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Kingston Patch 3

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Kingston Patch 3

The Kingston Patch 3 release contains fixes to these problems.

Kingston Patch 3 was released on March 8, 2018.
Build date: 03-02-2018_1305
Build tag: glide-kingston-10-17-2017__patch3-02-21-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Kingston.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Kingston fixed problems, see KB0623762.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related fixes

Kingston Patch 3 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Kingston Patch 3, refer to KB0680620.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce




Approval - Group activity gets stuck when using a custom approval script When using an Approval - Group activity with the Wait For Condition based on script option, the Approval - Group activity may get stuck and not progress the workflow.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Forms and Fields



When the calendar icon (date picker) is clicked to select a date, the form scrolls down to the bottom of the page
  1. Go to
  2. Open any incident record.
  3. Right-click in the form header and choose Configure > Form Layout.
  4. Under Create New Field, add a date/time field, for example, Start Date.
  5. Move some fields from Available to Selected so that the main form section has several fields, and click Save.
  6. If Tabbed forms is not enabled, click the gear icon in the upper right, click Forms, and enable it.
  7. Select a Start Date by clicking the Calendar icon.

Note that the page scrolls down.




DBOnlineAlter uses ExecutionTracker from multiple threads

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Portal


Scripts (client in Istanbul+ and UI policy in Helsinki+) are hiding sections of the form (g_form.setSectionDisplay) and do not work in Service Portal In the Service Portal, UI policies with scripts containing setSectionDisplay do not hide that particular section. For example, this can be seen in HR Cases where certain sections are hidden using a UI Policy / 033100be55b4ad81d3aece.




SMS notifications are sent as HTML content messages after upgrading to Jakarta
  1. Create a new notification of type SMS.
  2. Trigger the SMS notification.
  3. Navigate to the sys_email record generated by the notification.

You will notice the received email content-type header is: "Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8".

On the instance, the outbound email will have Content Type: multipart/mixed

Knowledge Management



KB categories created through the category picker by knowledge_admin are not listed under the intended knowledge base When knowledge_admin creates a category, it is not visible because it does not have 'Parent ID'. Creating categories works for admin users.
  1. Log in as knowledge_admin.
  2. Open any Knowledge article by navigating to Knowledge > All.
  3. Click on magnifying glass icon to open the Category picker.
  4. Create a new category and confirm.

Observe the article category is set to the one just created, but is not listed as a category under the associated Knowledge Base.




In Express versions only, all customizations are overwritten when upgrading to a Jakarta or newer version On Express versions only, if an application was ever uninstalled, all customizations will be overwritten/removed when upgrading to a Jakarta or higher version. This condition is created after an application is uninstalled and data loss is only encountered on upgrade.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

All other fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream



After adding the new property glide.ui16.emailStreamResponse Actions, under certain conditions, the email client page closes/disappears When using the glide.ui16.emailStreamResponseActions property and UI16 is enabled with live forms, the email reply buttons appear on the Activity filter stream. However, when clicking on these buttons, the email client page displays but when clicking on the message box to type in a message, the pop-up page closes/disappears.
  1. Make sure the live forms property (glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled) is enabled.

    For more information, see Disable live form feature.

  2. Make sure email sending and receiving is enabled through the glide.ui16.emailStreamResponseActions property.

    If you do not see this property in /, add it and set it to true.

  3. Go to / and open a record that has an email sent.
  4. Scroll down in the activity formatter and click the Reply/Reply All/Forward buttons.

Note that the email client page appears, but once you click on the message box, it closes.

Agile Development


Clicking an info icon in the Planning Board view throws an error in the browser console When going to " 3Fsysparm_view%3Dscrum" and clicking on an "i" reference icon, a JavaScript error is thrown in the browser console. When you click on the icon, nothing happens.
  1. Navigate to /
  2. Choose a planning board from the dropdown.
  3. Click on the reference icon.

Notice nothing happens. The browser console has an error.

Agile Development


Cannot drag and drop stories to the top in the backlog planning/sprint planning page
  1. Install Agile Development 2.0.
  2. Create an Agile group.
  3. Add a scrum master to the group.
  4. Log in as the scrum master.
  5. On the Agile board page, create a backlog.
  6. Add about 50 stories to the backlog.
  7. Try dragging a story from the bottom of the screen to the top.

The page will scroll only if you drag the story above the list up until the header. The page should should start scrolling as soon as the user moves the story to the top of the list that is currently in the viewport.

Agile Development


Domain fields are not available on a few tables in Enterprise Release Management All tables in Enterprise Release Management should have the domain field to support domain separation.

Asset Management


Custom editions changes on wmi probe and SCCM are causing duplicate software installs Duplicate software install records are generated, which projects the incorrect compliance position.

