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Kingston Patch 4

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Kingston Patch 4

The Kingston Patch 4 release contains fixes to these problems.

Kingston Patch 4 was released on April 5, 2018.
Build date: 03-30-2018_1938
Build tag: glide-kingston-10-17-2017__patch4-03-21-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Kingston.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Kingston fixed problems, see KB0623762.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related fixes

Kingston Patch 4 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Kingston Patch 4, refer to KB0683279.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce




Data loss can occur when committing an update set that creates a unique index on a shared storage alias containing non-unique values When an update set is committed that creates a unique index on a column that uses a shared storage alias, records for other tables using the same storage alias and containing duplicate values for it are lost.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog



Excessive size of the Service Catalog question cache causes high memory usage issue

This issue is data-dependent and occurs when the Question table has 500 or more entries.



Email client is no longer showing uploaded attachments for non-admin users In the Kingston release, when a non-admin user who has access to the Email Client uploads an attachment to the Email Client, the attachment is correctly attached to the email, but it is not shown in the email client itself.
  1. Open the incident form with a ITIL user with no admin roles.
  2. Open the Email Client.
  3. Add an attachment.

The attachment does not reflect on the email client once it has been uploaded. The attachment is present and properly attached to the email and will be sent when 'send' is pressed. However, a non-admin user will not know that because they cannot see it on the email client.




Reports do not render properly for users with a user ID that is longer than 40 characters

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Core Platform



Reference qualifier search and sort produce different results in non-English languages
Important: This problem applies to platform reference fields only. PRB687400 will not address any issues that may or may not exist with catalog variables of type Reference.

In Jakarta and Kingston: Reference field autocompleter text is not taken into account. The reference qualifiers are not applied when the session language is other than English and the display value is translated.

  1. Log in as administrator.
  2. Install any language plugin, for example, I18N: French - Canada Translations.
  3. Modify the new_call.request_item Reference Qual condition with the following conditions:
    • Active is True
    • Class is Catalog Item
  4. Open a new_call Record.
  5. Change the Call type to Request.
  6. In the Request Item field, type *a.

    Note that the first available item is Active Clones, which matches the criteria as it is a Catalog Item class.

  7. Switch the language to French-Canadian.
  8. Open a new_call Record.
  9. Change the Call type Type d'appel to Request Demande.
  10. In the Request Item field, type *a.

Note that the first available item is Absence autorisée, Leave of absence, which should not appear because its class is Record Producer.

Service Catalog



UI policies on list collector variables do not work, which causes the RITM form to break When there is a UI policy applied on a list collector variable on a catalog item, when viewed in the RITM record, the form breaks. The list collector displays as 'Loading.'

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog



Mandatory variables are not becoming not mandatory when using UI Policies, which causes issues when trying to close a RITM or task If there is a catalog item with a UI policy associated with it and the UI policy is used to make a variable not mandatory and not visible based on a condition on the catalog view, errors display when the item is ordered. At the RITM or Task level, an error is seen if any changes are made to the forms, for example, adding a work note. An error message is displayed stating that the variable that was hidden and made not mandatory via a UI policy is not populated.
  1. Create a test catalog item in a subprod Kingston instance.
  2. Within that test catalog item, create three variables: two single-line and one checkbox variable.
  3. Create a UI Policy for that catalog item.
  4. Within the UI Policy, include the condition that states If checkbox is true.
  5. Set the Applies on a Catalog item view, Applies on Catalog Tasks and Applies on Requested Items checkboxes to true.
  6. In the Catalog UI Policy Actions add one action for each of the single line text variables.
  7. For one of the single-line text variables, set the Mandatory and Visible values to true.
  8. For the other single-line text variable, set the Mandatory and Visible values to false.
  9. Save the UI Policy.
  10. Order the test catalog item and go to the RITM.
  11. Try to add something to the work notes and press save.

An error is displayed that says to fill in the mandatory variable that was set to false using the UI Policy.

