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Kingston Patch 8

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Kingston Patch 8

The Kingston Patch 8 release contains fixes to these problems.

Kingston Patch 8 was released on August 23, 2018.
Build date: 08-15-2018_0923
Build tag: glide-kingston-10-17-2017__patch8-08-08-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Kingston.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Kingston fixed problems, see KB0623762.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related fixes

Kingston Patch 8 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Kingston Patch 8, refer to KB0692610.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Application Navigator & Banner Frame



The application navigator filters much more slowly in Istanbul and later releases when admins type in the Type Filter Text to filter
  1. Log in to a Helsinki instance.
  2. Type a long string of text into the type filter text of the application navigator.

    For example: business rules

    scripts - background

    Result: No matter how fast you type, the list is filtered almost immediately. You cannot get ahead of it.

  3. Log in to an Istanbul or a later instance.
  4. Type the same strings of text into the type filter text of the application navigator.

There is a noticeable delay, almost as if a timeout has been added. It is possible to get in the entirety of the above examples before the navigator filters, if typing fast enough. The same results and poor comparative speed exist if pasting a value in Helsinki vs. Istanbul or later.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



In the Service Portal, users are unable to make a variable set read-only and mandatory using a UI policy In the Service Portal, any check box between the container start and end has been hidden using the UI policy. It cannot be made visible even if the condition is set true. Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Condition Builder



On translated instances, condition operators in the UI16 report designer are displayed in the incorrect language If multiple languages are enabled, condition operators in the report new UI designer are displayed for all users, regardless of their language settings, in the language used by the first user who has logged in and accessed the report designer after an instance restarts. Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Core Platform



The 'Highlight changes to field' list in Calendar History Detail shows Jelly expressions instead of field names In history records, the functionality for highlighting changes to fields is broken. While using 'Highlight changes to fields', the list displays Jelly variables instead of field names. Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog



Catalog tasks cannot be saved or closed because the mandatory fields check fails
  1. Create a variable set, and create a variable in the set. Mark the variable as mandatory.
  2. Create a catalog item and include the variable set.
  3. Create a requested item workflow, and associate it to the catalog item.
  4. In the workflow, use a Catalog Task activity. Fill in the required information but do not include any variable in the task.

    This means that this task does not have any variables from the requested item.

  5. Test the item.

    The sc_task is created with the requested item.

  6. Open the task and try to save it.
The mandatory check fails.

Knowledge Management


The Accessing article containing '&' shows a blank page The Accessing article containing '&' shows a blank page when the escape text property is set to false.

All other fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Agent Intelligence


The default business rule does not work for MSPs (multiple domain scenarios) In an MSP scenario, if the user has one solution per domain, it executes all solutions that are visible to the user who creates the incident.

Agile Development


The Agile2SecurityManager script include does not process GlideList fields properly(such as the assignment group) On the story form, when trying to set the assignment group, not all agile groups are available.

Application Portfolio Management (APM)


The date format issue in the 'Technology Lifecycles' module

The 'Technology Lifecycles' module displays incorrect dates on the date bar when the date format has been changed from the default.

When users change the date format from the system-wide property 'yyyy-MM-dd' to 'dd-MM-yyyy', it does not work as expected. With the system default as 'yyyy-MM-dd', the 'Technology Lifecycles' module works as expected.

Asset Management


Creating the Software Model produces errors "Publisher and Product manufacturer do not match" and "Invalid insert"

Change Management



ChangeTaskState script include is not installed when upgrading to Jakarta from pre-Geneva After upgrading to Jakarta, errors are thrown when attempting to insert records into sysapproval_group.
  1. Open or create a change_request.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Change Task related list.
  3. Create a change task, note down the time it has been created.
  4. Navigate to

There should be one or more messages referring to org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: 'ChangeTaskState' is not defined.

Change Management


Unable to change the current agenda item in the CAB Workbench when there are many attendees When many attendees are added to a CAB meeting, the workbench becomes unresponsive. Clicking controls in the browser (for example, Next) is reflected in the meeting and agenda item records on the form but the workbench is not updated.

Change Management


The CAB Workbench Change Details pane is slow to respond

There is a lag in the details frame which causes the "The meeting has not started. A record will display once the meeting begins." message to appear for a brief second before switching to "The meeting has finished."

To fix the issue, it is required to clear the browser cache other than installing the patch.

Change Management


The CAB Workbench Change Calendar causes a gradual decrease in the CAB Workbench performance when not in view and is slow to respond

The Change Calendar causes a gradual performance decrease in the CAB Workbench when not in view and when displayed, leading to a significant refresh lag when switching between agenda items.

To fix the issue, it is required to clear the browser cache other than installing the patch.

Change Management



The "Health Dashboard" tooltip is misspelled as "Health Dashbaord" The "Health Dashboard" tooltip is misspelled as "Health Dashbaord" when hovering over the second button with the mouse to the right of the Configuration Item field on an existing Change Request form.
  1. Navigate to Change > All.
  2. Select one of the Change Requests with CI in it. For example, Change Request: CHG0040007.
  3. Hover the mouse on top of the Hamburger icon, next to the Configuration Item.
  4. It should then pop up with text.
The text has a spelling error.



The Queue Count does not update in real time for Chatbot and Connect Support

Cloud Management Application


During the cloud account discovery, error messages are thrown in the system logs During the cloud account discovery, the following messages are thrown in the system logs: "Exception while scrubbing the sensitive information from logMessageA JSONObject text must begin with '{'at character 1."

Cloud Management Application


Issues occur when discovering tags with inconsistently capitalized keys

Set up and run Azure Cloud Discovery in an environment where some tags on different resources have the same label but with different capitalizations (e.g. 'Cost Center' and 'cost center').

When the tag name does not exactly match the label field of the sn_cmp_tag_name record, an error is thrown: java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Duplicate entry 'DisplayName' for key 'label'.

Cloud Management Application


The complex definitional expression does not get resolved in the cloudInit script Unable to attach the same user data to multiple OS profiles due to the uniqueness constrain on the sn_cmp_osprofile_mapping table.

Cloud Management Application



Custom input parameters do not show in the blueprint operation tab after adding them to the Cloud Resource Block Newly added custom input parameters are not shown on existing blueprints operation inputs, which prevents new catalog properties from generating for the new parameters.
  1. Select the Virtual Server resource block and set it to Draft.
  2. Click the Operations tab and select the provision operation.
  3. Click the + to add a new parameter and assign it a name, set datasource to Text, and check the Visibility box.
  4. Set the Resource Block to Published.
  5. Select a blueprint that uses the modified cloud resource block.
  6. View the form associated to the provision operation for the blueprint and click Generate Entities.

No new catalog properties are generated for the new parameters.

Cloud Management Application


Chef discovery fails due to a missing ObjectID in the ChefServerCredentialResolver script

Cloud Management Application


A Discovery error is thrown: the type of blob in container is unrecognized Running the Cloud Management Discovery process returns a 409 Error "FeatureVersionMismatch - The type of a blob in the container is unrecognized by this version.Request."

Cloud Management Application


Large red errors are displayed when a cloud request is approved
  1. Add an approval policy.
  2. Provision a VM.
  3. Log in as an admin and approve the request.
Error messages are displayed.

Cloud Management Application


Records are skipped after an upgrade Unable to resolve skipped changes after the upgrade with a disposition of "Skipped Error".

Cloud Management Application


The provision of the Azure virtual server fails when an existing resource group is chosen
  1. Set up an Azure cloud account and run discovery.
  2. Set up Azure OS and compute profiles.
  3. Create a VM on the Azure blueprint and create a catalog item.
  4. Go to the user portal and choose the VM on an Azure catalog item.
  5. Choose 'No' for 'Create Resource Group'.
  6. Select the first resource group that is loaded. Do not change or reload the resource group.
  7. Submit the order.

