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Kingston Patch 7

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Kingston Patch 7

The Kingston Patch 7 release contains fixes to these problems.

Kingston Patch 7 was released on June 28, 2018.
Build date: 06-21-2018_1724
Build tag: glide-kingston-10-17-2017__patch7-06-12-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Kingston.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Kingston fixed problems, see KB0623762.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related fixes

Kingston Patch 7 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Kingston Patch 7, refer to KB0690216.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce




Setting the property glide.db.query.term. table_limit to zero causes severe cache issues on sys_term_table_cache and a high flush count

When the property glide.db.query.term.table_limit is set to 0, the related propertyglide.cache.size.sys_ term_table_cache is created with a value of 0. As a result, the instance experiences significant performance degradation.

  1. Set the system property glide.db.query.term.table_limit to 0.
  2. Restart the instance node.

    A static initializer sets the cache size.

  3. Issue any arbitrary updates, for example, against an incident.
  4. Look at / for the entry for sys_term_table_cache.

Note that entries are always 0 and the flush count climbs with every update.




Date/Time settings are not used on the list The Date/Time selection of "Time Ago" or "Both" in system settings is not used when accessing a list view of records, nor when the list view is refreshed. Instead, the calendar view is shown.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Reports containing a field from a variable are default to only showing the first record and throws a NullPointerException error When attempting to create reports, if adding a field from a variable, the report is default to only showing the first record and nothing further. Also, if using group by, it recognizes other records are available but does not display them.
  1. Edit a catalog item, such as Submit an IT request.
  2. Add these variables: Incident Number (reference type to incident), Incident description (multi-line text).
  3. Submit the catalog item a few times to generate some records in sc_req_item.
  4. Set the system property glide.ui.optimize.lists to false.
  5. Create a report on the requested item table (sc_req_item), and add a filter for Item = <catalog item created or Submit an IT Request>.
  6. Run the report.

    Observe only one record is displayed, even though there are many records.

  7. Remove the filter and run the report again.

Observe all records are shown.




Accessing a public report of the type 'List' deletes the default record of the report table from sys_ui_list, causing the default list for a table to revert to its system-generated version Accessing the results of a public report from the type 'List' causes the default record from the sys_ui_list table to be deleted. Any list layout configured by the administrator is lost. In addition, a record is created by the guest user on the sys_ui_list table with an empty 'View' field.
  1. Navigate to Reports > View/Run > Create a Report.
  2. Create a report from the incident table with the type 'List'.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click the dropdown next to Save to click Publish and Copy Public URL.
  5. Open an incognito window to make sure there are no active sessions in the system.
  6. View the URL copied in step 4 and close the browser.
  7. Refresh the list from step 3.

The task list is no longer there.

Express to Enterprise



The Notes and Closure information sections are not displayed on the incident form The form sections Notes and Closure information are not visible on the incident form. This symptom is seen after the first upgrade after the Express to Enterprise conversion.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Authentication - SSO


The relay state URL encoding causes failures if the query string contains a JavaScript function

When using the Multi SSO plugin, if an unauthenticated user makes a request to a URL that contains a JavaScript function as part of the query string, it is not encoded correctly in the relay state parameter for the subsequent request, which causes an incorrect redirection. The message "Security constraints prevent access to requested page" is displayed.

Project Portfolio Management


The creation of new budget definitions should not be allowed
Note: Beginning with Kingston Patch 7, Financial Planning is only for Portfolio Planning.

For more information, refer to Financial Planning and the Financial Management release notes.

All other fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Agent Intelligence


The class-level precision-coverage option is not carried over when solutions are retrained When a solution is retrained, any custom configuration that the user might have chosen (by selecting a non-default precision-coverage combination for a class) is not carried over to the next version.

Application Portfolio Management (APM)


The page takes more time to load the data from the APM portal When users click the 'View' link in the technology portfolio under the Application Portfolio Management, the page takes more time to load the data due to the large data configuration.



The stage field in RITM with 'Waiting for Approval' as its value does not display the approver's name for the workflow driven renderer approach The 'Waiting for Approval' stage value does not display the approver's name in the RITM form.

