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Kingston Patch 2

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Kingston Patch 2

The Kingston Patch 2 release contains fixes to these problems.

Kingston Patch 2 was released on February 8, 2018.
Build date: 02-01-2018_1457
Build tag: glide-kingston-10-17-2017__patch2-01-23-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Kingston.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Kingston fixed problems, see KB0623762.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Kingston Patch 2 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Kingston Patch 2, refer to KB0676817.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Application Navigator & Banner Frame



Non-admins cannot impersonate users in Jakarta Non-admin users with the impersonator role are unable to select any users from the impersonation dialog, except for users in the recent impersonation list.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Performance Analytics


The plugin should have the 'published' state When users try to create new indicators, an error 'Creating new indicators or breakdowns is not available in this trial version of Performance Analytics. You will be able to create new indicators and configure more breakdowns once you upgrade to the premium version of this feature' occurs. The plugin needs to be activated first.

Source Control Integration



Source Control operations in Studio throws an error: JGITInternalException: Cannot Read When users attempt to commit their changes via Source Control > Commit Changes, an error 'An error occurred while executing that operation. Try again, check logs, and contact support if the error persists' occurs.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



The tags field does not render in list v2 when paginating or ordering by a column
  1. Open problem.list or incident.list from the application filter navigator.
  2. Add the Tags field in the list view via Personalize List Columns.

    Notice the Tags field shows the contents.

  3. Click any other column like Created or Number to sort the list.

Notice the Tags field does not show any contents in the list view.



When grouping by report results, the total records shown for each group do not match the total number of records returned overall When users create a report that has conditions containing more than one tag using an OR condition, and group by anything (i.e. State, Task Type), the total number of records is different than the sum of the records obtained by the aggregation (group by).
  1. Add more than one tags to several incidents.
  2. Create a report of any type (except Heatmap) that uses group by and count aggregation.

    Make sure you have tags in the filter condition and an OR condition in the report.

  3. Run the report and group by anything.
  4. Click the specific group (or the graphical representation of the group in a chart) to open the individual list.

Notice that the number in the list is less than the total reported for the sub-group in the main report.

Vendor Management


Get Stock Quote UI action in Vendor Performance returns 'N/A' for stock_price

The Yahoo Finance API was discontinued by Yahoo, and the UI action Get Stock Quote does not return the stock price. Instead, ’N/A’ is displayed in the ‘stock_price' field.

The fix for this PRB deactivates the Get Stock Quote UI action, which will leave the 'stock_price' field blank.

All Other Fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce



The deduplication on the approvals does not work as expected The approval deduplication is broken. Deduplicated approvals are not properly recorded and not attached to correct activities



Users with the 'Survey Admin' role are unable to see reports under the survey definition page
  1. Create a user with only the Survey Admin role.
  2. Login as the user.
  3. Create a survey.
  4. Assign the survey and answer questions.
  5. As the Survey Admin, navigate to the survey definition page.

Expected behavior: It should display the survey report to the user.

Actual behavior: It is displaying a message 'Report visible to only a specific or group'.

Cloud Management Application


Config Provider UI page: The given data is not saved for the Ansible Tower
  1. Create a Ansible Credential.
  2. Navigate to the Cloud Admin portal.
  3. Click Config Management.
  4. Create a Ansible Tower Config Provider.
  5. Enter proper data and click Submit.
  6. Edit the created provider and check the data.

In the Server Type field, the given data is not saved for the Ansible Tower.

Cloud Management Application


Hand-crafted constraints blueprints and imported blueprints form rules do not work properly
  1. Log into the application as an admin.
  2. Navigate to the Cloud Admin portal.
  3. Navigate to the Blueprint module under Design.
  4. Create the Constraints blueprint and publish the catalog.
  5. Navigate to the User Portal page.
  6. Check the order form.

Note the order form LDC, the cloud account, and the location are not reloading. Show/Hide rules do not work on the LDC field change.

Cloud Management Application


Ansible and Chef WorkloadConfigProvider issues
  1. Navigate to the Credential module.
  2. Create an Ansible and Chef Credential.
  3. Enter proper data and submit.
  4. Navigate to the Cloud Admin portal.
  5. Click the Cloud Config Management module.
  6. Create multiple Ansible Towers and Chef Config Providers.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Click Created Provider and Discover Now.
  9. Set up the Blueprint and generate the catalog.
  • Navigate to order form: Based on the workload, the config provider type workload config provider should load. Only latest one is loading in the order form.
  • If there are multiple Ansible/Chef workload config providers: Based on the workload, the config provider specific application profile (a provider which is associated to particular profile) should load in the orderform.