Service Catalog



If the Cascade Variables option is checked for an order guide, when submitting a catalog item via the order guide, mandatory variables do not have the default value displayed This issue only occurs if Cascade Variables is checked on the order guide settings. Once this option is unchecked, mandatory variables work as expected.
  1. Create a catalog item and add a few variables.
  2. Set a variable as mandatory.
  3. Set a default value for the variable.
  4. Create an order guide, and click on the Rule base tab to add the catalog item you just created.
  5. Check the Cascade Variables option for the order guide.
  6. Submit the catalog item via the order guide.

The mandatory variable of the catalog item does not have the default value displayed.

All other fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Application Navigator & Banner Frame


Application menus and module titles are displaying instead of hint text in UI16 When hovering over an application module, if defined, the Hint text should be displayed. However, in UI16 on some release versions, the Title text is displayed instead. This issue does not occur in UI15.

Application Portfolio Management (APM)


Filters are not working on APM PA Dashboards
  1. Navigate to Application 360 > Application Assessments PA dashboards.
  2. Select any filter criterion related to Application Category, Portfolio, Business Process.

The screen is refreshed, but the data does not change when different filters are applied.

Cloud Management Application


Policy UI Issue: Improper error message when importing policy without the group
  1. Create a policy group and name it Lease group.
  2. Create a lease policy and name it Test Lease.
  3. Export the lease policy.
  4. Import the lease policy to a target instance.

There is an error in the target instance, since there is no policy group. The error message is "Object not found", which confuses the user because it does not say that the group was not found.

Cloud Management Application


The Cloud Orchestration Trail Payload, which goes into the identification engine, should have meaningful message When something fails, the trail does not have enough data from the IRE engine. The lack of information makes it difficult for operators to debug and determine root causes of issues.

Cloud Management Application


Policy > Catalog Item Launch > Catalog Item Selection popup does not display the blueprint name associated with the catalog Catalog item names for operations are the same across blueprints, and it can be difficult to distinguish catalogs.

Cloud Management Application


Profile description field cannot be updated
  1. Activate the Cloud Management ( plugin.
  2. Navigate to /
  3. Insert a record from either the form or list, but only fill in the Name field.

Once the record is inserted, the description field cannot be updated.

Cloud Management Application


Stack operations are not visible when user navigates to the stack using Search
  1. Submit a simple order, such as a VM provision.
  2. When order is completed and the stack is ready, search for that stack.
  3. Using the search bar, open the stack.

The user cannot see lifecycle operations for the stack. To see the lifecycle operations, the user has to click on any resource on a left side.

Cloud Management Application


The cloud formation template always shows the 'Additional Parameter' variable

Cloud Management Application


The policy rule action needs help text to explain how to use expressions to get form data

Cloud Management Application


Azure discovery, alerts, and provisioning: OS and data disk should be stored in storage volumes
  1. Activate the Cloud Management plugin.
  2. Provision a VM.
  3. Check the VM instance table (cmbd_ci_vm_instance) for CI relations information.

    The relations are correct after the VM was provisioned.

  4. Discover an Azure cloud account.
  5. Go to cmbd_ci_vm_instance table and check the CI relations information.

Storage mapping information is inserted in to the storage volume table, even though there is no volume attachment operation during the VM provision.

Cloud Management Application


Templates: The relationship between templates and LDC should be created automatically

Customers who use VMware provider usually prefer to create their own hardware template. After creating the template, the user has to manually create a relationship between the LDC and the hardware template, which can be challenging.

When a template is manually created, the relationship between the LDC and the hardware template should be created automatically.

Cloud Management Application


CloudUserPortal: Aspect ratio of catalog images is incorrect in the user portal's catalog item page
  1. Create a catalog item with an image.
  2. Navigate to the cloud user portal.
  3. Click Launch a Stack > Launch.

The catalog image aspect ratio is incorrect on the catalog item page.

Cloud Management Application


Export/Import - Form rules are not working after blueprint import After blueprints are imported, form rules do not work as expected.