Automated Test Framework


Test run fails with error "Step execution failed with error: Cannot read property 'step_execution_generator' of undefined"
  1. Create an ATF test.
  2. Add the test step Application Visibility.
  3. Fill in the details for the step.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Run the test.

The test fails with error "Step execution failed with error: Cannot read property 'step_execution_generator' of undefined".

Benchmarks Application


Benchmarks monthly scores download email notification is sent to all ITIL users Benchmark emails are sent to all ITIL users, instead of only users who have the benchmark viewer role.

Cloud Management Application


Resources properties appear on the User Portal for ARM and Cloud Formation catalog items When a user performs an operation on a resource, such as stopping a virtual machine, properties for the catalog item are exposed on the interface. This issue only occurs for catalog items created from ARM or Cloud Formation templates.

Cloud Management Application


Blueprint catalog item changes are not preserved after form publish from blueprint
  1. Navigate to
  2. Open the catalog information.
  3. Navigate to the variable set tab.
  4. Open the Provision set.
  5. Enter a tool tip and save.
  6. Navigate to the Blueprint catalog page.
  7. Publish the catalog.

Publishing a form causes Blueprint catalog item changes to disappear. Publishing a form should only publish form changes in the blueprint.

Cloud Management Application


The Cloud User Portal interface experiences issues with stacks containing more than 15 items
When a user provisions a stack with more than 15 resources, and then accesses those resources through the User Portal, the user interface can experience these issues:
  • The screen can become blank and the user is unable to access the next page.
  • A user cannot navigate back to a previous page. - Catalog items details and stack details do not match.
  1. Set up a stack from a blueprint or a template with more than 15 catalog items in the stack.
  2. From the Cloud User Portal, provision the stack.
  3. Navigate through the stack and its resources.

Cloud Management Application


Provisioning errors can occur after users delete catalog items based on ARM or Cloud Formation templates Each time a user utilizes an ARM template or a Cloud Formation template to create a catalog item, and then deletes that catalog item, errors can occur when provisioning subsequent catalog items, regardless of how they are created.
  1. Import an ARM template and generate a catalog item.
  2. Delete the catalog item.
  3. Create a blueprint for a virtual machine catalog item.
  4. Go to the User Portal and provision a stack with the virtual machine in it.

An error occurs and the virtual machine fails to be provisioned.

Cloud Management Application


VMware discovery fails due to multiple logical datacenters When Discovery runs on a VMWare service account and at least one LDC already exists, the discovery process can create another LDC with no data, or it can overwrite an existing LDC with one that has no data.

Cloud Management Application


CMPv2 AWS and Azure Client does not honor MID Server properties for proxy When leveraging AWS Cloud Accounts in a Jakarta Cloud Management Instance, if the MID Server is configured to use a proxy, it is not honored.

Cloud Management Application


The 'Create CName Record' method fails in Cloud Management with an Infoblox integration The Create a Canonical Name record (Create CName Record) method in Infoblox does not execute against the Cloud Management API.
  1. Set up Infoblox credentials.
  2. Trigger the Create CName Record method with valid inputs.

Even though the record was successfully created on the Infoblox side, the call fails on CAPI.

Cloud Management Application


Azure alerts do not work after upgrade When upgrading from Jakarta Patch 2 or earlier versions, Azure alerts no longer update the CMDB as expected.
  1. Set up and configure Azure alerts to update the CMDB based on changes to configuration items in an Azure cloud.
  2. Upgrade from a Jakarta Patch 2 version (or earlier) of Cloud Management to later version.
  3. Trigger an alert in an Azure cloud, such as the deprovisioning of a virtual machine.

The instance never processes the Azure alert, and no updates in the CMDB are made.

Cloud Management Application


After provisioning CFT, all resources will not show up under the Resources section

Cloud Management Application


Blueprint forms cannot be published when the DataSource field is 'pool' and the Datasource Value field is empty Users cannot publish blueprint forms when the DataSource field is 'pool' and the Datasource Value field is empty. The following error appears: 'Failed to do action on this blueprint form.'
  1. Open a blueprint.
  2. On the Catalog tab, click the Provision operation name.
  3. Open the Form tab.
  4. Click Application.
  5. Go to the Datasource Value field, remove the existing value, and save the record.
  6. Publish the catalog item.

The blueprint does not publish.

Cloud Management Application


An incorrect 'Discovery failed' message appears on cloud accounts A 'Discovery failed' message appears on cloud accounts when the user clicks different logical datacenters in the account. This issue occurs even when Discovery had already successfully found the logical datacenters in the account.

Cloud Management Application


During cloud registration, datacenter URL is not honored Users rely on the ability to provide a datacenter URL to reach datacenters and regions in public clouds. The CloudFormation template provisioning on AWS does not work correctly when the AWS cloud is registered with an explicit datacenter URL.