Cloud Management Application


Chef: Resource block based approach is failing in the ExecuteConfigPackage operation
  1. Navigate to the Credential module.
  2. Create a new Chef Credential, enter proper data, and submit.
  3. Navigate to the Cloud Admin portal.
  4. Click the Cloud Config Management module.
  5. Create a Chef Config Provider.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click Created Provider and Discover Now.
  8. Set up an application profile template and an application profile.
  9. Create a blueprint and add the required operation.
  10. Add data in the provider response processor mapping table.
  11. Navigate to the user portal and launch a stack. Enter proper data in the order form.
  12. Click Submit.

The ExecuteConfigPackage operation is failing with an error.

Cloud Management Application


No scroll bars while viewing log entries in the Admin portal
  1. Navigate to the Cloud Admin portal.
  2. Create a new cloud account.
  3. Set up the required data and click Discover.
  4. Click the Discovery log.
  5. Select any log and click it.
  6. Under related links, click Show log entries.

There are no scroll bars while viewing log entries in the Admin portal.

Cloud Management Application


Unable to provision the existing CFT template
  1. Navigate to User portal > Launch a Stack.
  2. Click an existing catalog.
  3. Enter proper details and provision.

Expected behavior: It should get provisioned successfully without any errors.

Actual behavior: The provision fails.

Cloud Management Application


Support for the 'Reference' type in the blueprint form Form loads of Catalog items in the Cloud portal of the Cloud Management app in Jakarta are slow.

Cloud Management Application


The Virtual Server Management Attribute field should be read-only in the order form
  1. Activate the Cloud Management plugin.
  2. Navigate to the Cloud Admin portal.
  3. Select config management and set up a Chef and Ansible config provider.
  4. Import a blueprint.
  5. Navigate to the Cloud User portal.

The Virtual Server Management Attribute field should be read-only in the order form.

Cloud Management Application


As part of the ConfigInstallable discovery, the application profile template should get created
  1. Activate the Cloud Management plugin.
  2. Navigate to the Cloud Admin portal.
  3. Set up a config provider, such as a Chef server.
  4. Set up Chef credentials.
  5. Run a discovery.
  6. As part of discovery cookbooks, nodes and config installables will be discovered.

Currently users are creating application profile template manually. As part of ConfigInstallable discovery, the application profile template should get created.

Cloud Management Application


Organization values should not be hardcoded
  1. Activate the Cloud Configuration Management plugin.
  2. Navigate to the Cloud Admin portal.
  3. Click the Ansible Tower resource block.
  4. Check the operations steps input.

In the additional parameter mapping, organization values are hardcoded.

Cloud Management Application


Resources in the steps graph vanish upon saving Edit Resource Operation
  1. Navigate to the blueprint module.
  2. Open the blueprint deployment model.
  3. Navigate to Operations > Provision.
  4. Click Load Balancer resource.
  5. Click Edit Resource Operation.
  6. Click the save button in the Edit Resource Operation window.
  7. Close the Edit Resource Operation window.
  8. Navigate to the Cloud Template tab and back to the Operations tab.

Expected behavior: The edit operation should not remove resources from the steps graph.

Actual behavior: Saving an Edit Operation, it removes a resource from the steps graph and replaces the existing Cloud template with [object Object]. The catalog generation fails with a null pointer exception.

Cloud Management Application


CFT provisioning fails for subnetpools as the failed cloud match

Cloud Management Application


Empty host interface is associated with the Ansible Tower
  1. Navigate to the resource blocks table, sn_cmp_rb_resourceblock.
  2. Click Ansible Tower.
  3. Show XML.

Cloud Management Application


Blueprint: The sequence of steps is lost in UI and the execution order of steps is not maintained even after the plan reset
  1. Login as an admin/Service Designer user.
  2. Navigate to the Blueprint module.
  3. Open any existing blueprint.
  4. Navigate to Operations > Provision.

    Note operation connections lines went missing after the upgrade.

  5. Click Reset Plan.

    Steps connection lines come back.

Expected behavior: After the upgrade, steps connections should be proper. The execution order should be maintained in UI and in the runtime.

Actual behavior: The execution order is not proper sometimes. When users deploy the catalog, the execution order is not maintained.

Cloud Management Application


Multiple IPAM actions are fired for a single request
  1. Create a blueprint.
  2. Create a resource operation policy.
  3. Add an IPAM action.
  4. Provision the blueprint.
  5. Multiple calls are fired.