Cloud Management Application


Default values set for any parameter in ARM/CFT templates only takes 100 characters When imported from an ARM template, the default value for the catalog property gets truncated to 100 characters.
  1. Import an ARM template with a parameter with the default value of more than 100 characters.
  2. Create a catalog item for the imported template in step 1.
  3. Open the order form.

The string in step 1 is truncated to 100 characters.

Cloud Management Application


Stack Resource Operation policy is not applied for resource-level lifecycle operations
  1. Navigate to the cloud admin portal, and click the Policy module.
  2. Create a new policy.
  3. Choose the stack resource operation policy.
  4. Choose the resource block virtual server.
  5. Set the rule and action.
  6. Order a VM on AWS blueprint.
  7. Once completed, navigate to Resources and choose the created node.
  8. Run a lifecycle operation.

The policy is not applied, and the request is not sent for approval.

Cloud Management Application


When a volume is attached to a VN, the IP address is returned as null in the expression
  1. Activate the Cloud Management plugin.
  2. Create a blueprint to attach a volume to a VM.
  3. Execute the script.
  4. Generate a catalog item.
  5. Provision the catalog item with proper data.

Script execution fails with a No host found error.

Cloud Management Application


Details are missing in OS and compute profiles
  1. Navigate to the OS or Compute Profile screen.
  2. Open any profile.
  3. Enter a new input.

When the user opens a template lookup, the OS and Hardware templates tables are missing key details that the user would expect.

Cloud Management Application


AWS billing CSV rows with a negative cost or a missing RecordId are improperly skipped

If a billing download from AWS includes rows that have no RecordId, a row validity check will skip the rows, even if they are valid rows that need to be included. In addition, if there are rows with a negative blended and unblended cost, they will also be skipped because the threshold check (e.g. "less than 0.00000001") holds true for all negative numbers.

Rows with the above characteristics can often represent large adjustments to the bill, with cause the total to be thrown off significantly if they are left out.

  1. On a AWS s3 bucket, have a file with no record ID.
  2. Start a billing download for AWS.
  3. Analyze the billing data.

Rows with no record IDs are skipped.

Cloud Management Application


VMware discovery: Discovered port groups are not available in cloud account UI
  1. Activate the Cloud Management plugin.
  2. Create a VMware cloud account.
  3. Run discovery.
  4. After the discovery is completed, check the cmdb_ci_network table.

    Discovered port groups are listed as networks.

  5. Check the cloud account UI for the discovered port groups.

Discovered port groups are not available in the cloud account UI.

Cloud Management Application


If a blueprint is already open, the user cannot click Blueprints to get back to the Blueprints module
  1. From the admin portal, click Blueprints and open a blueprint.
  2. Click Blueprints again in app navigator.

The user cannot return to the Blueprints module. The only way to get back is to use the > button on the already-opened blueprint content pane, or click on another navigator item like Resource Blocks.

Cloud Management Application


The State for Cloud Network and Compute Security Group shows Available even when the stack is terminated
  1. Import an ARM template with a Network and Security Group.
  2. Create a catalog.
  3. Provision the ARM.
  4. Navigate to Stacks, and click on the stack created above.
  5. Perform a lifecycle operation, such as deprovisioning.

The states for Cloud Network and Compute Security Group shows as Available, when both states should be Terminated.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


NullPointerException can occur while creating RecordCommitterForRelation Cleanup

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Health dashboard: Orphan CI dashboard does not show any record if cmdb_rel_ci table has parent or child empty

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Upgrades retain only the first section of the Virtual Private Network [cmdb_ci_vpn] form in default view After an upgrade, only the first section of the Virtual Private Network [cmdb_ci_vpn] form is retained. Any other sections are missing from the form in Default view. The Compliance view is not affected.
  1. Log in to an Istanbul instance.
  2. Navigate to cmdb_ci_vpn.list.
  3. Click New.

