform


When domain separated is enabled, form caches should key entries more effectively ActionManager (UI actions) should define syscache_ui_action as the private cacheable instead of sys_ui_action. In addition, ActionManager domain selection should retrieve the domain from the record, not the session. Domains for the sys_choice cache should also be implemented correctly.

Customer Service Management


Account and contact info intermittently load slowly on new case CSM form When there are many contacts (customer_contact) in the system (200k - 600k), creating a case without selecting an account takes a lot of time (minutes). Sometimes the page crashes.

Password Reset Application


Password Reset verification: Personal Data - Enter Email Address is case-sensitive In Istanbul, the new password reset verification: Personal Data - Enter Email Address is case-sensitive.

UI Components


The form section captions are not translated in the Upgrade History module or any module The form section captions are not translated in the Upgrade History module.
  1. Change the language to Japanese.
  2. Navigate go to sys_upgrade_history.list.
  3. Open any record on the list.

The form section captions for the Upgrade History Details and Review Skipped Records modules are not translated.



Dashboards do not load when the dashboard has a group with special characters
  1. Create a dashboard.
  2. Create a dashboard group with special characters.
  3. Open the dashboard.

You will see the error: "The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference."

User Experience Engineering



Admins cannot impersonate users after upgrading to Jakarta Patch 2 After an upgrade to Jakarta Patch 2, admin users cannot impersonate ITIL users or users without any roles.

In this example, the demo data user Fred Luddy has itil and admin roles, Bernard Laboy has the itil role, and Abel Tuter has no roles.

  1. Impersonate Fred Luddy.
  2. Impersonate Bernard Laboy.
  3. Try to impersonate Abel Tuter.

    Note that no records appear in the users list so you cannot impersonate any user.

Event Management



The Event Management dashboard and the Service Mapping map are redirected to the home page

When the Chrome browser is upgraded to version 61.0.3163, the Event Management dashboard and the Service Mapping map are redirected to the home page.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Core Platform


Under certain circumstances, all records in a table can get updated incorrectly

UI Components


Retina icons may be cached even though the file content changes after upgrading from Helsinki to Istanbul

After an upgrade from Helsinki to Istanbul, it is still possible to use previously cached icons instead of downloading new ones.

The filenames should be different if the file contents have changed in each release.

Incident Management



Base system business rules mark_closed and mark_resolved still use deprecated calendars and return incorrect results Because deprecated calendars are being used, the mark_closed and mark_resolved business rules return incorrect results.
  1. Navigate to Incident > All.
  2. Personalize the list by adding the following columns to the list view:
    • Open
    • Closed
    • Business duration
    • Business resolve time

    For more information, see Personal lists.

Note that some of the Business duration and Business resolve time entries are incorrect.

All other fixes

To view a list of the other PRBs fixed in Kingston, refer to All other Kingston fixes.