The VM provision fails with an error.

Cloud Management Application


The display order on a blueprint provisioning form is not preserved
  1. Go to a blueprint.
  2. Go to Catalog.
  3. Click the provision form.
  4. Change the display order.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Publish the form.

The change in the display order is not applied.

Cloud Management Application


The deprovisioning operation with more than one VM fails even though the operation succeeds in deleting VMs on the Azure side
  1. Create an ARM catalog item.
  2. Provision a catalog item to provision two VMs.
  3. Once the stack is provisioned, open stack properties.
  4. Choose one of VMs from stack properties.
  5. Perform the deprovision operation on the VM.

Cloud Management Application


Installable parameters contain empty JSON The Ansible Module provider Config Installable does not populate during the discovery. The inventory does populate.

Cloud Management Application


Catalog items load slowly
  1. Create a cloud agnostic blueprint (do not configure any constraints on the logical data center).
  2. Create at least three cloud accounts having all LDCs for AWS, Azure, and VMWare. Publish.
  3. Open the user portal and the catalog item created in step 1, and start the stop watch.
  4. Pause the stop watch once three dots rendering on the top right corner go away.
  5. Take a note of time taken to load the page.

It takes more than 30 seconds before it moves to the next screen.

Cloud Management Application


The output from ARM/CFT needs to be parsed and only shows actual values instead of putting the whole output JSON payload on stack properties.

Cloud Management Application


The Import button does not show up for the API module when the updateset flag is set to false
  1. Go to sys_properties table and set sn_cmp.show_updateset to true
  2. This disables the import button from the API module so that API is exported in the XML format.
  3. Change show_updateset to false again.
Expected behavior: The Import button should show up to import the YAML file (the Download icon should also be enabled to download yaml).

Actual behavior: The Import button does not show up for the API module.

Cloud Management Application


Certain errors are buried in trails which makes it impossible to find the actual cause of ARM provisioning failures When the order fails, the error 'script execution failed' is thrown on the user portal stack activity, instead of the actual error 'Can't supply admin as username.'

Cloud Management Application


Intermittent issues occur during Resource Block Export A few records might fail to upgrade post Resource Block import.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Relationship Health Dashboard percentages are truncated instead of rounded

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The Desired State Audit field (Next Scheduled Run) is not updated When the scheduled job starts, the 'last run date' field is set properly to the current time. However, the 'Next Scheduled Run' field is not updated.
  1. Go to the Desired State module section.
  2. Navigate to the Audits module.
  3. Open the 'Database Audit' record and set it to run periodically, every 2 minutes.

When it runs, only the 'last run date' is updated and the 'next scheduled run' field is not updated.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


CMDB Relationship Dashboard jobs do always show as In Progress In certain cases, the CMDB Relationship dashboard does not update the status in cmdb_health_metric_status, leaving the status as 'in progress' even after the job terminates. This causes the next run of the relationship job to not do any processing when it finds the cmdb_health_metric_status in "in progress". Because of this issue, an error might cause the relation dashboard to not get refreshed.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)



Changing the selected CMDB Baseline on a CI Form returns the user to the previous page if the CI is read-only On a CI form that has the CMDB Baseline Diff formatter, changing the selected baseline causes the form to go back to the previous page if the CI is read-only for the user.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


A null pointer exception error occurs on the WMQ pattern An Identification Engine error is thrown when running the WMQ on the Unix pattern. The identification section runs successfully but it does not show the created CI in the service map.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The Identification Rules page title shows 'Dependent relationships' when users move between classes
  1. Select the Application class in the class hierarchy.
  2. Click the Dependent Relationships tab.
  3. Click Configuration Item in the breadcrumb.

The iframe refreshes and shows the Identification Rules page but the title still shows up as 'Dependent Relationships' instead of 'Identification Rules'.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


CI is not added in the "Impacted Services' related list after refreshing impacted services 'Refresh Impacted Services' only allows CIs from class "cmdb_ci_service" and "cmdb_ci_service_discovered" to be added in the Impacted Services related list of the change, but not from "cmdb_ci_service_manual" or other child tables of 'Business Service'.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Discovering Netscaler load balancer with a long pool member name using patterns fails with identification errors The pattern fails in the payload processing with an insertion error.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


CIs are missing in the relationship formatter when a CI has relationships with endpoint CIs Relationships on the CI form do not reflect actual relationships in the CMDB. For example:
  • A -> B(endpoint) -> C
  • A -> B(endpoint) -> D

The relationship formatter of A only shows C, while it should have shown both C and D.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)



The Edit Manual CI button does not work under a CMDB Group record when List v3 is active On any CMDB Group record, there is an incompatibility between the UI Action 'Edit Manual Ci' and List v3. This causes an error in the console when users click the UI Action.
  1. Make sure List v3 is enabled.
  2. Navigate to any cmdb_group.list.
  3. Open any record, or create one.
  4. Go to the CMDB Group Contains Configuration Items related list.
  5. Click the UI action Edit Manual CI.
The following error appears in the console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'location'of undefined.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Adding PWIK events to measure the CMDB feature usage

Contextual Search


Issues with the Contextual Search results on the Portal The page scrolls to the top every time the contextual search results are loaded.

Core Platform



Help text translation issues on the catalog item in Service Portal after the page reloads

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

CSM Communities


Images are not displayed for guests and external users in the Community Portal All images (related to the attachment table) are broken across the platform for external users. For example, when external users upload an image in the platform profile or the community profile, the image is not displayed.

Customer Service Management



The Edit UI action does not appear on the case table
  1. Open any sn_customerservice_case record.
  2. Insert the Parent field inside the Form Layout and make sure that it has Reference floats checked.
  3. From the case, navigate to Configure > Related Lists and add Case > Parent.
  4. Right-click the column header inside the Related list added to the case and select Configure > List Control.
  5. Make sure that Omit Edit is unchecked and Omit Edit condition is empty

The Edit button should appear in case the write ACL are not failing on the table but it is still not the case.

Customer Service Management



Upgrading from Kingston with the Field Service Spoke plugin activated generates errors On an upgrade to Kingston, the upgrade history for the Field Service Spoke plugin com.snc.field_service.spoke incorrectly shows 203 Skipped Error records.
  1. Check and ensure the Field Service Spoke (com.snc.field_service.spoke) plugin is active.
  2. Upgrade the instance to Kingston Patch 1 (from Patch 0) or Patch 2 (from Patch 1).
  3. Check the Upgrade History log.

The first entry shows com.snc.field_service.spoke with 203 Skipped Error records, shown in the log file as 'Skipping because a file exists with a different scope.'

Dashboards and Home Pages



Illegal character URL encoding errors occur while exporting a dashboard tab in PDF When an existing report name contains spaces, for example "PL and Baltics", the 'sysparm_element_value'parameter of the URL string does not get encoded correctly. An error is observed in the localhost log.

Dependency Views (BSM Map)


In the dependency map, if multiple CIs are related to same endpoint CI, only one CI and its relation is shown

Dependency Views (BSM Map)


Statistics are missing for user actions on Dependency Views Piwik statistics should be added to know the most common actions done by users.



Discovery causes OOM and restarts nodes The Discovery deleteEntities query in DiscoveryErrorMessageDAO affects the instance database.



Shazzam fails to trigger the classification for the default MID Server and throws a null pointer exception



Duplicate entries occur in the dscy_router_interface table



The use of the API_INT semaphore set causes integrations timeout or a RejectedExecutionException

When a discovery credential is created or updated, a 'credentials_reload' job is written to the ECC queue for each MID Server configured on the instance. Once picked up, the MID Server makes a 'GetCredentials' SOAP call to the instance (/

The response contains a large volume of data that grows relative to the number of records in the discovery_credential table. Because these threads use the API_INT semaphore set, it can cause other integrations to time out or receive a RejectedExecutionException.