Asset Management


sys_choice records are automatically deleted after the instance upgrade
  1. Create a record in the sys_choice_set table. The table is 'alm_hardware' and the element name is 'acquisition method'.
  2. Create some choices in that record.
  3. Upgrade the instance.

After the upgrade, the sys_choice_set record is deleted by the upgrade process.



Semaphore exhausted and high instance response time High memory usage for SAML guest sessions.

Change Management


The 'Revert To New' UI action does not work properly if the workflow of the change request has been changed
  1. Create a normal change and move it to the assess state.
  2. Change the workflow of the normal change and publish it again.
  3. Navigate to the change created in step 2 and click the UI action Revert to New.

Expected behavior: The change request should be moved to the 'New' state.

Actual behavior: The change request is moved to the 'Scheduled' state.

Cloud Management Application


'Related Lists' do not appear by default for the VMware datacenter, but do appear for AWS and Azure
  1. Navigate to
  2. Open one VMware region record and one AWS region in two tabs.
  3. Compare both regions.

Expected behavior: UI view should be consistent for all datacenters. All the datacenters should display 'Related Lists' by default.

Actual behavior: 'Related Lists' do not appear by default for the VMware datacenter, but do appear for AWS and Azure.

Cloud Management Application


During the upgrade, certain update is skipped with an error

Cloud Management Application


The compute with the storage provision fails in the parallel orchestration
  1. Create the compute with the storage blueprint.
  2. Drag and drop graphs in the following order: Storage Volume, Virtual Server, and Datacenter resources.
  3. The blueprint should provision VM, Volume, and Attach.
  4. Publish the catalog and order.

Expected behavior: The compute with the storage should work properly in the parallel orchestration.

Actual behavior: The compute with the storage provision in the parallel orchestration sometimes fails.

Cloud Management Application


The initial load of the form makes two distinctive calls to the server, but it should be only one call
  1. Navigate to the User Portal > Launch Stack.
  2. Launch any stack (cat item).

The page loads more slowly than expected.

Cloud Management Application


JavaScript errors occur when clicking the requested item after the order submission
  1. Make a cloud cat item visible on the Service Portal.
  2. Submit the order.
  3. Click the requested item.
  4. Click to order the item.

JavaScript errors are thrown.

Cloud Management Application


The blueprint form parameter UI datatype does not show the list collector as a UI option There is no option for 'List collector' in the UI data type list. It should be inherently supported by the catalog item.
  1. Create a VM on an AWS blueprint.
  2. Publish the catalog.
  3. Navigate to the form and select the 'Application' field.
  4. In the data source, choose 'Reference'.

The UI data type also shows up as 'Reference'. The list collector does not show up as expected. The catalog form in the user portal should have allowed multiple items to be selected.

Cloud Management Application


The VM provision on Azure fails with an error "Virtual Server.Azure_Create_ Node_Creds_and_Associate _to_Mgmt_Creds_Response_Processor"
  1. Navigate to the Cloud Admin Portal.
  2. Set up the required data to provision the VM on Azure.
  3. Provision the VM from the User Portal.

The VM provision on Azure fails.

Cloud Management Application


Cloud scripts are not exported as part of the blueprint The cloud script dependency does not show up to export.

Cloud Management Application


Errors occur on the stack item in the Cloud User Portal A JavaScript error is thrown 'Cannot read property 'length' from null.'

Cloud Management Application


If the logical datacenter CI has multiple "Hosted On" relationships, the cloud account is not able to read the correct service account on which an LDC is hosted
  1. Set up an Amazon cloud account and add "us-west-1" ldc to it.
  2. Create a "Hosted on::Hosts" metadata relationship between cmdb_ci_logical_datacenter and another CI.

    This should be similar to the relationship that exists between a service account and ldc.

  3. Set up an instance of this relationship in cmdb_rel_ci , between us-west-1 and the CI.

    Make sure there is another similar relationship between us-west-1 and the service account.