Cloud Management Application


Cloud resource tags are not populated for Azure Virtual Networks After Discovery finds resources in an Azure cloud, the CMDB is populated with data about various CIs. However, if the CI is a virtual network, Cloud resource tags are not populated.

Run Discovery on an Azure service account that has a virtual network.

Although resource tag information is present in the payload for the discovery, it is not populated anywhere.

Cloud Management Application


No support for mapping certain blueprint rule information against resource blocks, interfaces, and operations The Cloud Management application does not allow certain blueprint information to be mapped to its corresponding resource blocks, interfaces, and operations.
  1. Set up Cloud Management to integrate with Chef Configuration Management Provider.
  2. Provision a cloud resource in the Cloud User Portal that is based on a resource type from the Chef server.

Important information, such as the Workload Config Provider details, are not available on the cloud resources.

Cloud Management Application


I18N: Loading order form for arm template results in form performance issues and errors in the browser log

Cloud Management Application


The Cloud Account user interface becomes blank When a user opens a Cloud Account in the Admin portal, and then clicks a resource within a logical datacenter that has more than 150 resources in it, the user interface becomes blank.
  1. Create a cloud account and associate a logical datacenter with it. The datacenter should have more than 150 resources in it.
  2. Run Discovery on the datacenter.
  3. After the discovery is completed, click the logical datacenter to see the resources in it.
  4. In the list of resources, click any resource.

The user interface becomes blank.

Cloud Management Application


VMware discovery fails on VMWareGuestCustomizationProbe after upgrade to Jakarta On an Jakarta instance where a v1 VMware discovery schedule had been set up before upgrade from Istanbul, the discovery fails every time on the VMWareGuestCustomizationProbe step. The discovery log shows "Sensor error when processing VMware - Guest Customization: java.lang.NullPointerException".
  1. Set up a Jakarta instance with the 'Orchestration - VMware Support' plugin installed.
  2. Create a vCenter record pointing to a vCenter with at least one guest customization.
  3. Set up a discovery schedule for that vCenter.
  4. Run discovery.

Cloud Management Application


Cannot override Ansible playbook attributes

Cloud Management Application


Text does not appear with correct I18N prefix The localization prefix does not appear on the text in the Overview page and the left-hand navigation modules in the Cloud Admin Portal. This issue occurs when the I18N: Internationalization plugin (glide.ui.i18n) is active and the glide.ui.i18n_test property is set to true.
  1. Activate the Cloud Management ( plugin and the I18N: Internationalization (glide.ui.i18n) plugin.
  2. Set the system property glide.ui.i18n_test to true.
  3. Log in the instance, and then open the Cloud Admin Portal.

The localization prefix does not appear on all text consistently.

Cloud Management Application


Large blueprints cause performance issues Catalog items that are based on large or complex blueprints take an excessive time to load in the user portal.
  1. Create a large and complex blueprint in the blueprint designer.
  2. Publish the catalog item.
  3. Open the User Portal and try to provision the catalog item.

The catalog item takes an excessive amount of time to load in the User Portal interface.

Cloud Management Application


Resource Operation policies are not triggered Resource Operation policies that specify a lifecycle operation, such a the deprovisioning of a virtual machine, are not triggered when the lifecycle operation is executed at the resource (or stack) level.
  1. Create a Resource Operation policy and add a step that releases an IP address in Infoblox by using the server Deprovision operation.
  2. Provision a virtual machine.
  3. Deprovision the same virtual machine.

The Resource Operation policy is not triggered and the virtual machine is not deprovisioned.

Configuration Management


Previous Master CI is not shown in new deduplication task
  1. Create a deduplication by running the health jobs.
  2. Execute duplicate remediation to resolve the task.
  3. Create a CI that is the duplicate of the selected master CIs.
  4. Run the health jobs again.

The new deduplication task that is created does not contain the previous master CI.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


When creating CI using CI Class Manager wizard, it is not possible to remove the 'u_' prefix from added columns name
  1. Using the CI Class Manager wizard, create a new CI type.
  2. Add new columns.
  3. Try to modify the column name.

The column name cannot be modified.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Type field in attributes in create flow should be validated

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Performance issues for users running the Service Dashboard

When the Service Dashboard is running, some users experience performance or memory usage issues.

The fix for this PRB adds the system property. If set to false, service health scores are not calculated.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


While processing skip duplicates in identification engine, memory issues may occur with high numbers of duplicates

Core Platform



current.work_notes.getJournalEntry(1) is not returning the most recent work note when used in a After Insert business rule

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Core Platform


post upgrade cleanup job for performance-related pattern tables fails to clean up Following upgrade, a scheduled job is created for delayed execution of cleanup on copies of the tables sysevent_pattern, sys_mutex_pattern, sys_query_pattern, sys_script_pattern, and sys_transaction_pattern. The problem is that it relies on a method that is not defined.