Rediscovering a NetScaler load balancer creates a serial_number record and marks the existing (already discovered) serial_number as "absent = true"



Issues with the delete strategy when following the development of Unix Cluster patterns



The NetApp provider does not support querying SVMs Unable to discover NetApp servers after an upgrade to Kingston.



Credentialless discovery creates CIs with FQDN as the hostname even though glide.discovery.hostname.include_domain is set to false The hostname of the device appears to have been captured using the pattern 'Credentialless Discovery Network Device'. However, the pattern pre/post processor 'Fetch Hostname Formatting Attributes' does not include this pattern.
  1. Enable credentialless discovery on a Kingston instance.
  2. Run discovery against a network device.
The CI created has a hostname that is FQDN.



The credentialless discovery appears to classify the network device (Cisco iOS) as a computer (Apple iOS) instead of a switch/router MID Server script include 'SetCredentialLessDeviceClassName' seems to use the value in the OS family to classify a device based on the payload received. In this case, the OS family is iOS, which is mapped to cmdb_ci_osx_server. This wrongly classifies a router as an Apple MAC device instead of a hardware device (cmdb_ci_hardware).



The credentialless discovery does not classify the host correctly




The 'Cloud Application' field is missing on the Schedule form after activating the Discovery Core plugin After activating the CMP and Discovery plugins, either via the plugin activation automation or manually, the "Cloud Application" option choice on the discovery schedule form does not appear.
  1. Request the CMP plugin activation via the automation Hi Portal.
  2. Request the Discovery plugin activation via the automation from Hi Portal.
  3. Navigate to Discovery > Discovery Schedules > New.
  4. On the form, select the Discover field.
There is no option 'Cloud Application' on the new discovery schedule form.



Pre-execution and pre/post sensor scripts do not work in the ITOM-Pattern scope

The following error is thrown when running the debug mode in the pattern with the pre-execution or the pre/post sensor created in the ITOM-Pattern scope:

Evaluator: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: "SNC" is not defined.



The debug session auto-reconnect does not sync on the events/parsing strategy The debug session auto-reconnect does not sync on the events/parsing strategy.



The credentialless discovery creates hardware records only When the credentialless discovery runs, even though the right class of device is found without credentials, it still sets the class to 'hardware'.



When classifying Unix\Linux machines with unsupported shell, the classification fails as F5, ESX and ZOS are reporting errors Discovery fails for Linux servers to classify in Kingston after upgrade from Jakarta.




Discovery creates duplicate models after enabling the Normalization Data Services plugin After activating the Normalization Data Services plugin, the models are duplicated because Discovery keeps creating models in each run instead of updating the existing one.
  1. Activate the Normalization Data Services plugin.
  2. Make sure that the properties are set to true.
    • glide.cmdb.canonical.discovery.enabled is supposed to allow discovery to make use of MakeAndModel normalization.
    • glide.cmdb.canonical.always_run runs at the business rule level and is intended to allow imports to be normalized.
  3. Run discovery on any device.

After completing the discovery, duplicate models are created in the cmdb_model table.



The operation of "Parse Variable" to the table attribute throws an exception When doing the operation of "Parse Variable" to the table attribute which does not exist in the table, it throws an exception and the pattern fails and stops running.



MID Server memory leak issue due to the H2 database connection leak



Multiple 'discovery.canceled' events from each Discovery Status trigger powered waterfall Undefined variable causes multiple 'discovery.canceled' events from each Discovery Status, triggering powered waterfall.



Invalid MID Servers in a schedule cause multiple 'discovery.canceled' events from each Discovery Status, triggering the powered waterfall Too many discovery jobs started for chained schedules cause backlogs in the sys_trigger table, causing a major outage.




Parsing parameters from ECC queue records with text nodes in a parameter fail

In the ECC Queue output Payload field, if there is any whitespace between a payload's 'parameter' element and a child element inside it, the MID Server will fail to parse the payload. This leaves the job in the ready state which is never processed.

The problem is caused by the space/text between child nodes within a parameter node:

<parameter><node /><parameter> works

<parameter> <node /> <parameter> breaks

An error is thrown in the MID Server's agent log.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Discovery of some device types results in a 'Product' model record rather than a more specific type of model record During discovery, some device types result in a Product model record, rather than a more specific Hardware, Consumable, Software, or Application model record.

When inserting a model record into a child table, the logic checks if the record with name+company exists in the child table. If not found, it inserts the record. But this logic does not check if the record exists in the base table cmdb_model. If it does exist in the base table, duplicate records are created (one in the base and the other in the child table).

Discover any windows server where the vcenter probe is triggered and confirm that ESX servers are successfully scanned.

The model record for the ESX server is created in cmdb_model and not cmdb_hardware_product_model table.

Edge Encryption



When connecting in Edge proxy to a Kingston instance, the Post button disappears when the save button is pressed
  1. Go to incident.list.
  2. Select any incident.
  3. Right-click the header on the incident form and click Save.
  4. The Post button disappears.
The view or table does not matter, the issue occurs with any table that has the post button under the journal fields.

Event Management



The HP OMI connector does not bring in events for HPOMI instances in a different time zone If the HP Omi connector receives the last event time stamp in a long format, the conversion to the UTC format does not take into account different time zones. When the OMi instance is in a timezone with (-), after some time events stop coming and an error is thrown on the connector. When running HP OMi, the connector does not pull the latest events and an error occurs.

Event Management


The status of resolved in the vRealize Operations alert is never updated When alerts are resolved in vRealize Operations (the terminology used in vRealize is INACTIVE), the alert status is never updated in the Event Management, even if the 'message key' matches.

Event Management


evt_mgmt_user gets an error while entering a map from the dashboard
  1. Navigate to the dashboard.
  2. Enter a service map.

An error is thrown: Error on server request getAlertIdsForBS. User Not Authorized (HTTP error 403).

Event Management


Cannot add the formatted text into the description field for event rules On the Transform page, new lines should be allowed to the Description field and other fields.

Event Management


Slowness on the node due to the huge data processing An event threshold rule configured to process a huge amount of data can run the instance out of memory.

Event Management


The OOB SolarWinds regex pattern does not work (Solarwinds Node Status) The OOB regex for Event Rules Solarwinds node status does not work as expected.

Event Management


After the Event Management Dashboard refresh, the service tree jumps back to the root Alerts are shown according to the tree, instead of according to the displayed services/groups.

Event Management


New line characters are removed from 'Description' for events coming from the MID Server The description is not properly formatted. It shows '/n' instead of showing that on a new line.

Event Management


Impact color 'slider' and 'count bar' do not render in IE11 In the IE11, impact color 'slider' and 'count bar' do not render, making it difficult to interpret the color coding.

Event Management


CMDBCI lookups should not perform a query if it has no conditions CMDBCI lookup tries to query the table based on the conditions of the alert. If there are no conditions, it still performs a query at all tables and returns all CIs in the table.

Event Management


Issues with the MID Server retry bulk event sender The MID Server event queuing in case of network failures does not work.

Event Management


Users cannot see the Event Management dashboard on mobile devices

On a Kingston instance

  1. Activate the Event Management plugin with demo data.
  2. Create a test user account, provide it a password, and give the test user the admin role.
  3. Impersonate the test user.
  4. Add Event Management > Dashboard as a favorite.
  5. As this test user, log in to the instance using a mobile device.
  6. Navigate to favorites and tap the Event Management Dashboard as favorite.