    Notice the form has these 5 sections OOB: Virtual Private Network, IKE (Phase I) parameters, IPSec (Phase II) parameters, VPN implementation dates, Pre-implementation actions.

  4. Add a new section. Add several elements to the new section:
    • From the context menu, select Configure > Form Layout.
    • In the Section field, click New.
    • Fill in the Section caption with 'Test Section.'
    • To this test section, add the elements: Asset tag, Attributes.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Verify you see the Test Section and the two elements on the cmdb_ci_vpn form.
  7. Upgrade the instance to Jakarta.
  8. After the upgrade, go to cmdb_ci_vpn.list.
  9. Click New.

Expected behavior: The same sections (5 OOB sections and the added Test Section) should be displayed on the form.

Actual behavior: Only the first section, Virtual Private Network, is displayed. All other sections have been disassociated from the cmdb_ci_vpn form.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The CI dashboard shows 'Not Applicable' under the Correctness dashboard The CI dashboard shows 'Not applicable' when the orphan health inclusion rule is not satisfied.

Core Platform


When trying to export dashboards, scorecards, and reports to PDF or other formats, an error appears:"Requested attachment does not exist"

Exporting dashboards or scorecards as PDF fails when users have an Encryption Context assigned role. The export finishes almost immediately. When the user clicks Download, they are taken to "/". The following error is displayed: "Requested attachment does not exist'."

This issue also occurs with reports and other exports, such as JPG.

Core Platform


Scoped applications display the error messages "function beginningOfToday is not allowed in scope" and "endOfToday is not allowed in scope"

Core Platform



SizeAwareness size estimation is additive when ScriptableObjects are instantiated in a loop, causing the size of scriptable objects estimation to be larger than expected This can result in scripts failing with an exception in the logs. The issue occurs on Jakarta and later instances, as the Size Awareness feature was enabled in Jakarta.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Core Platform


Table API - Dot-walked fields are returned with blank values, but the request status is 200 (success)

Customer Service Management


Performance issues for OpenFrame loading

Customer Service Management


Upgrade Twilio JavaScript SDK to 1.4 When the CTI - Softphone feature was implemented, it included the latest Twilio Client SDK, which was version 1.2 at the time. However, Twilio recently deprecated v1.2, and all the connection through this version will be rejected by the Twilio server. The Twilio SDK needs to get upgraded to v1.4.



A discovery without credentials is triggered even when it is not installed This issue occurs when the MID Server is selected as the default MID Server for the Discovery application.
  1. Activate Discovery.
  2. Connect a MID Server.
  3. Select the MID Server as the default MID for the Discovery application.
  4. Create a schedule with an auto-selected MID, and provide an IP when doing quick ranges.
  5. Run the schedule.

Discovery will trigger a credential-less discovery even though it is not enabled on the instance.



Discovery schedules may not complete if there are many concurrent pattern-based discoveries to the same target machine When there are many horizontal discovery probes triggered at the same time and targeted to the same machine, there is a mechanism that delays their execution. The mechanism is based on the property controlling the number of allowed concurrent sessions. Users may encounter a situation that those ECC output messages will not be processed at all, and the discovery schedule will remain 'active'.




MID Server DefaultUdpTransportMapping thread not reused with use_getbulk use_getscalar options

When SNMP probes run with the use_getbulk or use_getscalar probe parameter set to true, the DefaultUdpTransportMapping thread will not be reused by subsequent SNMP probes with the same parameter(s). This will result in instances of this thread accumulating over time, which will eventually cause the MID Server to be unable to create new threads, requiring the MID Server to be restarted.

The OOB probes with one of the parameters enabled are:
  • SNMP - Switch - BridgePortTable
  • SNMP - Switch - ForwardingTable
  • SNMP - Switch - SpanningTreeTable

Probes without either parameter (or with the parameters, but set to false) will not have this issue. Patterns are also unaffected.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Express to Enterprise


Application menu: System notification remains INACTIVE in post-conversion instances
  • In Express instances, the Notifications module is under System Policy > Email.
  • In Enterprise instances, the Notifications module is under System Notifications > Email.