Cloud Management Application


Hardcoded sys_id in CreateCatItemForOperation script include

Cloud Management Application


Values are hardcoded in the Ansible workload config provider type
  1. Activate the Cloud Management plugin.
  2. Navigate to the Cloud Admin portal.
  3. Click Resource Block.
  4. Verify Ansible workload config provider type values.

Values are hardcoded in the Ansible workload config provider type.

Cloud Management Application


Import resource should affect the operation step execution order
  1. Navigate to the Resource Block module.
  2. Create a resource block.
  3. Add an operation.
  4. Add two or more steps to the newly created operation.
  5. Check the steps execution order.
  6. Navigate to the resource main page.
  7. Export the created resource block.
  8. Import the same resource again.
  9. Check the steps execution order again.

The steps response processor script execution order gets reset after the resource import.

Cloud Management Application


The step response processor scripts execution order gets reset to 0 after import
  1. Navigate to the Resource Block module.
  2. Create a resource block.
  3. Navigate to the Resource Script tab.
  4. Create two or more response processors scripts.
  5. Navigate to the Operations tab and add a new operation.
  6. Add a step to the newly created operation.
  7. Associate two or more response processor scripts and set an execution order.
  8. Navigate to the resource main page.
  9. Export the created resource block.
  10. Import the same resource again.
  11. Check scripts execution order again.

Expected behavior: Export should capture response processors script execution information. Import should retain this information.

Actual behavior: The scripts execution order gets reset to 0 after import. The script execution order is not captured in export itself.

Cloud Management Application


Chef Discovery is failing due to different tables being used

Cloud Management Application


I18N provisioning fails for metadata binded with the availability zone when the language is changed from English to Dutch

Cloud Management Application


The lease policy is not applied
  1. Set up AWS and run discovery.
  2. Create a BP 'Volume on AWS' and create a catalog item.
  3. Create a lease policy for the above BP and set a valid time when the life cycle operation should be triggered.
  4. Provision the catalog item and the policy is applied.
  5. Look for the resource if the policy is applied.

Expected behavior: The policy should be applied and the life cycle operation should be triggered.

Actual behavior: The policy is not applied and the resource state is unchanged.

Cloud Management Application


There is a duplicate entry of OperationImplementationSteps for the registered operation on an upgraded instance

Cloud Management Application


Azure VM provision is failing due to the Azure_Create_Node_Creds_and_Associate_ to_Mgmt_Creds_Response_Processor error
  1. Activate the Cloud Management plugin.
  2. Create an Azure cloud account and run discovery.
  3. Create an Azure VM blueprint and order.

Azure VM provision is failing due to the Azure_Create_Node_Creds_and_Associate_ to_Mgmt_Creds_Response_Processor error.

Condition Builder


When loading a report or filtering lists (using List v3) with a '#' or other special characters in the condition builder, the # is removed from the filter On the new report designer, using the new List v3 condition builder, it is unable to load reports with a hash in the filter. When trying to load a filter with a hash, it strips out the hashtag and all characters following the hash.

Configuration Management Database



During certain concurrency scenario, duplicate relations might get created

Core Platform



Records with the 'null' sys_id can be created and imported Records can be created or imported with a null sys_id. Modifying these null records can modify other task records with empty parent fields.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Dependency Views

(BSM Map)


When switching to view metrics in Dependency Views, the dependency map shows in the background If users navigate to the Dependencies Views map and then right click on any CI to see the metrics, it opens the 'metric view'. When users switch to the 'Metrics' tab and move the mouse over the page, it still shows the dependency map in the background.



Unable to discover VLAN data from Cisco switches that require the SNMPv3 context Users tried to discover Cisco switches and noticed the 'SNMP - Switch - ForwardingTable: 0 OIDs' message.



The required popup is not opened and copying the text is not allowed In the pattern debugger, when users want to copy a value from the table which is in the right side, they need to do a horizontal scroll to it. Once selected, it immediately scrolls to the left without opening the required popup. Copying the selected text is not allowed.



Discovery sometimes does not complete on successive runs of a schedule




Duplicate ESX Server records are created when an ESX Server is migrated to another vCenter
  1. Discover vCenter.

    Notice that a relationship is created between the ESX Server and vCenter.

  2. Migrate the ESX Server to a different vCenter (new).
  3. Discover the vCenter that contains the migrated ESX server.

Expected behavior: The ESX Server record created in step 1 now shows a relationship to the new vCenter.

Actual behavior: An ESX server record is created that has a relationship to the new vCenter. However, the record with the relationship to the original vCenter still exists.



Discovery Status table cleaner does not update the errors status When a discovery status is removed, the associated statistics for errors should be decremented appropriately.