When using mobile devices or tablets, an error is displayed: "This page is not supported on tablets." The same error appears when trying to open the Event Management Dashboard in a mobile web browser.

Financial Management



Project Actual Cost pm_project.work_cost is set to the user session currency Project Actual Cost pm_project.work_cost is set to the user session currency that may be different from com.glide.financial_management.currency_code. This makes Actual cost the only currency field on the project financial information. Prerequisites
  1. Activate the plugin I18N: Internationalization.
  2. Activate the plugin Project Portfolio Suite with Financials.
  3. Create a sys_choice record with the value 'es', and label 'Spanish' for the element preferred_language on table sys_user.
  4. Create a sys_choice record with the value 'ES', and label 'Spain' for the element country on table sys_user (if it does not exist already).
  5. Update the admin user record and set the language to Spanish and the country to Spain, to make the session currency EUR.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a project. Set the project name and save.
  2. From Related lists > Expense Line, create an expense line.
  3. Set amount $100 and State in Processed and Save.
  4. Reopen if needed the project created at step 1.

    The actual cost is saved as converted to Euro.

Expected behavior: The actual cost is set in the currency defined by com.glide.financial_management.currency_code and not in the user session currency.

Actual behavior: The actual cost is set in the user session currency that may be different from com.glide.financial_management.currency_code.

Flow Designer


Copying the flow also copies the remote trigger ID
  1. Create and publish the flow.
  2. Copy that flow.

The new flow's remote_sys_id is not empty.

Flow Designer


Issues occur when using the flow designer to update an HTML field on a form
  1. In the app navigator, type incident.list and open any record.
  2. Right click the description field (if missing add it by clicking Configure > Form Layout) and click Configure dictionary. Make sure that the field type is HTML and save it.
  3. In the app navigator, navigate to Flow designer > designer.
  4. Click + to add a new flow.
  5. Fill in the name and click Submit.
  6. Click + to add a Trigger.
  7. Select Trigger: Created and Table: incident.
  8. Click + to add an Action.
  9. Select Action: Create record, Table name: incident, and Fields: Description.
  10. Click Done.

Flow Designer


Unable to select 'Application' while creating a Flow Designer if the com.glide.ui.concourse_app_picker plugin is inactive
  1. Navigate to Flow Designer > Designer.
  2. Click +New UI action and select New Flow.
  3. Fill in the Name field.

The Application field does not show any drop-down values. Instead, it says 'Loading'.

Flow Designer


When publishing a flow and then publishing an action within the flow, the flow rebuilds on every run
  1. Create an action and publish the action.
  2. Create a flow to use that action and then publish it.
  3. Run the flow.
  4. Change the action and republish the action.
  5. Run the flow, and then run the flow again.

A new sys_hub_Flow_snapshot is created every time the flow is run. It should have only one new snapshot created.

Forms and Fields



The watchlist reference icon is only activated by hovering over it with the mouse
  1. Navigate to an incident.
  2. Open the Watch list, and add someone to it.
  3. Select someone in the list to highlight the option, and hover your mouse over the reference icon to the right of the field.
The pop-up only appears when hovering over it with the mouse instead of clicking it.

Forms and Fields


The clickthrough popup (the eye icon) is inconsistent with the standard reference icon behavior

Forms and Fields


Error messages are thrown when attaching/uploading images to the TinyMCE field

Guided Tours


Errors show up when creating a guided tour on the Application page "home" and creating a callout on the filter navigator
  1. Navigate to "Create Tour" in "Embedded Help".
  2. Fill out Name.
  3. Fill out Application Page as "home".
  4. Click Create.
  5. Click on and hold callout from the right panel.
  6. Drag it to the left navigation panel. Make sure that the Filter Navigator oval is highlighted.
  7. Let go of mouse button.

    An error is thrown "The selected callout will not fit. Choose a callout with a different direction."

Expected behavior: The error message should not occur when creating tours on the application navigator.

Actual behavior: "The selected callout will not fit. Choose a callout with a different direction" shows up with above steps.

Guided Tours


The Guided Tours Designer throws an error if the Openframe plugin is installed Issues occur when users try to create a guided tour using the Guided Tour Designer. When they drag a callout onto the screen and click Save, it does not get saved under the Steps section.

Guided Tours


ITIL users with 'sn_tourbuilder.tour_admin' and 'embedded_help_admin' roles are unable to create tours
  1. Open sys_user.list and create a test user.
  2. Add 'sn_tourbuilder.tour_admin', 'embedded_help_admin' and 'itil' roles in the roles related list.
  3. Impersonate the test user.
  4. Select 'create tour' in the application navigator.

Expected behavior: Users with 'sn_tourbuilder.tour_admin' and 'embedded_help_admin' should be able to create new tours.

Actual behavior: An error is displayed 'We are unable to create or edit a tour now because the system is upgrading or you do not have sufficient privileges to perform this action. Contact your System Administrator' and users are unable to create a tour.

Human Resources



Unable to use 'Templated Snippets' if the HR plugins are not installed When the Templated Snippets plugin is installed without any HR plugins previously activated, the snippets are not visible on the instance application menus or modules.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Human Resources


Errors occur when the "HRJ Completed Items" widget is added to the custom page After an upgrade to Kingston, an error is thrown when the HRJ Completed Items widget is added to the custom page.

Human Resources Service Management


In Lifecycle Events, only 10 activity sets can run at a time HR lifecycle event activity sets are not triggered correctly when they exceed 10 sets.

Human Resources Service Management



The template snippet causes slowness when loading HR cases
  1. On an instance with many HR cases, add a couple of Response Template snippets on an HR Case table with a condition that can meet many HR cases.
  2. Open any HR case.

    Opening the HR case is slow.

  3. Click the Response UI action

The Template Snippet page loads slowly.

Human Resources Service Management


The workflow does not cancel when an HR case is moved back to the "Ready" state from "Awaiting Acceptance" When an HR IT Operations case is in the "Awaiting Acceptance" and is moved back to "Review", the workflow does not continue. However, it continues when moving the state on an HR Workforce Administration case.
  1. Install sn_hr_core.
  2. Create a record by going to https://instancename/
  3. For "Opened for" create a user if no users are shown and select a user.
  4. Choose any HR service.
  5. Fill out the rest of the mandatory fields.
  6. Click Ready for work.

    This brings the case to a "Ready" state.

  7. Once the screen loads, move it to "Awaiting Acceptance".
  8. Click the Show Workflow related link.

    The workflow runs.

  9. Move the HR case back to the "Ready" state.
  10. Click Show Workflow.

Expected behavior: The workflow should be canceled as the conditions no longer meet on the activity.

Actual behavior: The workflow continues to run.

Human Resources Service Management


The Lifecycle Event workflow cancels out after 40 days

The Lifecycle Event Activity Launcher workflow has a maximum activity count of 500, defined as a setting in the workflow. If this count is reached, the workflow will automatically cancel, disrupting the triggering of any downstream activity sets and the lifecycle event progress.

  1. Create a Lifecycle Event and an Activity Set (trigger based on the date 30 days from the case opened).
  2. Change the Evaluation Interval of the Activity Set to 2 minutes (0.83% of the original interval).
  3. Create a Lifecycle Event case with that Lifecycle Event and wait at least 8.5 hours.
  4. Navigate to the Lifecycle case, and click Show Workflow related link to open the workflow context displays.

    The HR Activity Launcher workflow is canceled.

Notice the difference between the workflow context creation and closed should give a timestamp of approximately 8.13 hours, which to approximately 40.5 days using the unscaled interval.