Core Platform


Records with empty sys_ids can be created and can cause invalid cascade deletion

Core Platform


The glide.export.localize_reference_qualifiers property is missing from Kingston The property glide.export.localize_reference_qualifiers that was introduced by PRB899921 was not added to Kingston. This property lets customers disable the fix added in PRB899921.




CurrencyPriceOptimizer can generate a NullPointerException when memory usage is high during a table reindexing process

The exact steps to reproduce are not available. This issue was found after starting a 'Regenerate Text Index' job, that failed several times due to the null pointer exception. The reindexing was required by a global text search run on task numbers not returning the expected task records.

If the task number values fail to get indexed, then the exact match search will not find them when using the latest global search engine. However, the legacy global search will still find a record that is not indexed.

This could be significant if you had a backlog of text index events. You would still want the exact match to find the record while we wait for the record to get indexed, and since the purpose of exact match is to avoid a text search, it should not matter if the record is not yet indexed.

Customer Service Management


OpenFrameAPI 1.0.2 backwards compatibility is broken for ServiceNow and OpenFrame versions older than Kingston

With Kingston, OpenFrame introduced a new mechanism (through a new API library) to enable communication between ServiceNow and CTI partner application. This enabled the partner to have full control on the URL being loaded in OpenFrame. However, the new API library was not backward compatible.

This fix introduces a resource path for referring to the latest API. By leveraging this, CTI partners can have their application always leverage the latest API library without having the overhead of managing two separate code bases.



When two load balancers have the same serial number, both load balancer reconcile as one If two load balancers have the same serial number, the identification rule that takes the serial number and the serial number type from the cmdb_serial_number table cannot distinguish between the two load balancers. The two load balancers are reconciled in the CMDB as the last one discovered.



SNCSSH rejects very large inbound packets with the error "Corrupt packet received, claims impossible length of <32k+> bytes"

SNCSSH computes the largest possible packet size by encoding the maximum possible payload size with the negotiated algorithms. However, RFC 4253 requires implementations to handle an arbitrary limit of 35000 bytes.

SNCSSH must be updated to handle 35000 byte packets when the max packet size is 32768, and then perform reasonable scaling from there, based on max packet size.

Some versions of SSH exceed the maximum limits as calculated by SNCSSH, resulting in an error message such as "2017-09-20 11:22:10 (097) SSHProtocolEngine SYSTEM SEVERE *** ERROR *** [1/] Session failure, closing connection: Corrupt packet received, claims impossible length of 32836 bytes:"




Long-running 'Unix - ADM' sensor job overloads the sensor and remains in a state of 'ready' or 'processing' indefinitely

During discovery of a server with special applications running, the ADM input payload stays in the 'ready' or 'processing' status indefinitely, as the sensor runs in an infinite loop.

Symptom: The related ECC input with a name that contains 'Application Dependency Mapping' eventually has a State of 'Error'. The error string displayed is "Sensor error: Transaction cancelled: maximum execution time exceeded".

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



The Service Mapping dependency view identifies a CI by the process command name rather than the CI class type When Service Mapping creates a CI as a generic application, it fails to use the CI class type to identify the CI in the dependency view, but instead uses the 'process command name''.



First time discovery of ESX server can result in vCenter relationships being removed On the first Discovery of an ESX server, vCenter relationships are established, but then are mistakenly removed. These relationships are then recreated on the next Discovery of vCenter.
  1. Discover a vCenter for the first time. During this discovery, relationships such as network to datacenter are created. However, as the discovery progresses when the ESX server is first encountered the previously created relationship between network and datacenter might get removed (along with other relationships within the vCenter).
  2. Rediscover the same vCenter.

The relationships are recreated and not removed the second time around.

Edge Encryption


Platform encryption support: On Kingston, it is not generating multiple encryption context records upon creating a field of type encrypted text on tables When a field of type encrypted text is created on tables, multiple encryptions context records are not created.
  1. Activate the Encryption Support plugin.
  2. Create a new field of type encrypted text on the incident table.

The sys_platform_encryption_configuration table does not generate multiple encryption context records.

Edge Encryption


The isAuditedColumn API in EdgeTableCompatabilityUtil script include should not scan the entire sys_audit table

Flow Designer


Changing trigger type creates multiple active versions of the flow, and deleting a trigger does not deactivate the flow In addition, deleting a trigger and saving it prevents the user from deactivating the flow from the Flow Designer UI.

Issue 1

  1. Create a flow.
  2. Give the flow a "record created or updated" trigger on incident, and activate the flow.
  3. Change the trigger type to "record updated" on incident, and activate the flow.
  4. Update an incident record.

The flow ran twice.