  4. Place an order on us-west-1.

It exits with an NPE since a service account could not be read. The label for the service account in the cloud account screen is also empty.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Incorrect totals due to CIs having the domain value as 'global' with trailing spaces In some instances, CIs in the global domain can have sys_domain as 'global' or 32 byte string 'global' with trailing spaces. This impacts the score calculation for the relationship dashboard.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Some OOB suggested relations are missing a child or parent relationship to form a pair The CI relationship type and suggested relationships are incomplete. A few entries are not in pairs, either the parent or child is missing.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The first_discovered field does not get populated for existing CIs upon the first discovery The first_discovered field does not get populated for existing CIs upon the discovery. If the user has manually created CIs that are discovered, the first_discovered field is still empty after the discovery.
  1. Activate the Discovery plugin.
  2. Set up a MID Server.
  3. Discover any CI.
  4. Remove the first_discovered field.
  5. Re-discover the same CI.

Expected behavior: The field is populated with the discovery run date.

Actual behavior: The field does not get populated.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Duplicate suggested relationships can be added if the relationship type is invalid

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The identification simulation module causes the browser to become unresponsive The page can be stuck, showing the " does not respond due to a long-running script." message, and sometimes the browser shuts down.
  1. Log into the instance in IE11.
  2. In the filter navigator, navigate to Configuration > Identification/Reconciliation > Identification Simulation.

Expected behavior: The instance and browser should not be stuck.

Actual behavior: The page and browser are stuck for a while showing an error message, and sometimes the browser shuts down.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The CI relationship is not populating in the flat layout in assets related items
  1. Log in as an admin user.
  2. Navigate to Software > Asset License Entitlements > Open a record. For example, open the 'MacBook Air 13' record.
  3. Check in the related items list at the bottom.

    No CI is displayed in the flat layout.

When changed to the tree layout, the CI gets populated in the upstream and downstream relationships, which is inconsistent.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The relations for the CI are prevented from being edited Several characters get cropped from the front of the sys_id of the relationship type, which prevents relations for the CI being edited. This can happen when "Save and Exit" ends up being clicked multiple times due to the slowness of the form to close.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The duplicate resolver whitelist table breaks in the upgrade due to the long name Duplicate tasks get created when a task is in the closed complete state and the duplicates are not resolved.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Errors occur in the CI Class Manager UI CI duplicate remediator UI elements do not load correctly.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


On Windows, the modal for the inclusion rule continually closes when the user chooses an option in the dropdown in Chrome When attempting to add an inclusion rule, the modal disappears when choosing an option in the condition builder.
  1. On a windows machine, open Chrome.
  2. Navigate to CI Class Manager.
  3. Select any class.
  4. Navigate to the Identification Rule section.
  5. Click the add button under Inclusion Rule (Advanced).
  6. Choose Operational Status.
  7. In the center dropdown, choose anything other than 'is'.

Notice the modal closes.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The query builder query execution turns on the verbose query tracing The QBTableUtil class turns on the verbose query tracing unconditionally.
  1. Navigate to the CMDB query builder.
  2. Create a query. The only requirement is that the query should return some results (> 0 rows).
  3. Click Run to execute the saved query.
  4. Execute the following statement on the same node using scripts-background.


The result prints "true" which indicates that the tracing is on for that node.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The CI relations formatter on CMDB CI forms ignores the dictionary display field and displays CI 'name' values If another field is set as the display field in the CMDB table's dictionary, the 'name' field continues to be used for the display value of related CIs in the upstream and downstream relationships.



Currency and price fields marked as read-only are saved incorrectly in the session currency Currency and price fields marked as read-only at the field definition level are saved incorrectly in the session currency. Also, values may be multiplied if the user locale uses a different decimal separator. For example, the amount can be multiplied by 100 or 1000.



The docker pattern fails on HD There is a discovery log entry "Failed Exploring CI Pattern, Pattern name: Docker Pattern, To Check Pattern Log Press Here."



DNS resolution failures on SFTP imports cause the worker thread to be unresponsive The instance does not send any emails or processing import jobs. Email diagnostics fail with inbound and outbound issues.



Cloud HD discovery: An error is returned instead of an explicit message When there are no resources found under a given LDC, an error message is returned instead of an information message stating "no resources were found under LDC."



The device history is deleted when there are multiple main CIs
  1. Create a discovery schedule.
  2. Define a pattern with more than one host.

All the discovery device histories are deleted.