Human Resources Service Management



HR matching rules/assignment logic do not work correctly if the user changing the draft state does not have the permission to read cases HR matching rules/assignment logic do not work correctly if the user moving the case out of draft state does not have the permission to read cases and therefore is unable to obtain a correct count of the agent workload.
  1. For simplicity, install HR Core and HR SP without demo data.
  2. Add two users to HR Tier 1 and give them all HR skills.
  3. Remove the location from the sys_user records for your agents.
  4. Find a set of users who have no HR roles and remove their location (eliminating the country matching part of the assignment logic).
  5. Create a case as one of these users, and note who it was assigned to.
  6. Create a second case as a different non-HR user.

It is important to be different as a user can view their own cases, so if you are the same user, the count of caseload will be correct. If things work properly, this case would go to the second agent.

It may go to the second agent by happenstance. Therefore, keep creating cases for different end users with no HR roles until you see that the case load is not being distributed based upon the agent workload.

Human Resources Service Management


The KB versioning is not accounted in the KB article field in HR cases Articles related to an HR service are not updated when using the Knowledge Versioning plugin.
  1. Navigate to any HR Service.
  2. View its knowledge article field.
  3. Create a version of the KB article attached to the KB article field in the HR service.
  4. Create an HR case for that service and view the KB article field.

An outdated version is displayed.

Human Resources Service Management


The HR case "Restrict Query" business rule is invoked multiple times for non-HR records

The HR application has custom Approve and Reject UI actions for the sysapproval_approver form. These UI actions check whether the record being approved is an HR case to determine whether to display or not.

This check is done with a GlideRecord lookup against the HR Case table, as opposed to a class name check. This causes the page to load slowly when there are many approval records or tasks in the system.

  1. As an admin, add a log statement to the HR case 'Restrict Query' business rule script.
  2. Log in as a user with no HR roles who has a requested approval record for a non-HR record (such as a Change Request).
  3. As the non-HR user, load the sysapproval_approver form for the non-HR approval.

The added message appears eight times in a row in the system log.

Human Resources Service Management


The HR document template is not editable in the French language
  1. Install the French language plugin.
  2. Install the following HR plugins:
    1. Human Resources Scoped App: Core
    2. Human Resources Scoped App: Service Portal
    3. Human Resources Scoped App: Lifecycle Events
  3. Log out and log in again.
  4. Navigate to HR Administration > Document Templates.
  5. Open the template 'Sample Education Agreement'.
  6. Add some text in the field 'Body'.
  7. Right-click in the header and save.
  8. Change the language to French.
  9. Perform the steps 7-8 again.

An error message appears on the top 'Mise àjour non valide'. Another error message is visible at the bottom 'Corps es un champ obligatoire.'

Human Resources Service Management


The Transfer Case modal breaks with HR Service and Topic Categories having apostrophe in the name When the global property glide.ui.escape_all_script is set to false, the Transfer Case modal currently does not work properly when there are HR Services or Topic Categories containing an apostrophe character in the name.
  1. Log in as an admin and change the value of property glide.ui.escape_all_script to false.
  2. Create an HR Service with an apostrophe character in the name.
  3. Open an active HR case, and click Transfer Case in the form context menu.

The Transfer case dialog is displayed, but the 'Transfer Case to' list is not rendered properly, and a browser error is displayed.

Human Resources Service Management


The SLA field on the HR Talent Management case does not get populated Plugin required: HR Core scoped app
  1. Create the SLA definition for the talent management case.
  2. Create a talent management case.
  3. Add the SLA field to the HR case list and form.

The field does not get set/populated.

Import / Export


JDBC probes become unresponsive when loading driver classes Under certain condition, when multiple JDBC probes are executing at the same time and they happen to load their respective drivers, unresponsiveness can occur.

Import / Export



Data sources sharing an import set table can execute the wrong transformation and import row numbers will repeat The response in the REST API is empty, instead of showing the correct values and retrieving it by the execution of the correct transformation.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Incident Management



The Summary and Communication tabs in the Major Incident workbench overlap when the "Compact the user interface" setting is enabled
  1. Install the Incident Management - Major Incident Management plugin with the demo data.
  2. Navigate to Incident > Major Incidents > Open.
  3. Open any record from the list.
  4. Click View Workbench.

    Notice the tabs right below the form title: Summary and Communication.

  5. Click the gear icon at the top right of page, and set the 'Compact the user interface' option on.
The Summary and Communication tabs merge together.

IT Asset Management


Per Device and Per User License Metrics are not available when the Microsoft Metric Group is selected When the Microsoft Metric group is selected on an Entitlement form, the Per Device and Per User license metrics are not available.

Knowledge Management


Hyperlinks in imported articles link the entire paragraph instead of the specific word In the Knowledge Base, issues occur when using the import feature to create an article. While importing a Word document with hyperlinks, the hyperlink end tag in the generated HTML closes at the end of the line, instead of the text selected as the hyperlink.

Knowledge Management



Tags do not copy over to the new version of a knowledge article after activating the Knowledge Advanced plugin
  1. Activate the Knowledge Management Advanced plugin.
  2. Navigate to Knowledge > Create New.
  3. Create an article and add a tag to it, then publish the article.
  4. Open the same article and click the Checkout button. Return to the Knowledge Management page and check the old tag that you added.
The article does not exist in that tag, as the tag is removed when you check out the new version of the article.

Knowledge Management



The template content is not copied when attaching an article with a template type In the Case or Incident form, when attaching an article of a template type from the contextual search, the content in the Additional comments is not copied. It is working for Standard type articles.
  1. Log in to the instance as an Admin.
  2. Activate the Knowledge Advanced Installer plugin.
  3. Configure the contextual search in the Case form.
  4. Create an article of Template type and publish the article.
  5. Go to the Case form page.
  6. In the Short Description search the article and attach the template type article.

Note the copied text in the Additional comments section. It does not copy the content of the Template type.

Knowledge Management



Knowledge Management Service Portal Home is slow due to missing indexes/slow SQL Navigating to the Knowledge Homepage takes 15 to 20 seconds when there are a large number of user criteria.
  1. Populate the instance with many KB articles.
  2. Add user criteria linked to the created articles.
  3. Navigate to the /kb page.

Knowledge Management


"View article" in the standard operating procedure knowledge article does not display the text field Text added to the 'Text' field does not display when viewing the standard operating procedure article.
  1. Ensure GRC is active.
  2. Go to GRC > Standard Operating Procedures.
  3. Click any article.
  4. Edit 'Text' area with anything.
  5. Click View Article related link.

Nothing in the 'Text' area is displayed.

List v2


The Duration column in the list view (both v2 and v3) does not show seconds When users want to build the filter condition, 'Duration' requires seconds. However, the Duration column in the list view (both v2 and v3) does not show seconds. Without the seconds value, a record with a particular duration value cannot be retrieved.

Machine Learning Solutions


The default filter in the solution definition setting has the incorrect training duration

MID Server


Large ECC Queue payloads created in the TEMP folder are not removed When EccQueueMonitor or RefreshMonitor is run from a MID Server to poll the ECC Queue on the instance and there are records with a huge payload, the StreamReader buffers the output to a TEMP location on the file system with files named 'temp numbers'and never remove them. This seems to happen due to large probe sizes during Service Discovery.

On-call Scheduling


Schedule members are not filtering based on groups while creating on-call schedules After an upgrade, While creating an On-Call schedule, when selecting the group and try to add group members for the schedule, the list collector shows all the users in the system and not limiting to the current group members.

On-call Scheduling


The On-call Schedule Interceptor triggers global workflows The On-call Schedule Interceptor is set on the global table which triggers all other global workflows.
  1. Navigate to On-Call Scheduling > Create new schedule.
  2. Use the wizard to generate a schedule.
  3. Navigate to the wf_context table to find global workflows that were triggered by this process.

Password Reset Application


Password reset/change do not correctly handle non-ASCII characters If the user enters a character with an accent, such as 'é', the password is changed but the AD has an incorrect value.