Issue 2

  1. Activate a flow.
  2. Delete the trigger, then save it.
  3. Deactivate the flow.
  4. Try to kick off the flow by updating an incident.

The flow was not deactivated.

Flow Designer


Flow designer delete record does not get executed If a user creates a flow that should run when a record is deleted, the flow does not run. The Kingston fix for this PRB removes the delete record trigger.
  1. Create a flow with delete record type for incident table.
  2. Add a log action.
  3. Activate the flow.
  4. Delete an incident record to trigger the flow.

The action does not get executed.

Flow Designer


Scheduled triggered flow is not being triggered
  1. Create a scheduled flow to run soon after your setup, with a simple log message.
  2. Activate the flow.
  3. Wait until it should be triggered

In the Flow Designer Flow Executions page, the context record is not created for the scheduled flow, and the flow is never triggered.

Forms and Fields



UI16 on tablet: Slushbucket (list collector) shows 0 items in left and right (available and selected) lists even when items are present When using a tablet device in UI16, using slushbuckets (list collectors) does not work as expected. The Available and Selected (left and right) boxes show 0 items until they are clicked, which will then show the items that exist in the list. The 0 items text appears to be detailing the number of actively selected items in the lists, instead of the number of items that currently exist in the list.

Use a tablet device, or appropriate simulator, this issue does not reproduce in a desktop browser by default:

  1. Navigate to a record that has an editable related list with records in it. For example, PRB0000011.
  2. Scroll to the incidents related list. Note the number of incidents in the list.
  3. Click the Edit button
  4. In the resulting list collector, note that the Available (left) and Selected (right) boxes both appear grey and with 0 items displayed on them.
  5. Click the box on the right, you see the actual list of items in the list collector.
  6. Click outside of the list to close it.
  7. Click the box on the left and select a couple of items.
  8. Click outside of the list to close it. Note that the count on the box reflects the number of items you selected.

Human Resources Service Management


When HR demo data is deleted, it reappears after an upgrade to a newer release version

Import / Export


REST API calls intermittently fails due to the error: "Could not initialize class ImportSetAPIService" REST API calls intermittently fail. This problem only seems to affect one node at a time, and has occurred randomly after a node restart on a very small number of instances.

Language and Translations


Updates to Kingston translations



Jakarta embedded list issue when using IE and UI15 Users are unable to add a new row ("Insert new row..") in an embedded list in Jakarta while using UI15 and Internet Explorer. The issue only appears if the form is refreshed after the initial load.



400 response when trying to navigate to discovered AWS resources When browsing an AWS logical datacenter record, there are several related lists for discovered artifacts such as Virtual Machine instances. If there is a realistic number of records in any of those related lists (e.g. 200 VMs), clicking into any of the related items will result in a blank page.
  1. Perform discovery of an AWS account with more than 200 resources in a discovered category.
  2. Navigate to the discovered logical data center.
  3. Try to click into one of the related resources that is in a large list (e.g. VM instances).



Embedding list2_default.xml in a UI formatter causes the second Run button in the condition builder to incorrectly navigate to a empty form When a user clicks the bottom 'Run' button in a task form's related list filter, the user is taken to a new certification task record.
  1. Activate the Data Certification plugin with demo data.
  2. Navigate to Data Certification > All Tasks.
  3. Open a task record.
  4. In the task form's related list, click Show/hide filter.
  5. Click the bottom Run button.

A new Certification Task record is opened.

MID Server


Windows ADME does not work when there is a $ in the password When the credential of a windows machine has $ in it, the ADM enhanced probe will not work. The error message "The user name or password is incorrect" appears.
  1. Create a Windows credential that has $ in the password.
  2. Make sure the credential works with test credential.
  3. Go to Windows - ADM Enhanced probe.
  4. Test the probe with same target IP and credential.
  5. Check the result.

There is an error message: "The user name or password is incorrect".

Password Reset Application


Password Reset Device enrollment codes and verification codes are stripped when sending SMS to the registered device

Performance Analytics



Improve the performance of the CIO dashboard

Performance Analytics


Data collectors should support domain separation without the com.glide.domain.msp_extensions plugin Even when the com.glide.domain.msp_extensions plugin is not installed, data collectors should support domain separation.

Performance Analytics


Performance Analytics Linear forecasting gives a global target breach at a wrong point in time Performance Analytics Linear forecasting does not give a global target breach at the correct point in time. For example, for a global target of 0, the target is met when the score is far in the negative instead of when it is around 0.

Performance Analytics


PA scores migration fails to update the change request once the migration begins



"Unknown column 'cmdb0.maintenance_schedule' in 'on clause'" error when approving change through CAB workbench When approving a change request through the CAB workbench, the following error shows on the screen: "Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'cmdb0.maintenance_schedule' in 'on clause')"



Inconsistent results on query for multiple metrics with different last written time Users utilize Metric Explorer to view data during troubleshooting issues. If this data is not available on Metric Explorer, users will think data is lost.