Wrong pattern input parameters records are taken if more than one discovery schedules uses the same pattern



Updates to storage volume CIs cause warnings from StorageDataSize Updating a storage volume can cause a warning. This is because the 'size' calculated field uses StorageDataSize to convert 'size_bytes' to a string value.



While running the schedule discovery on the network switch, an error occurs in the discovery log related to the sensor
  1. Run the schedule discovery to "Network Stacked Switch 29xx series sn14c Yan".
  2. Wait until the discovery finishes.

Check the discovery log and look for the sensor error.



The filter of endpoint CIs needs to be disabled from the horizontal discovery implementation

Domain Support



Importing domain records with invalid data should not be allowed When importing domains from one instance to another, the domain records should not be allowed to contain invalid data. If the records contain invalid data, such as an invalid domain path or code, errors are thrown when running the domain validation after the import of XML data.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Domain Support


Importing domain records without the parent domain record results in a null or invalid domain path All the data records belonging to the domain cannot be retrieved by users belonging to these domains.

Edge Encryption


Auto AHA transfers leave four edge proxies in an unresponsive state



Inbound email addresses which contain quotes are discarded, and not stored into its relevant email fields (recipient, copied, etc.) A percentage of inbound emails are not processed correctly due to unrecognized email addresses. This appears to be where apostrophes/quotes are used around an email address.

Event Management


After the upgrade/insertion, the field is truncated and events are not processed Issues occur with the event rule created that has a long data stored in the additional_info_filter field. After the upgrade, the field is truncated and contains the invalid JSON value. As a result, the rule cannot be opened and the event processing fails with an exception.

Event Management


Issues with the MID Server retry bulk event sender The MID Server event queuing in case of network failures does not work.

Event Management


Issues occur when running more than one Groovy connectors on the same MID Server SCOM connectors are stuck in the "running" state and have the "Fail" status. 'Running' is a field that can be added to the connector instances form,

Event Management



The OMI connector does not create events on the em_event table
  1. Create an OMI connector. For more information, see the product documentation topic Configure event collection from HP OMi.
  2. Test the connector.

Note that the test works but no event is created.

Event Management


The table layout should be changed to include the CI class The node license count should be changed to handle other CIs as non-licensable.

Event Management


The new self-health monitor template is not detailed enough

Field Service Management



On the Central Dispatch page, no agents are available for dispatching the work order task If the Use agent or task scheduling option in the Assignment tab of the Field Service configuration is not enabled, no agents are available under the Team tab on the Central Dispatch page.
  1. Log in as a user with the WM Dispatcher role.
  2. Go to the Central Dispatch page.
  3. Check that agents are available under the Team section for dispatching the work order task.
  4. Impersonate an admin user and navigate to the Field Service > Administration > Configuration.
  5. Go to the Assignment tab and disable the Use agent or task scheduling option.
  6. Impersonate as a user with the WM Dispatcher role and go to the Central Dispatch page.

Nothing is listed under the Team tab.

Field Service Management


The Appointment Booking plugin provides the incorrect schema for sm_order and sm_task tables

If a user installs the Appointment Booking plugin before the Service Management Core plugin, the 'sm_order' and 'sm_task' tables are created with the incorrect schema.

Other plugins, such as the Facilities Service Management plugin, cannot extend the table from 'task' in a "Global" scope, and the table is still in the Appointment Booking application scope.

  1. Start with an instance that does not have either the Service Management Core or the Appointment Booking plugin installed.
  2. Install the Appointment Booking plugin.
  3. Install the Service Management Core plugin.
  4. Install the Facilities Service Management plugin.

Tables created with the Facilities Service Management plugin are created without fields provided by 'task'. You can also see that 'sm_order' and 'sm_task' do not extend 'task', and are in the "Appointment Booking Application" scope.

Flow Designer



The flow is unresponsive with the "Unable to deserialize process plan from JSON" exception When running the flow contains the REST action which retrieves a large size of data, the flow unresponsive with the "unable to deserialize process plan from JSON" exception.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Forms and Fields


The ElementTree control does not show glide_list elements as being selectable
  1. Create a workflow on the task.
  2. Add the 'Approval - User' activity.
  3. Click the lock icon next to the Users field.
  4. Click Select Fields to add fields to the list.