The discovery creates duplicate related CIs on the F5 load balancer record after switching to the pattern When creating a F5 using the probe and sensor and switching the classification to patterns, duplicates are created in the related lists.



The discovery of Azure database gets errors The Azure database pattern fails to discover MySQL database due to the failed rest query, getting the error '404 Not Found'.



The Pattern Discovery on the Windows Server 2012 does not complete properly When discovering Hyper-V servers, they appear as class "windows server" with no virtual instances.



Unable to run the horizontal discovery on WMB on the Unix Pattern related to install_directory Unexpected behavior from WMB on the Unix Pattern.




The graceful termination is missing in Amazon AWS Route53 on empty hosted zones
  1. Configure Cloud Discovery for AWS.
  2. Run Discovery.

Errors are thrown in the Discovery log and Pattern log.



The FTPClient library was added to the MID Server in order for the Azure functions pattern to perform the function code scanning



Add OID to the OOTB pattern



Reconciliation issues on the networking device discovery The network switch pattern throws an error message "insertion failed with error" when trying to insert the record.



The Cisco GSS create connection does not work correctly and the cluster is not created correctly The 'Could not find farm name. Assigned default farm name' warning is thrown for the GSS pattern.

Performance Analytics



The Performance Analytics tab renders without taking the breakdown into account
  1. Open the PA dashboard in a new tab.
  2. Load the 'Collection Monthly' dashboard.
  3. Select the breakdown 'Sky Mobile Digital Clients'.
  4. Click the Service Calendar tab and observe the results .
  5. Click a different tab on this same dashboard and before it completes loading click the Service Calendar tab again.

The tab loads a different set of results. The tab renders without taking into account the selected breakdown. This happens only if the user clicks a different tab on this same dashboard and before it completes loading click the Service Calendar tab again.

Performance Analytics

PRB1263787 does not remove the soft lock The Performance Analytics Premium for Business Management ( plugin does not remove the soft lock for creating PA records.
  1. Install
  2. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Indicators > Create New.

Expected behavior: New indicators can be created.

Actual behavior: The 'Cannot create record' message is shown in the modal dialog.

Performance Analytics



When the range of periods is years, hovering over the bar displays the wrong month for the first year For a Time Series Column widget with a "By month AVG +" Time Series, when the widget has "Range of periods" as years, if there is no score for the last month of the previous period, hovering over bars of the months for the first year will display the wrong month. For example, when hovering over January, it shows June; when hovering over February, it shows April.
  1. Edit an existing 'Time Series' widget. Change Visualization to 'Column', and Time Series to 'By month AVG +'.
  2. For Range of Periods, choose Years.
  3. For Number of Periods, enter 3.
  4. On the Scoresheet, enter scores manually for several days each month from the current month back to January 2016.

    The widget on the dashboard shows scores for 12 months for 2016, 2017, and 2018 (does not have to be a complete year's worth of scores for 2018).

  5. Hover over one of the 2016 columns with the mouse.

    The month displayed does not match the month that you are hovering over.

Performance Analytics


The element retrieval is slow for breakdown widgets with many elements The Performance Analytics Breakdown widget gets stuck while rendering and the whole dashboard becomes unresponsive.

Performance Analytics



The Pivot Scorecard widget displays scores under incorrect objects
  1. Create a breakdown source and a breakdown for table cmdb_ci.
  2. Add the breakdown to the indicator.
  3. Collect data for the indicator and breakdown.
  4. Create the 'Breakdown' widget with 'Pivot Scorecard' visualization for the breakdown on Configuration Items.
  5. Add the Indicator in the related list.
  6. Add the widget to the dashboard.

The scores are displayed under the incorrect objects in the Pivot Scorecard. The Indicator's scores do not follow breakdown's elements. When the user clicks an element in the list, it redirects to the incorrect element in the detailed scorecard.



Slow performance issues on transactions and queries

Filtering using INSTANCEOF ("class is-a") on a table, which has the class pathing enabled, should have used the classpath.



The term optimization should be seperated from the upgrade The populate_term_config_xml takes over 10 hours, which can affect other users who do not want the event queue to be paused for such extended durations.



The term optimization job fails The term optimization script fails after an upgrade.

Platform Security



An error message "Insufficient permission to access reports" occurs on the ESS Reports page when users have no roles When the Report Security Plugin is activated, a user with no roles is not able to access the Reports page in the ESS portal or view reports shared with them.
  1. Log in to an instance and make sure the com.glideapp.report_security plugin is not activated.
  2. To check, navigate to System Definition > Plugins and search for the plugin and make sure the status is set to inactive.
  3. Log in to an instance that does not have the com.glideapp.report_security plugin activated, and navigate to

    You can access the page.

  4. Activate the com.glideapp.report_security plugin and try to access as Joe Employee again.

The message 'Insufficient permission to access reports' occurs.

Profiles and Remediation



When associating one policy to the policy statement, the progress bar on the top becomes unresponsive Scenario 1
  1. Create a profile type with profiles. For releases beginning with Kingston, create a profile filter.
  2. Create a policy and a policy statement.
  3. Associate the profile type to the policy.
  4. Associate the policy to the policy statement.
Scenario 2
  1. Create a profile type with no profiles. For releases beginning with Kingston, do not create a profile filter.
  2. Create a policy statement.
  3. Associate the profile type to the policy statement.

Project Management


When the project is copied, the strategies and goals set within the project do not get copied
  1. In Project Related Properties, add strategic_objectives and save the changes.
  2. Go to Projects and create a new or open existing project.
  3. Go to the Business Case tab and add strategies and goals to the project.
  4. Copy the Project.

Expected behavior: The goals and strategies are copied to the new project created.

Actual behavior: The goals and strategies are not copied to the new project created.

Project Management


Overdue icon differences between Istanbul and Jakarta In Jakarta, the project overdue logic has changed. The system now checks for overdue Planned Start Dates rather than Planned End Dates.

Project Management


The project task is not editable and in the pending state when the associated change request is closed
  1. Navigate to the project module.
  2. Create a project and associate a project task to the project.
  3. Once the project task is created, click the UI action Create Change and link from Project Task.

    You are navigated to the change request.

  4. Navigate the change to the closed state.
The following error is thrown 'Cannot change the planned start date of already started / complete task.'

Project Management


The Status History widget does not work when the date format is set as dd-MMM-yy In the Project management, the Status report page does not show correctly the "Status History" when the user date format is not set to the specific value.

Project Management


The planned end date changes for the milestone when a project/task is closed On Project Management, when a milestone is set to close complete, either directly on the task or if the parent is closed, the planned start date and planned end date are the same when saved. However, if users open the form again, a client script changes the value of the planned end date, not honoring the data on the database.

Project Portfolio Management


The program state is not moved to 'closed complete' when its related project and project tasks are moved to 'closed completed'
  1. Create a Program.
  2. Under the Program, create a Project.
  3. Create a Project task.
  4. Change project task state to WIP.

    Observe that the project and program states are moved to WIP.

  5. Change project task state to Closed Complete.

The project task state is moved to Closed Complete, but the program state is still Work In Progress.

Record Watcher



Error occurs when the watched record changes if the sys_tag condition is in the query Certain search criterion that use sys_tags such as sys_tags.= causes an exception.
  1. Activate the Record Watcher AMB Demo plugin.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Add either sys_tag.= or sys_tag.=<sys_id> (replacing the sys_id with a sys_id) and change the table to incident. Change an incident.

There is no update on the page and an error 'java.lang.NullPointerException' is thrown.




Having multiple rows on a multilevel pivot report causes total rows to be misaligned if the data display value is not unique
  1. Rename Beth Anglin to Bud Richman (changing first and last names only).