Dictionary invalidation refactoring is causing undesired side effects Dictionary invalidation refactoring is causing undesired side effects, including a dramatic increase of calls to TableManager.invalidateTable with synchronized edge cache flushes.

Platform Security


When updating a record, all encrypted text fields are re-encrypted using the current context

Platform Security


Instances encounter a white screen, with log 'Security restrictions on GlideServletUITransaction' Due to issues which deny access to ACL checks on GlideServletUITransaction, all users may be blocked from accessing the system.

Project Management


Using the planning console to add a task in a project causes already closed tasks to become active=true again Using 'Add task below' in the planning console in a project that already has closed compete tasks can incorrectly cause those closed tasks to become active=true.
  1. Enable the PPM with Financials plugin.
  2. Create a project.
  3. Create three child tasks named 1, 2, and 3. Set them to Start ASAP with no relations.
  4. Start the project.

    All tasks are moved to work in progress.

  5. Set task 3 to Closed complete.

    Active is set to false.

  6. Open the planning console.
  7. Select task 2 and click Add Task Below.
  8. Leave the task name as New Task, and click outside the task to save.
  9. Go back to task 3.

Task 3 is set to active=true.

Project Management


Assigning a Project Task to a group causes an error on the ScrumPPMIntManager in the logs When you assign a group to a Project task and save, an error is seen in the logs. There are no errors on the UI.
  1. Go to a project task where there is no assignment group.
  2. Assign the project task to any group.
  3. Go to the logs and search for the script include.

An error is thrown in the log.

Project Management


When closing a project record while in the planning console, the description changes to the string 'null'. In the Project module, when a user closers a project record while in the planning console, the description changes to 'null'.
  1. Create a project with the Description field populated.
  2. Access this project in the planning console.
  3. Close the project.
  4. View the description.

The description's text is 'null'.

Project Management


Date rollups are not working properly for non-project entities Feature release dates are not updated in certain scenarios. In addition, dates cannot be changed to a date before the top_task date, which is a valid use case for projects.
  1. Navigate to Releases > Release (rm_release).
  2. Create a release.
  3. Add a feature.
  4. Change the feature's start date.

The feature's start date is not updated.

  1. Add a subfeature to the feature.
  2. Change the dates.

The parent and top_task dates are not updated.



Multilevel pivots with a % in the name of the grouping or in the filter will cause the drilldown to not work When there is a % in the filter or the grouping on a multilevel pivot and an element is clicked, the element will not drill down, and an error appears in the JavaScript console.
  1. Add a % to an incident's short description.
  2. Create a new report with incident as the table.
  3. Set the type to multilevel pivot (column = active, row = short description).
  4. Click one of the values in the row of the short description with the % in the name.

Instead of drilling to the list, it stays on the page and throws a JavaScript console error.

Scheduled Job Processing


Schedule worker can hold the same connection for hours if there are a lot of jobs in the queue

Service Analytics


The Metric Explorer's date picker should allow users to go back to 1 year The Metric Explorer was limiting the calendar date range. Now that MetricBase is being used, users should be able to go back in time (in the custom range) up to 1 year before.

Service Analytics


Anomaly alert promotion rule does not close IT alerts when using anomaly score in the rule When promotion is used with minimal anomaly scores, IT alerts are left open. When a user creates an anomaly alert promotion rule, and they want to create IT rules based on the 'Anomaly Score' (using the 'minimal score' field), the IT alerts are created properly. However, if a minimal score such as 5 is used, and the next time results in a lower score, the anomaly alert gets closed, but the IT alert still remains open.

Service Catalog



Automated Test Framework fails when an individual catalog item has 'use cart layout' set to false When using the Automated Test Framework for a catalog item when the catalog item field 'Use cart layout' is false, the following error appears: "Error 'FAILURE: Cannot find 'Add to Cart' button."
  1. Create a test.
  2. Add a step to Open a catalog item, such as a standard laptop. Make sure item is set to Use cart layout = false.
  3. Add the step Add item to shopping cart.
  4. Test Run.

An error appears: "Error 'FAILURE: Cannot find 'Add to Cart' button."

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


Submitting a catalog item in Service Portal generates the browser error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'message' of undefined" On the Service Portal catalog widget, a JavaScript error is thrown in the console when submitting any catalog item. However, the record is created as expected. This issue does not occur for record producers.
  1. Open developer tools in Chrome.
  2. Navigate to the Service Portal > Service Catalog.
  3. Order an Apple iPhone 6s.

The following error appears in the console, even though the item seems to be submitted successfully: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'message' of undefined."