Note that 'Additional assignee list' is not available.

Forms and Fields


A JavaScript error occurs when users navigate away from the form Intermittent JavaScript errors "TypeError: uncaught exception " occur when users navigate away from any form. This causes ATF tests to fail randomly.

Human Resources


The KB knowledge base does not entertain the HR criteria The execute operation on the script include hr_Criteria from the 'Global' scope is denied because the source cannot be found.

Knowledge Management



Unable to view articles when the page is made public When both the Knowledge Management Advanced Installer and Customer Service Portal plugins are activated, setting kb_view and kb_article_view pages to public to make articles from knowledge bases without any user criteria accessible does not work. An error message "Knowledge record not found" is displayed.
  1. Log in as an admin.
  2. Navigate to Knowledge > Knowledge bases and click New.
  3. Create a knowledge base without any user criteria.
  4. Create and publish a new article in the new knowledge base.
  5. Activate the Knowledge Management - Service Portal plugin.
  6. Navigate to Service Portal > Pages.
  7. Set public = true for the kb_article_view page.
  8. Go to instance/kb and navigate to the article.
  9. Copy the URL and paste it in a new browser window.

    Check that the article is visible.

  10. Go to instance/$ and navigate to the article.
  11. Copy the URL and paste it into a new browser window.

    Check that the article is visible.

  12. Activate both the Knowledge Management Advanced Installer and Customer Service Portal plugins.

The articles are not visible to the public and the 'knowledge record not found' error message is displayed.



When a variable is added, only the first row of data is returned in the report

A subset of variable types do not load their values in their column in a list report after refreshing if glide.ui.optimize.lists or glide.ui.list.optimize is set to false.

To activate the fix for this PRB, set the property com.glide.script.expressions. rewrite_variables to true.

List v2



Clicking All in a breadcrumb from a reference field has no effect After typing a few characters into a reference field and using the magnifying glass to run a query, it is not possible to modify the breadcrumbs in the resulting list more widely.
  1. Go to a reference field on a form. For example, navigate to Incident > Open and select an incident.
  2. In any reference field, for example, the Caller field, type a couple of characters.
  3. Click the reference lookup (the magnifying glass) icon.

    A list of users whose name starts with "a" is displayed.

  4. Try to expand the breadcrumbs to find a wider audience.

    The filter does not change.

You are limited to the initial query that was run for the list.

MID Server


The file stream 'put' does not check for the server confirmation when the transfer complete When SCP sends a file from a stream to the host server, it does not report the result code (success/warn/error) from the server.

MID Server


Multiple MID Servers should not be allowed with the same name MID Servers from using the same name are not prevented when connecting to the same instance. When this happens, it causes multiple input records for each output record.

MID Server


SCP file stream 'put' can result in the truncated file on the remote host

MID Server


The SCPCommand probe fails near the end of the transfer when transferring the file to the target When the transfer fails, the ECC input record has an error "Could not perform put. Exited with following status: Ready for data transfer", and the MID log has an error "Premature end of file while reading /var/folders/<snip'd>."

MID Server


The SSHCommand probe hides the detailed error information The message "SSHCommand: null" is thrown in the discovery log, rather than the real exception name NullPointerException and a stack trace.
  1. Set the sys_property glide.soap.omit_null_values to true.
  2. Run a discovery which uses sudo through the SSHCommand probe.

Expected behavior: The discovery log contains a NullPointerException and a stack trace nested inside.

Actual behavior: The discovery log contains "SSHCommand: null" with no exception info.

MID Server


The order of creating a MID Server record should be changed in "" before running start services

On-call Scheduling


The new On-Call Schedule menu item loads rather slowly Performance degradation of On-Call Schedules are caused where roster_schedule_spans (time off/coverage) exceeds 1000 records.

On-call Scheduling


The daily rotation skips rosters on the Monday to Friday rotation Updating the "To" date in the Rota Roster causes blank dates in the On-Call Schedule.

Operational Intelligence


The anomaly score does not come down even after data points are within bounds The anomaly score does not come down because the latest model is not synchronized to the MID Server.