System Notifications is inactive in Express. However, once the instance is converted to Enterprise, System Notifications remains inactive when it should be active instead.

  1. Convert an Express instance to Enterprise.
  2. Once converted, type Notifications in the filter navigator.

No result is found.

Express to Enterprise


Autoclose property 'glide.ui.autoclose.time' value gets updated, which causes incidents to close prematurely during the conversion process
During a conversion from Express to Enterprise:
  1. The com.snc.bestpractice.incident plugin is executed, and it updates the value for the 'glide.ui.autoclose.time' property to 1.
  2. The plugin is executed, and it updates the value for the 'glide.ui.autoclose.time' property to 10.

Steps 1 and steps 2 are executed in the same order as defined above. The property value remains at 1 between these two steps. During this time frame, the autoclose script prematurely closes incidents.

Field Normalization


Field normalization's rollback is using the removed rollback engine Some users cannot use the rollback UI action for field normalization.

Field Service Management


An incorrect message appears in Central Dispatch on every drag-and-assign task The message is: "This task has an appointment window that is not being honored".
  1. Activate Field Services with demo data.
  2. Log in as a WM Dispatcher.
  3. Go to a central dispatch.
  4. Drag a task and try to assign it to an agent.

An error message incorrectly appears. Since the WOT from demo data does not have an appointment, the message should not show up.

Filter Builder


A customized table list does not search the choice list column properly, which affects usability
  1. Open any record in cmdb_ci table.
  2. In Related Items, click the + icon to open the Relationship editor.
  3. Add the Status column to the Configuration Items list.
  4. Click the Status header to sort it Z-A.

    Notice that there are few items with the In Stock status.

  5. Click the magnifying glass icon in the header row to search the list.
  6. Type =In Stock to search the Status column.

    No records are displayed.

  7. Replace the filter =In Stock with =6.

The number of records with the Status = In stock are returned.

The same issue occurs for the Class column. Searching for =Computer returns no results, but searching for =cmdb_ci_computer returns the results. Filtering the cmdb_ci table in the 'normal' list view works correctly.

Financial Management


Amounts are not rolled up when the segments have fiscal validity configured
  1. Create a cost model.
  2. Configure fiscal validity to those segments used in the cost model.
  3. Create an account rollup between any 2 accounts of the segments, and check the amounts rolled up.

The amount is not rolled up when the segments have a fiscal validity configured.

Financial Management


Weight maps are generated even when there is no data available for the selected fiscal period and enforce life span is enabled
  1. Enable the Enforce life span check box for any weighted metric.
  2. Generate weight maps for the above metric for any specific fiscal period. Make sure there are no records available for the selected fiscal period. Weight maps should not be generated.

Weight maps are still generated.

Financial Management


CIO Dashboard widgets no longer display data after upgrading to Kingston After upgrading from Jakarta to Kingston, CIO dashboards do not display any data.
  1. On an Istanbul instance, install the Financial Management plugin.
  2. Try loading the CIO Dashboard.
  3. Upgrade the instance to Kingston.
  4. Load the CIO Dashboard.

No data is displayed on the widgets.

Forms and Fields


Messages for the field status = Conflict on Change Requests do not always appear in the correct language A user sometimes see the Messages for the field status = Conflict on Change Requests in the wrong language. The issue is reproducible when you access a record on language a language, than you access the same record on another language. The second time you access the record, it will contain the message in the language that the record was at when it was accessed for the same time.
  1. Activate any non-English language.
  2. Navigate the change_request table and filter it with conflict status => Conflict.
  3. Open any record.

    An error message appears under conflict, since conflicts are detected.

  4. Switch language to Spanish.

The page is translated in Spanish, but the error message is not translated.