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Catalog client script (onChange) is running twice on the 'SC Catalog Item' widget

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



Catalog items without short description are causing issues when included in order guides

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Using choice variable from record producer causes a NullPointerException when reading through the history of the record

Using lookup variables from any record producer causes a NPE when reading through the history of the record.

There are two lookup variable types: Lookup Select Box and Lookup Multiple Choice. When using any of these two variables, any component using HistoryWalker will fail (when the withVariable property is set to true, which is the default setting).

  1. Open the OOB record producer Emergency Change (sys_id: 389d27110a0a0b27004f344ed8a38ee4).
  2. Create a new variable:
    • Type: Lookup Select box
    • Catalog Item: Emergency Change
    • Question: Choice
    • Name: Choice
    • Lookup from table: Change Request
    • Lookup field: Urgency
  3. On a change request, create a new SLA Definition with the Start Condition:
    • Type: Emergency
    • Active: True
    • Name: test PRB1251707
  4. Navigate back to the Emergency Change record producer.
  5. Click Try It and submit the change request.
  6. In the Change Request form shown, make sure there is a Task SLA of the defined test PRB1251707.
  7. Click Show SLA Timeline.

An error is shown.

Service Mapping


Apache is not connecting to Tomcat with full URL and database connections In environments that use the new mod_jk module rather than the mod_jserv module, the connection between Apache and Tomcat is a TCP connection and not a database connection.

Service Mapping


The Tomcat WAR file is not discovered correctly on Windows servers Apache Tomcat is discovered on Windows without its WAR file.

Service Mapping


An inclusion connection is missing in the discovery of an IBM WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) server While running top-down Discovery on a WMB server, only one WMB inclusion CI is discovered for the IBM Web Sphere Message Brokers cmdb_ci_appl_ibm_wmb table when there should be two. This issue occurs when the connection for one inclusion must be created from another inclusion.

Service Mapping


F5 BIG-IP load balancer is not creating a connection when the iRule points to a pool

Service Mapping


Invoking REST API on Amazon Web Services (AWS) API gateway does not show the same results as a third-party tool

Service Mapping


Role sm_user does not have permissions to view map from a single service form

'View Map' is a UI action with the following condition: gs.hasRole("sam_core_user"). The sam_core_user role is the only role that contains the itil role. Users logged in with the sm_user role who attempt to view map from single service form get the "user is not authenticated" error.

Note: The view map operation from cmdb_ci_service_discovered list is working for the sm_user.

Service Mapping


IIS version 10 is not discovered properly, and VDIR is empty

Service Mapping


Creating physical connections can cause performance issue due to a large query on discovery_switch_fwd_table The Service Discovery - Device Complete business rule calls 'networkPathManager.createPhysical Connections(current.cmdb_ci);'. This function queries the discovery_switch_fwd_table according to some data we get from the host. If this table contains many records for the same switch with the same port number, the Discovery scheduler gets overloaded and hangs.

Service Mapping


A pattern is not synced with MID Server after republishing Whenever new patterns are created and published, the patterns are shown in the MID Server's 'ndl' folder, but they are not triggered until after a MID Server restart.

Service Portal



In the Service Portal Designer, widget order reverts back to original when the page is refreshed

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Portal



Date and date/time variables and fields are broken for certain languages in Service Portal After upgrading to Kingston, date and date/time variables and fields do not work for the following languages: Brazilian Portuguese, French - Canada, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Software Asset Management


Oracle Per Processor reconciliation for VMWare is incorrect Oracle Per Processor reconciliation should be done at the VMWare cluster level, not the ESX level.

Software Asset Management


If the Office365 job fails due to REST calls or an unresponsive Microsoft server, the required cleanup should take place

Software Asset Management


Update Office365 subscription APIs Microsoft Office 365 updated the subscription APIs endpoint for user activity and user activations. The endpoints should get updated.

Software Asset Management


Discovery model normalization job errors out in middle
  1. Activate the Software Asset Management Professional plugins.
  2. Run the normalization scheduled job.
  3. Check the discovery model table, and group by normalization status.

There are many discovery models still in 'New' status.

Software Asset Management


When licensing Oracle programs with Standard Edition One, Standard Edition 2 or Standard Edition in the product name, a processor is counted equivalent to a socket

Software Asset Management


Custom metrics should allow licensing with 0 rights

System Applications



Publishing scoped applications can include personalized list layouts when bad data already exists When personalized list layout records (sys_ui_list) contain an update name, the personalized list layout can be included when the application is published. The bad data can be carried over from previous releases and will continue to be incorrectly included in an application. This can create issues for the application and trick the upgrade engine into thinking the list was customized, causing the upgrade engine to skip any updates to the list layout.
  1. Create an app.
  2. With the app selected in the app picker, personalize some list layouts.
    • In Helsinki and Istanbul, you may need to log out and back in to start a new session.
    • In Jakarta and later, you can either script the bad data or import it from XML, changing the application to your new app ID.
  3. Publish the app to Update Set, or publish to the app_repo.