MSSQL does not filter out the management ports from the MSSQL process



Issues occur with load balancers and the identification pattern continues to fail An error is displayed on the load balancer discovery 'The number of rows in the table has reached the maximum limit of 20,000.'
  1. Run the business service with an LTM that runs SSH commands to get the connection information.
  2. Check in the discovery log.



The new connections section is not created on the web logic pattern The new connections "Create module connectivity for Unix if empty" section should be created on the web logic pattern.

Performance Analytics


The unexpected string JSON error message appears in the Text Analytics widget The red error message with the text "unexpected string JSON" appears when the Text Analytics widget is refreshed.

Performance Analytics



On domain-separated instances, Performance Analytics collection jobs do not collect scores per the breakdown element On domain-separated instances, Performance Analytics collection jobs do not use the sys_choice breakdown elements defined on a parent domain only. As a result, scores are not collected per the breakdown element.
  1. Activate the Performance Analytics - Premium plugin and the Domain Support - Domain Extensions Installer plugin.
  2. Establish a domain structure with a parent and a child domain.
  3. Establish a Performance Analytics user on the child domain.
  4. Create new state choices. For example, for sc_req_item.task on the parent domain only.
  5. Create a few requested items on the child domain.
  6. Establish the following Performance Analytics setup in the global domain:
    • Breakdown Source based on the sys_choice table with active records only for sc_req_item.state
    • Breakdown mapped to sc_req_item.state
    • Indicator Source and Indicator based on the sc_req_item table
    • Collection Job with 'Run As the newly created user'
  7. Run the collection job.

The score's element column is empty. In the database, the element column shows 'unmatched'.

Performance Analytics


Characters of the Performance Analytics indicator description are shown as HTML entities on the dashboard A widget of type list (scorecard or spider visualization) with an indicator containing an ampersand '&' shows as '&amp' in the indicator name.




Unintentional in-app clone may corrupt sys_storage_alias and sys_storage_table_alias data in an Oracle instance In an Oracle instance, an in-app clone can launch unintentionally if an instance fails to contact the server to schedule a backup-based clone. The backup-based clone can be manually fixed, but data can be lost if an unexpected in-app clone is launched after that.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



The left join optimization generates a StackOverflow error on certain queries Given certain types of queries generated by database views, the left join optimization enters an infinite recursion and eventually generates a StackOverflow error.

Project Management


In the planning console print, the weekend notification color and milestone are not displayed In the print, additional assignees icons do not display and headers overlap.

Project Management


Importing project tasks changes the project state to the "Pending" state When importing project tasks through Microsoft Project Plan (MPP) or creating project tasks to a project whose state is 'work in progress', It changes the state of the project back to the 'Pending' state.

Scheduled Job Processing


Session properties persist on scheduler threads indefinitely

If a session property is changed on a scheduler thread, such as through a script in a synchronized business rule or a scheduled script execution, this session property is set indefinitely on that scheduler thread's session until it is changed again or the node is restarted.

This means that every job or operation running through that thread inherits its session properties. For example, if the sys_update_set property is set, all future updates generated on that thread are recorded in the update set referenced by the property. This can result in updates appearing in seemingly random update sets from scheduled jobs, async business rules, etc.

Security Access Control Lists


ITIL users are no longer able to update the sc_task.state field Activating the Cloud Management plugin introduces a write ACL on sc_task.state, which unexpectedly restricts the access for ITIL users.

Service Analytics


MID Server fails when a metric type is made inactive or lots of entries in sa_metric_map are deleted Users make the metric type inactive to stop the data collection for a metric type. However, metric map entries get marked as inactive and need to sync with the MID Server. As part of this process, MID Server fails. Deleting many entries from sa_metric_map can also cause the MID Server to fail.

Service Analytics


The Node field (or the host name) should be added on sa_metric_map The node name should be shown as the tooltip. Also, when searching for the items, the name of the node should be shown as part of search results.

Service Analytics


ClassDefNotFoundError in the case connector starts before the extension runs An exception occurs if the connector makes call to MetricFactory and extension or the ignite is not set up.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Catalog client scripts for order guides do not work in the Service Portal

Catalog client scripts on order guides do not work in the Service Portal. There is no issue in the back-office native UI when clicking Try It on the order guide.