An error is produced when submitting a Security Incident Response record via the record producer

Governance, Risk and Compliance


When navigating to Audit > Engagements > Workbench, audit_workbench displays for a second and reloads to homepage When navigating to Audit > Engagements > Workbench, the audit_workbench displays for a second. Then, the page reloads to the homepage. This issue only occurs after an instance is upgraded.

Governance, Risk and Compliance



When control test is effective or ineffective, it does not change the control status

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

HTML Editor


When hovering over a question mark icon within a text field, this onscreen message is displayed ":Alt+F10 in Editor: Focus on toolbar. Escape in toolbar:"
  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Create New.
  2. On the form, near the Text field, notice the question mark icon.

Pressing the key should focus on the editor, but nothing happens.

Human Resources


Incorrect alignment on generated PDFs for HR cases from a template The right-alignment does not work for PDF generation for HR Case Management. When the PDF is generated, the text is aligned to the left.
  1. Activate the Human Resources Scoped App: Core (com.sn_hr_core) plugin with demo data.
  2. Edit the HR Document Template Employee Verification Letter in USA.
  3. Align the first line ${Date} to the right.
  4. Open any HR case that uses the 'Employment Verification Letter' HR service.
  5. Click Preview Document. You may need to impersonate the assigned_to user.

    A new window opens, and the Date is correctly aligned to the right.

  6. Click Generate on the popup.
  7. Download the PDF file and open it.

The Date is incorrectly aligned to the left.

Human Resources Service Management


Demo data trigger no longer deactivates in Kingston Changes to the OOB activity sets caused the 'demo data processing script include' to not deactivate the trigger. As a result, activity set processing is improperly completed for users that have similarities to the demo data. This issue is related to PRB947323.

Human Resources Service Management


After upgrading to Kingston, some users are unable to map variables from an HR task to an order guide request (employee onboarding)

Human Resources Service Management


HR Service Portal - Organization chart does not work in languages other than English
  1. Make sure that the 'Human Resources Scoped App: Service Portal' and 'I18N: Japanese Translations' plugins are active.
  2. On a Kingston instance, navigate to the HR portal: https://<instance-name>
  3. From the header menu, click Org Chart and select any user.

    The organization chart appears.

  4. Change the language to Japanese.
  5. Reload the organization chart window.

The chart does not show up.

Import / Export


When a report is exported into CSV, an incomplete number of records is downloaded Exporting list view and reports in the CSV format does not export all of the expected records. The same data can be exported in Excel and XML.

MID Server


MID Server fails executing SSH commands on Dropbear SSH servers

Run SSHCommand probe to execute any command to a Dropbear SSH server.




Outbound connections to Twilio through NotifyNow API do not honor glide.http.proxy_host Twilio configuration does not honor proxy setup, and calls do not reach Twilio.
  1. Activate the Notify plugin.
  2. Configure the provisioned instance, such that all requests are routed through a proxy. Set the following properties:
    • glide.http.proxy_host
    • glide.http.proxy_port
  3. Navigate to Twilio Configuration.
  4. Try to configure a Twilio account by providing SID and Auth.

The Twilio configuration does not honor the proxy setup. As a result, calls do not reach Twilio.



java.util.ConcurrentModification Exception when running JDBC custom activities When many simultaneous JDBC connections are being made, an exception is intermittently thrown.

Performance Analytics



Scrollbars on the Records and Breakdowns tabs of scorecards, are not displayed when the property 'glide.cms.enable.responsive_ grid_layout' is set to 'false'
  1. Add the glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout system property, and set the value to false.
  2. Run the [PA Incident] Historic Data Collection job.
  3. Open the Incident Management PA dashboard.
  4. On the Incident Overview tab, to open a detailed scorecard, click the chart of the Open Incidents widget. Click on a point with a high enough number (20+) of incidents in order to eventually bring up a record list that will require scrolling.
  5. Click the Records tab.

No horizontal/vertical scrollbars are displayed for the record list. Note that there is a separate vertical scrollbar, but it is for the container of the scorecard, and it will not allow you to scroll down the list entirely.