    There should now be two users named Bud Richman who are assigned incidents.

  2. Create a multilevel pivot report on the Incident table:
    1. Columns - State
    2. Rows - Assigned to, Assignment Group
All total rows after Bud Richman are off by one user. If you hover the mouse over the counts, the assigned to will be the previous user.




Cannot use the ampersand (&) in axis labels in reports
  1. Navigate to Reports > View/Run.
  2. Open any existing bar chart report.
  3. Click Style in the report GUI.
  4. Provide a string for the X axis title that contains an ampersand (&amp;). For example, P&amp;L.

The X axis title label displays as P&amp;amp;L.




Clicking the other column of a stacked by bar chart does not drill down properly Clicking an Other bar in a bar report either displays a chart or gives no response rather than displaying a list of records.
  1. Navigate to Reports > View/Run and open a report that is a bar chart.
  2. When the bar chart displays, click (or command-click) a bar different than Other.

    A list of records is displayed.

  3. Click (or command-click) a bar marked Other.
Instead of a list of records, a page with the chart is displayed.




The report never loads with the message 'Loading report'
  1. Create a bar chart with the table incident and the following values:

    Group by: Active

    Stack by: Active

  2. In the Style tab, check the Display datalabels check box.
  3. Create a dataset, bar chart with the table incident and save.
The report never loads and the message 'Loading report...' is displayed. The following console error also appears: 'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'dataLabels' of undefined.'



Reports cannot be exported as PDF Exporting to PDF fails if a multilevel pivot table has a query condition that includes 'before'.



After an upgrade from Istanbul, users are not able to list their reports created prior to a change to their sys_user.user_name

In Jakarta, the new field created_by_user has been added to the sys_report table. This is a reference field to the sys_user record of the user who creates a report. The sys_report.sys_created_by field captured the user_name of the user at the time they created a report.

If their user_name is subsequently changed, it will no longer match the value in the sys_report.sys_created_by field. Any report a user created after an upgrade is visible, but reports created prior to their name change are not shown.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




In a multilevel pivot report, the columns header position changes/overlaps depending on the size of the condition builder when it is expanded
  1. Navigate to Reports > View/Run.
  2. Create a multilevel pivot report using the Report Designer.
  3. In the Configure section, use the following example values:
    • Select Columns: Created by
    • Select Rows: Short Description
  4. Click Run Report.
  5. Scroll down the table, both with the condition builder expanded or with it minimized.
When the condition builder is expanded, the columns header position is lower than expected.




Single Score does not render in the homepage if the query condition contains UTF-8 characters

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




The bar report displays the same column data repeatedly

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Exporting image/PDF for Time Series reports with multiple dataset results in an incorrect report for the child dataset Reports do not show correct graphs after they are exported as .jpg or .pdf.
  1. Create a time series line report on the incident with the filter created before any date (e.g. created before 8/1/2018).
  2. Add multiple dataset to this report by clicking the drop-down next to Save.
  3. The dataset should have filtered incidents created after the date mentioned in the main dataset (e.g. created after 8/1/2018).
  4. Make the type of this dataset as bar for better visibility, and use trend by as Created on in both.
  5. Generate the report and click the list next to Save.
  6. Export and compare the output with the report.

In the exported PDF, all the bars from the child dataset move to the extreme left of the graph.



Multilevel pivot reports cannot be exported to PDF if the report title contains "&" After the WebKit HTML to PDF plugin is activated, multilevel pivot reports still cannot be exported as PDF and an error is thrown in the log.



Scoped Database Views do not show up in reports Unable to create a scoped report based in the scoped database view.



Slowness on the dashboard when applying the filters Multiple loadings of charts on applying and resetting the filter from a pie chart, which acts as an interactive filter.
  1. Create a dashboard with multiple charts.
  2. Make one of the pie charts act as an interactive filter.
  3. Click the slice of the pie chart.
  4. Click another slice of the pie chart

Expected behavior: Charts should only load once to improve the performance.

Actual behavior: Charts load twice on clicking the other slice.



Widgets do not show the loading icon after a filter is applied When clicking a pie chart that acts as an interactive filter, the other chart on the page does not show a loading icon.



The HTTP 500 error occurs while exporting reports as a PDF
  1. Click any homepage (i.e. My Apps Development Redline).
  2. Edit any report and run the report.

    Verify you can see a chart which contains the data.

  3. Click the arrow that is next to the Save button.
  4. Select Export to PDF.

An error occurs '(HTTP Code: 500) Conversion Failed: Did not receive a success in the HTTP response.'




Users are unable to create multilevel pivot reports on the Tag field Users cannot group multilevel pivot reports on tags.
  1. Create a multilevel pivot report.
    • Set Table to Task [task].
    • In the Available column, move Tags and Assigned to the Selected column.
  2. Click Run.

An error is thrown: Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'task0.sys_tags' in 'field list').

Resource Management



The Resource Workbench fails to load when the Start and End Dates are far apart (~4 years) The "Planned Cost" field on the resource_plan table does not calculate and populate the value.
  1. Create a resource plan with the start date of today and the end date of 2021.
  2. Open the resource workbench.
The Workbench does not load.

Resource Management


Time cards do not always update the resource plan's actual hours When creating a time card, if the task found in the time card does not match the task in the resource plan, the actual hours is not updated in the resource plan.

Resource Management



Resource managers are unable to update the resource plan or earlier dates After impersonating a resource manager and opening the resource plan, all the fields on the resource plan are read-only and cannot be edited.
  1. Create a Resource Plans by navigating to Resource Plans > Create New for yesterday or any past date.
  2. Move it to requested state by clicking Request on the top gray bar.
Expected behavior: Fields on the resource plan are editable.

Actual behavior: Impersonate a resource manager, and open the resource plan. All the fields on the resource plan are read-only and cannot be edited.

Resource Management


Any application that uses sys_user.schedule to store spans can cause a conflict with Resource Management

Server Side Scripting


After upgrading to Kingston, users can no longer use a script include as a default filter An error appears: "Security restricted: Unexpected Jelly Expression -- $[sysparm_collectionID];".
  1. Save a task or open a submitted task.
  2. Go to the related lists and right-click List Control.
  3. Change the default filter to: [Company] [is] $[sysparm_collectionID].
  4. Save.
  5. Go back to the task, scroll to the same related list, and click Edit.
  6. Confirm it shows [Company] [is] $[sysparm_collectionID].
  7. Insert the property 'glide.ui.jelly.initial_filter.allow' and set it to true.
  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6.

It shows [Company] [is] [some_sys_id].

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


When a UI page variable is contained inside a container, an input field for the default value shows up in the Service Portal Service Catalog widget.
  1. Activate the Service Portal plugin.
  2. Create a container start and container end variable for a catalog item:
    • Container Start
      • Type: Container Start
      • Order: 10
      • Question: Hardware
      • Name: hardware
    • Container End
      • Type: Container End
      • Order: 20
  3. Create a UI page variable:
    • Type: UI page
    • Order: 15
    • Question: test
    • Name: test

When viewing the catalog item in the Service Portal, there should be no input box for the default value. However, an input box appears for the default value.

Service Catalog


Validate variable values do not work when using the output from previous steps When a previous test step does a query on a table which returns multiple records (i.e. the user table), and a later step is intended to use the result from this step, an error is generated and the test fails.