Service Catalog



Hovering over the icon for previewing the catalog item makes the popup to stay
  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog.
  2. Click Add Content and add the catalog items from any category to the catalog_home page.
  3. Keep hovering over the icons for the catalog items.

The popup stays and does not close. You have to reload the page again.

Service Catalog


CartJS.orderNow and other functions to submit orders generate errors A java.lang.NullPointerException error is thrown when trying to order items using the CartJS scoped API.

Service Mapping


On some Solaris systems, the Service Mapping fails to discover the process listening on the port

Service Mapping


Cannot open the debug session for OOTB patterns on the specific domain from the Service Mapping topology map Once the user modifies a global pattern, a new record (with a new sys_id) for this pattern is created on the specific domain. The sys_id of the original pattern is kept in the field sys_override and metadata_id, as well as inside the pattern's NDL (by design). The link opened by clicking Debug uses the original pattern's ID, even though the actual sys_id is different.
  1. In a domain separated environment, log in as a domain user.
  2. Modify some patterns (for example: Apache on Unix), save and publish. Make sure that it is on the specific domain.
  3. Run discovery on the service that uses this pattern.
  4. Once done, open the discovery log of the Apache node.
  5. Click into the identification section, and then click Debug.

    The designer window is empty.

If you repeat the steps after removing the domain specific pattern, this works as expected.

Service Mapping


Route53 to LB does not function in a certain scenario

Service Mapping


Add '&' to the invalid chars for the pattern name creation When adding the new pattern with a name that contains '&', the pattern is not synchronized to the MID Server.

Service Mapping


'HashMap' should be retired instead of List<HashMap> VerticalFile parsing should return Table instead of HashMap.

Service Mapping


Wrong serial numbers when running HD

Service Mapping


The Solaris server fails due to ChassisSerialNumber 'unknown' The horizontal discover pattern "Solaris Server" fails due to ChassisSerialNumber 'unknown'.

Service Portal


Unable to approve the new user record after activating the E-signature plugin com.glide.e_signature_approvals
  1. Activate the E-signature plugin com.glide.e_signature_approvals in a Customer Service Management instance.
  2. Register as a new user.
  3. Log in as an admin and try to approve the record from the Customer Service Management portal.

Unable to approve the new user record after activating the E-signature plugin com.glide.e_signature_approvals.

Service Portal


The business rule run from the Service Portal on a custom scoped application does not honor the current object The current object has an unexpected reference before business rules when a new record is inserted through the server side UI action logic.

Service Portal



The Service Catalog Service Portal plugin must not be activated before the Core Service Portal plugin The incorrect order of the Service Portal plugin activation causes missing pages/widgets, dependencies, and route maps.
  1. Upgrade an instance from Helsinki to Kingston so it does not have the com.glide.service-portal plugin active.
  2. Activate the Service Portal - Service Catalog V2 plugin, which automatically activates the Service Portal - Service Catalog plugin.

    Note that the Service Portal for the Enterprise Service Management plugin that depends on the Service Portal - Core plugin has not been activated.

  3. Activate the Service Portal for the Enterprise Service Management plugin.

Survey Management



Records of assessment template and assessment template definition tables are missing even though the list count shows the correct number An obvious difference is observed of the number of records in sys_metadata records as opposed to the listview per tables.
  1. Log into a non-upgraded instance from an earlier release (Helsinki, Istanbul, Jakarta).
  2. Make a note of the number of records in asmt_template_definition.list.
  3. Upgrade that instance to an early Kingston patch.
  4. Check the asmt_template_definition.list and observe missing records.
  5. In a Kingston patch 2 instance, navigate to sys_metadata and set class > is > (either of the 2 tables classes that are affected) and take note of the number of records.
  6. Navigate to the listview of either of the tables and take note of the number of records.

Notice an obvious difference in sys_metadata records as opposed to the list view per tables.