Performance Analytics



Multiple dashboard tabs show same incorrect content One or more dashboards and/or dashboard tabs show the same content.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Performance Analytics



An error on the Knowledge Management dashboard prevents widgets from being displayed On the Knowledge Management dashboard's 'Overview' tab, an error appears: "Unable to find table: homepage_grid". As a result, no widgets are displayed.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Reference variable does not show the display value in catalog items for cmdb_ci or its child table

In a Kingston instance:

  1. Create a catalog item which has a reference type variable.
  2. Point the reference of this variable to any cmdb_ci table or any child table (for example, cmdb_ci_server).
  3. Set the display value for the cmdb_ci table to Short Description.

    It automatically sets the display value for the short description on cmdb_ci_server.

  4. Go the catalog item created in step 2.
  5. Click Try It.
  6. Fill the value for the reference variable.

The short description should be shown, but the name is shown instead.

Policy and Compliance


When an attestation fails, an issue should be created Issues are not automatically created for non-compliant attestation responses.



OOB client script - 'Update Total Cost on cost change' - throws an error when calculating proc_po_item.total_cost The error is: "TypeError: value.indexOf is not a function".



The Stage (Workflow) field is not reflecting the correct value in the list view of a Transfer Order and Transfer Order line for same stockroom transfers

Project Management


For custom scoped app/teamspace, when you create a template from a project with attachments, the attachments are missing
  1. Create a scoped app extending project tables.
  2. Register the app in the team space configuration table.
  3. Create a project template for the new table.
  4. Add attachments to the template.
  5. Use the template to create a project.

Attachments are not copied from the template to the project.

Project Management


Issue with project start dates when using a project template When a project is created using a template, and if the project start date is after the template's start date, the planned end date is not calculated properly.

Service Analytics


Change default value for metric binding timeout properties The MID parameters for metric binding default timeout is too low, which causes a lot of events to get generated during the initial metric binding phase. This can affect users whose volume of metric binding to be done is high.

Service Catalog



List collector variables with a mandatory UI Policy for the catalog item do not load as expected on the Requested Item (sc_req_item) form in the variable editor UI formatter A list collector variable with a mandatory UI policy on a catalog item shows 'on loading' on submitted sc_req_item records, and a console error is displayed.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog



When a checkbox variable is used in an order guide, navigating back to 'Describe Needs' hides all fields This issue also occurs if a checkbox variable is used in a variable set.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog


When a list collector or a reference variable is on a catalog item, an error/popup appears in Kingston When the user clicks 'Try It' and attempts to back out of the form without having made any changes, the page creates a popup prompting the user if they are sure they want to leave. Typically, this behavior is expected when the user has made edits to a form or record, and the system is trying to confirm that they want to exit the form.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


SLATimeLineV2SNC can cause out of memory for records with large journal fields When the OOB UI action 'Show SLA timeline' is clicked for records that have large journal fields, such as incidents, the application node can run out of memory. This issue can occur on task records that use SLA functionality.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


HistoryWalker - Timeline - Using choice variable from record producer causes a NullPointerException when reading through the history of the record Using lookup or Yes/No variables from any record producer or catalog item causes a NPE when reading through the history of the record. The variable types causing the issue are: Yes/No, Lookup Select Box, Lookup Multiple Choice.

Service Mapping


When an error appears on a CI directly from an entry point, and the user clicks 'Show discovery log' from the next error suggestion, the log is not opened The log opens as expected when it is opened from the CI on the map.
  1. Create a map with an error on the CI discovered right after an entry point.
  2. Click Handle next error.
  3. Click Show discovery log from the suggestions in the right panel.

The log does not open.

Service Mapping


SBS: File attachment feature is disabled on new service form The file attachment feature allows attaching files to the service and viewing them from the work notes flow. On certain release versions, the attachment button is no longer available on new SBS forms (Angular form).