Service Catalog



After upgrading to Kingston, setting a variable to non-mandatory and hidden on forms is not honored Setting a variable to not-mandatory and hidden using a UI policy does not work on the variable editor on a form.
  1. Create a catalog item.
  2. Create a multiple choice variable with two choices (Choice 1 and Choice 2). Under Type Specifications check Do not select the first choice.
  3. Create two multi-line variables (V1 and V2) and set them to mandatory through the variable check box.
  4. Create two UI policies.
    • One applying to the multiple choice variable created when Choice 1 is selected, with a policy action setting V1 visible and mandatory to True, and Reverse if False checked.
    • One applying to the multiple choice variable created when Choice 2 is selected, with a policy action setting V2 visible and mandatory to True, and Reverse if False checked.
  5. Click Try it.
  6. Check choice 1.

    It should show variable V1 and be mandatory.

  7. Check choice 2.

    It hides the V1 variable and makes it not-mandatory, and show the V2 variable that was hidden.

  8. Type something on V2 variable and select Order Now.

    You can order the item because the other variable is hidden and not mandatory.

  9. Go to the RITM and make sure that the variable editor shows up in the form.
  10. Test the UI policy in the RITM form by selecting different choices.

    The variables should be either hidden or shown depending on the choice.

  11. Make sure the V1 variable is empty and hidden, then try updating or saving the form.

Expected behavior: The form is updated without any warning or errors since V1 should be hidden and not mandatory.

Actual behavior: The form does not get updated, and shows an error "The following mandatory fields are not filled in: V1".

Service Catalog



A JavaScript console error occurs when users view RITM or TASK catalog records with variables for which they do not have the read roles permission
  1. Create a variable in a catalog item having ITIL as a read role.
  2. Create a user with the role action_designer.
  3. Enable the two-step checkout.
  4. Order a catalog item for the newly created user.
  5. Impersonate to the new user, open the RITM.
  6. Open the console in the browser and notice an error.

Service Catalog



In Kingston, a setValue client script causes the catalog item to have a changed form After the upgrade to Kingston, while navigating from the catalog form to the previous screen, a popup 'Are you sure you want to leave this page' is displayed even though no changes are done on the form.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog


The advanced reference qualifier script does not work in the wizard variable Advanced reference qualifiers on a reference variable do not work when 'check box' is present in a wizard.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)



The SLA property com.snc.sla.compatibility.breach is updated on an upgrade During the upgrade, the SLA system property com.snc.sla.compatibility.breach is set to false when instances are upgraded.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Issues with the Resolution SLA calculation of a particular incident The correct planned_end_time is calculated for the SLA, but the actual and business time remaining values get calculated as the difference between the pause time and the planned_end_time, not the start time and the end time.

Service Mapping


Support changes of host IP addresses Service Mapping fails when the IP address of an HTTP entry point changes.

Service Mapping



Cisco devices are partially discovered due to a timeout in the changeto command Issues occur when sending the SSH command to network devices (such as Cisco ACE load balancer) and getting a response which is longer than 800 rows. The system waits 1 minute and then aborts the operation. This impacts the horizontal discovery of Cisco ACE load balancers, and on Service Mapping when discovering Cisco ACE and F5 load balancers.
  1. Set up a MID Server that can discover a network device such as a Cisco ACE load balancer.
  2. Set the system property to 100. The default is 800.
  3. Run the command:
     show service-policy detail

This command makes the device respond with a --more-- line after 100 rows, which is breaking the SSH provider if you are trying to detect the prompt after each command.

Service Mapping


Recomputation job thread limit scripts for pre-Kingston releases must be removed or deactivated on an upgrade to Kingston The recomputation during Service Mapping discovery may take up all worker threads, resulting in the scheduler overload and discovery task timeouts.

Service Mapping



The virtual interface in the Network Router/Switch Pattern causes an identification payload error on the table dscy_switchport While running Discovery on the IP switch, the pattern does not discover the switches in the stack mode.

Run Network Router/Switch Pattern discovery on network devices which have virtual interfaces.

Observe the payload identification error in the pattern log.

Service Mapping


Creating a shared library inside a shared library causes the UI to crash

Service Mapping


Save fails after deleting a pattern library that is within another library
  1. Create a pattern.
  2. Group the steps into a shared library.
  3. In the shared library, create another shared library.
  4. Try to delete the second library (the second-level shared library).
An error is thrown.

Service Mapping


The Checkpoint Reaper fails on the broken service > layer reference The Checkpoint Reaper job fails on exception when it encounters a service that has a broken reference to the layer. As a result, old snapshots are not removed by the Service Model's Blob Reaper, and it may disrupt svc_model_obj_service.

Service Mapping


MID Server SystemCommand CitChanged causes slowness and HTTP 429 errors (related to PRB1201839) The default semaphore is exhausted, leaving the instance unresponsive for several minutes.

Service Mapping


Extensions are not executed for patterns with an empty metadata_id
  1. Open the WebLogic Module pattern. This pattern has an empty metatdata_id.
  2. Define a new or existing extension.
  3. Run Discovery for the WebLogic Module.
  4. Due to problem, the execution of extension does not appear in the 'Pattern Log'.

Service Mapping


The TD pattern execution should override the CI class match when there is more than one HD CI with the same fully qualified domain name (FQDN) When there is more than 1 cloud CI discovered as part of HD with the same FQDN, the TD pattern is only triggered based on the first HD CI that has been picked up.

Service Mapping


Typo in the Tomcat pattern eval() The Step "work on default ctx" in the baseline Tomcat pattern contains a typo.

Service Mapping


The Pattern Oracle database on the Unix pattern needs improvement

Service Mapping


When installing the content shipping on an instance, the script includes do not work

Service Mapping


F5 discovery using SSH causes tables to reach more than 60,000 rows The F5 load balancer pattern fails after upgrading to Kingston and activating the pattern-based discovery.

Software Asset Management


The Discovery model with the "New" status cannot be normalized properly

Tables and Dictionary


Adding elements to a TPP grandparent and grandchild table in an update set can cause the alias corruption When adding an element to a particular table in the CMDB hierarchy, and another element to a grandchild (or lower) of that table, within the same update set, the storage aliases can be corrupted so that the elements are stored in the same column. This can cause functional problems and data loss.



Cannot apply a date field while using a template if the date format system property is altered When using a template to create a knowledge article, the field 'Valid to' is not populated by the value added to the template.

Transaction and Session Management


The average response time metric gets skewed by quick transactions that happen frequently The average response time metric gets skewed by quick transactions that happen frequently. This makes it harder to debug and trigger alerts when users start having performance issues.

UI Pages/Macros


Issues occur when hovering over a reference icon in the dialog window The quick view icon next to each referenced field pops up without someone actually scrolling over the icon. Users need to reload the page to remove the unexpected pop-up.

Usage Analytics


App persistor and license download jobs (via the App Manager) consume all semaphores When the license downloader and app persistor jobs run at the same time trying to access UI objects, the node can become unresponsive.

Usage Analytics


The UA license download job does not enforce entitlements for assets in all HR Scopes The entitlement API is looking for assets in the HR Core scope only. It should look for Assets in all HR scopes.

Usage Analytics


The usage data of the last month should not be uploaded if the job context is empty OOM exceptions are thrown due to many records being uploaded in the past month payload.

Visual Task Boards


Opening the modal window of a task record with the description filled out causes failures (i.e. related lists not loading, UI actions not working)

This issue occurs for Firefox users when the description field on a task record has a value and is visible on the form.

When the user clicks the number in a task card, the available modal window does not work correctly. Removing the field or deleting the value seems to resolve the issue for individual task records.

Visual Task Boards


VTB card fields do not appear in the same order as the associated form layout VTB card fields do not retain the order from the form layout. For example, if a VTB is created from the incident list, the order of the fields set in the incident VTB view is not respected on the VTB card itself.

Other Kingston Patch 8 information

MID Server parameters
A new parameter has been added in the Event Management parameters section: mid.probe.event.suppress.whitespaces.

Fixes included with Kingston Patch 8

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.