UI Policy/Client Script



UI policies and client scripts on the Form widget are not honoured when the form is saved After the form is saved, the client script is not executed, and the alert box is not displayed when reloaded.
  1. Create a UI policy on the Problem table with the following settings:
    • Global and onload checked
    • Uncheck Reverse if false
  2. Create a UI policy action with the following settings:
    • Field name: Short Description
    • Visible: false
    • Mandatory: leave alone
    • Read Only: leave alone
  3. Access this link on the Service Portal to create a new problem:


    Observe that the Short Description field is hidden.

  4. Fill in the mandatory fields and click Save.

After the form is saved, 'Short Description' still appears without honouring the UI policy.

Update Sets


Retrieved batched update sets are missing a parent value when the property glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows is set true A query condition in the source code is responsible for building retrieved update set hierarchies which incorrectly filter for a 'source' field. The field should be 'update_source'. This results in an invalid query. If the system property glide.invalid_query.returns_ no_rows is set true, the query returns no results and the hierarchy is not be built.

Update Sets


Backing out an update set can lead to unexpected results if glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows is set true

Completing the update set and backing it out cause the sys_script record to be deleted.

Usage Analytics


Count persistors fail when they query scoped app tables with no cross scope privileges Count persistor jobs fail when they query scoped app tables (with no cross scope privileges), as they run in the global scope.

Usage Analytics


When a count_cfg needs to be executed in a scope, the execution happens in the global scope and returns incorrect results

After running the count persistor, the correct scope is not being passed into the Java classes that run the definition.

The API used to switch the scope in UAScriptedDefn does not work consistently.

Usage Analytics


Millions of records in the scheduled job are in the "Ready" state Deactivated scheduled jobs and reports are still triggered and not processed, which causes the app usage scores in the memory to exceed the default limit.

Usage Analytics


Entitled HR scoped app tables are hidden after an upgrade When an instance is upgraded from Istanbul (where there are no entitlements on the instance) to J or K (where entitlements allow and disallow view/access of entitlement tables within the scoped app), entitled tables are hidden.

Web Services


Requesting sys_user WSDL causes the instance to run out of memory Requesting a WSDL for sys_user in a browser can cause the instance to run out of memory when the property glide.web_service.hierarchical is set true.




The null pointer exception occurs when stage_state is empty when trying to load RITM The form view does not load completely for a record that meets the following conditions:
  • Multiple parent workflow contexts are attached.
  • At least one of those contexts has a stage_state that is empty.
  • At least one of those contexts uses the "Main flow" or "Simple Progress Bar" renderer.
  1. Create the glide.web_service.hierarchical system property and set it to true.
  2. Try to generate the WSDL through https://<instance>/

Note memory issues occur.

Other Kingston Patch 7 information

Add a guided tour

You can review tour failures from the Guided Tours Overview page. These failures can provide insights into which users experience problems with the tour, on which step the tour failed, and what the error message was. You can then use this information to troubleshoot and resolve issues as needed

Enable social Q&A for a knowledge base, Knowledge Management release notes

You can set the limit for the number of times users can post questions, answers, and comments, or subscribe to the questions using the Knowledge Social Q&A properties.

Financial Planning, Financial Management release notes
  • Beginning with Kingston Patch 7, Financial Planning is only for Portfolio Planning.
  • If you are using the legacy Financial Planning module for corporate, cost center, department, or business unit-based budgeting, then continue to use the same. Nevertheless, if you have already upgraded from any release prior to Kingston to any release until Kingston Patch 6, contact ServiceNow Support.
Guided tour advice
An example is added to instruct users to see field label options.
Match a condition

You can use variables in the discovery message. For example, you can enter the following text:

The discovery was stopped due to the following error: $error.

Review solution coverage, distribution, and precision statistics

If you are satisfied with the solution you have reviewed, it will already be active and ready to use if it is the latest version. If you are not satisfied, you can choose a different version of the solution and make it active. You could also tune the solution by configuring the class precision and coverage to use acceptable values.

Additional email properties
A new property has been added:
Knowledge Social Q&A properties
The system administrator can set the limit for the number of times users can ask, answer, or subscribe to Social Q&A questions, or comment on the questions and answers using the Social Q&A system properties.
Display approvers in workflow stage fields
Enable workflow stage fields to display approvers, change the number of approvers to display, or disable displaying approvers.

Fixes included with Kingston Patch 7

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.