Service Mapping


Poor performance of Business Service tree calculation When there are 1000 or more business services, the loading of the business service tree takes more than one minute.

Service Mapping


On IE11 browser, in SBS form, selecting an existing entry-point fails with JS exception Service Mapping users cannot use the new service form UI from IE11 browser.

Service Mapping


Conditional launching of credential-less Discovery (when enabled by a system property)

Credential-less discovery application pattern can be launched, even if the user does not want to use Nmap. Each time this pattern is launched, the customer receives incorrect error messages. There should be a way to disable this feature.

For more information on the fix for this PRB, refer to Credential-less Discovery with Nmap.

The mid.discovery.credentialless.enable property enables or disables Nmap for all MID Servers on which Nmap is installed that are connected to the instance.

Service Mapping


On some Linux systems, Service Mapping process detection should fallback to lsof when netstat command fails to bring the process ID On some Linux systems, netstat fails to bring the process ID on some of the connections, even when executed with sudo. In those cases, the system should fallback to using lsof instead.

Service Mapping


When a Windows host that was previously discovered is not active anymore, Service Mapping tasks may hang for a long time When a Windows server exists in the CMDB but does not respond anymore, Service Mapping tasks targeted at this host may hang for a long time. Sometimes, the tasks may hang up until the 'All Applications' discovery schedule does not end within its allocated time window.
  1. In the CMDB, manually create a Windows server with an IP that does not exist in the network.
  2. Run a service discovery with an entry point that refers to this host.

The discovery will eventually end, but only after about 30 minutes. It should end immediately.

Service Mapping


Service Mapping can select a MID that does not have Nmap installed can cause an exception to be thrown

Service Mapping


When there is more than one pid in the IIS discovery log, 'show traffic-based connections' does not show all the relevant connections

Service Mapping


SSH layer hangs on Solaris systems when sending a command that is longer than 256 characters

Service Portal


Service Portal Service Catalog - g_form.setValue() does not work in onLoad scripts

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Time Card Management


Unable to create a new time card using 'insert a new row' for a timesheet prior to the current week
  1. Try creating a time card for the previous week. After clicking the new timesheet, select the previous Sunday.
  2. Under the time card section, select the Insert a New Row and enter the details.
  3. Save or refresh the page.

The time card disappears.

Upgrade Engine Issues



sys_update_xml.replace_on_ upgrade=true is excessively persistent when set on an update in the Default update set

Marking a customer update 'replace on upgrade' is how an admin tags an record for replacement in the next upgrade. However, when you mark a customer update as 'replace on upgrade' and then keep updating it, the system remembers your decision to replace on upgrade independent of your other updates for as long as you continue working in the same update set.

The Default update set is the most extreme example of this, since most users never complete it. If a user is working with the default update set, it is unlikely they will remember marking something 'replace on upgrade', possibly months or years ago, and of course someone else might have done the marking.

Preserving the 'replace on upgrade' flag leads to the system overwriting your customization, even if that outcome is no longer desired.

  1. Update a record in the Default Update Set.
  2. Revert that record to Base System (or find the sys_update_xml record for that update and set replace_on_upgrade = true).
  3. Modify the record again in the Default update set.

The record is still replaced on upgrade.




Join activities do not complete when the deprecated 'Rollback' activity is used in the path up to the Join activity The newer Rollback To activity still works successfully.
  1. Create a workflow where a rollback exists on a path before a join.
  2. Attach this workflow to a new service catalog item and order the item.

The flow will not complete.

Other Kingston Patch 4 information

IdentifyReconcile API

For Kingston Patch 4 and subsequent releases, users must have the itil or asset role to use this API.

Credential-less Discovery
Important: This property is not recognized by Service Mapping in Kingston versions prior to Patch 4. For details, see KB0681168.
Using accessibility features
If accessibility is enabled, a help icon appears with the HTML field. The help icon indicates which keys to use to access and escape the HTML field toolbar.

Fixes included with Kingston Patch 4

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.