The personalized lists are included in the app.

Tables and Dictionary


CMDB reparenting can fail when conflicted aliases are on partition tables

Tables and Dictionary


Scoped app installation fails due to invalid ALTER TABLE

Time Card Management


Activating the Time Card plugin breaks updates on sys_user when changing the manager
  1. On a fresh instance with no Project Management plugins active, activate the Time Card Management plugin.
  2. Go to the user records and select any user.
  3. Add the manager field to the form.
  4. Change the manager.
  5. Save the record.

An error appears in the node log file browser or in System log > Warning:

WARNING *** WARNING *** Evaluator: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: "TimeCardApproverChangeService" is not defined.

UI Components


Deleting a template from sys_template.list results in an error The delete button on sys_template fails with the error 'dialogClass is not a constructor'.
  1. Navigate to sys_template.list.
  2. Open a template.
  3. Click Delete.

Observe error on browser console.

Update Sets


Committing a batch update set with a scoped application selected in the application picker, places some of the updates in the wrong scope If a private scoped application is selected in the application picker when a batch update set is committed, some of its updates may be written in the wrong scope. Therefore, committed customizations may not work correctly due to cross-scoping rules.

Upgrade Engine Issues



Records that are set to the new disposition of 'Skipped Manual Merge' have no option selectable to Resolve conflicts with the record Certain records in the skipped records list for an upgrade to Jakarta are showing a disposition of 'Skipped Manual Merge'. However, when these records are opened for review, there are no options to resolve the conflict with this record or compare the new incoming record to the existing record on the instance. Thus, from the Upgrade History record, users are unable to compare and merge the new version of the record with the preexisting version of the record found on the instance.
  1. Upgrade an instance from a previous version to Jakarta. Ensure that several system properties have been modified on the instance.
  2. Log on to the upgraded instance with an account that has administrator rights to the system.
  3. Navigate to System Diagnostics > Upgrade History and click the upgrade to view the most recent upgrade history record on the instance.
  4. In the lists of skipped records, search for any records with a disposition of Skipped Manual Merge and select one.

The Sys Upgrade History record for the change is displayed but no options are provided to compare the existing record to the new record.

Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA)


In Vendor Risk Management, the vendor (business partner) can submit the assessment without filling the mandatory questions
  1. Create a Vendor record.
  2. Create a Vendor Contract, checking the primary contract for the new vendor created.
  3. Create an assessment.
  4. Select the BPRM VRM Assessment - High for the assessment template.
  5. Set the Vendor to the newly created vendor.
  6. Submit the assessment.

    The assessment is submitted to the vendor.

  7. Navigate to Emails.

    There is a welcome email.

  8. Preview the HTML body, and click the login link.
  9. Log in with the credentials provided in the email.
  10. Take the assessment.

It is possible to submit the assessment without filling the mandatory fields.

Vulnerability Response


Vulnerability state transition can bypass approval workflow after upgrading to Kingston The fix for this PRB renames state and substates, amongst other changes. For more information, refer to the Vulnerability Response release notes.

In a Jakarta instance:

  1. Install the Vulnerability Response plugin in.
  2. Set up approval for state transition which will be used in Close/Ignore action.
  3. Upgrade the instance to Kingston.

The approval workflow does not work for the created vulnerable items or vulnerable groups that meet the approval workflow condition.



'current' can be replaced during workflow processing, and this can affect processing of all subsequent business rules under certain circumstances
During business rule processing, if a script updates a record in a different table and:
  • the updated record has multiple active workflows
  • the first workflow updated results in one of the other active workflows being completed or cancelled
when the workflow context that was completed or cancelled is then processed, 'current' will be set to the record for that workflow. However, it will not be restored to the original record when the workflow processing completes.



In some cases, the old stage in the activity stream on a RITM can display the value instead of the Display value

Other Kingston Patch 3 information

Vulnerability Response release notes
  • The states for vulnerability group remediation have been renamed, along with new state transitions that are available as UI actions on vulnerability groups.
  • New sub-states were added, and existing sub-states were renamed.
  • Due to performance and scale considerations, vulnerable items no longer inherit from the Task table. Vulnerability groups handle all task functionality now.
  • Certain task fields and related lists no longer appear on vulnerable

Refer to the Vulnerability Response release notes for details and upgrade impacts.

Close a vulnerability group
Instructions have been added to close a vulnerability group.
Remediate vulnerability groups
  • A new step has been added to remediate vulnerability groups.
  • If the scan again returns the vulnerability, the VUL record returns to the Under Investigation state. If the vulnerability is not found, the VI transitions to the Closed state.

Fixes included with Kingston Patch 3

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.