Edge Encryption


The Edge Encryption rule gets truncated when installing a plugin on an Oracle instance When installing the Edge Encryption plugin on an oracle instance, the encryption rule 'JSONv2 Get Default' gets truncated and the last closing brace goes missing. This causes the rule to have a syntax error and the proxy pulls it and errors out on the start-up.




Group Email is not included as a notification recipient if the email address is the same as a user email address and the user is excluded
  1. Ensure you have an email notification for the assignment group.
  2. Set a group's group email field, for example CAB Approval, to the same as that of a user. For example,
  3. Set the user, for example, abel.tuter, notification disabled or inactive.
  4. Set an incident to have that group as an assignment group, for example, CAB Approval.
  5. Navigate to the notification and perform as Preview based on the incident created.

As a result, in the preview notification, you see the user's name/email. If the user is inactive, red is struck through the user name.

Field Service Management


Memory related exception is thrown when there is a large number of maintenance plan records When there are a large number of maintenance plan records for any maintenance schedule, the planned maintenance does not generate the work order tasks. A memory related exception is thrown.

Filter Builder


List v3 treats / as a separator in the 'is one of' filter In Jakarta, the filter builder in List V3 treats '/' as a separator.

Financial Management


Project actuals are not rolling up to the portfolio level
  1. Create a portfolio and add two projects under it (P1,P2).
  2. Create separate cost plans for each projects (CP1, CP2).

    Make sure the start date and end date of cost plans fall under FY17.

  3. Select the projects from the portfolio workbench and promote the budget plan.
  4. Create expense lines for CP1 and CP2 for FY17. For example, $100 and $200.

    At this point, actuals are created at the cost_plan_breakdown level.

  5. Navigate to Budget Console > Budget Model > Project Portfolio Budget.
  6. Navigate to the Actuals tab and generate actuals for the whole fiscal period.
  7. Navigate back to the Review tab.

Expected behavior: For the portfolio created in step 1, it should show $300.

Actual behavior: It shows '-'.

Flow Designer


Flow Designer Flow/Copy action does not copy all the files

Governance, Risk and Compliance


On the policy dashboard, the policy field is not populated in the report 'compliance breakdown'
  1. Install policy and compliance.
  2. Navigate to the 'Policy' dashboard.

For the 'Compliance Breakdown' report, the policy field is not populated.

Governance, Risk and Compliance


Once the first policy is published, users cannot add the policy statement to another policy unless they unpublished the first published policy
  1. Install Policy and Compliance.
  2. Associate one or more policy statements to a policy.
  3. Publish the policy.
  4. Navigate to one of the policy statements.

Notice that you can no longer associate another policy to it.

Governance, Risk and Compliance


The 'Compliance score by department' and 'Compliance score trends' reports are not published to global

Governance, Risk and Compliance


On the published KB articles for policies, the 'requirements' no longer get added to the bottom of the published KB article When a policy is published, the KB article is created with the information about the 'requirements' (Policy statements). But sometimes when users put the policy back to review and publish again, the requirements are not included in the KB Article.

IT Asset Management


Performance Analytics widgets on SAM dashboards take a long time to load

IT Operations Management


Cloud script Type 'Shell' is case-sensitive and 'shell' does not work

IT Service Management


Updates in ITSM Automation Hub actions The Create Incident Task action is not setting the Parent field and as a result, the task that is created is not associated with the original record.

Language and Translations


Add language translations for Kingston This PRB adds language translations for various products to Kingston.

Machine Learning Platform



ML Solution (ml_solution) records are in 'Training request timed out' after activating the Agent Intelligence (com.glide.platform_ml) plugin Following the activation of Agent Intelligence (com.glide.platform_ml) plugin, no training can be done. ML Solution (ml_solution) records are not active and end up in the state 'Training request timed out'.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Machine Learning Platform


Left-align numeric columns to make interpreting solution statistics easier Currently in the class confidence and precision-coverage lookup tables, the numeric columns are right aligned and the out-of-alignment with the column labels makes it confusing to read.

Performance Analytics


Interactive filters have no data Choice lists for the indicator table, breakdown table, and report table interactive filters are empty.

Performance Analytics


The OOB Incident Management dashboard is missing as part of the PA trial plugin The 'out of the box' Incident Management dashboard, which is supposed to come with the trial version of Performance Analytics for Incident Management is absent.

Performance Analytics



The Column Chart widget with the 'Previous period chart' box checked does not render the first and the last bar available for a full year period
  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Widgets.
  2. Create a widget with the following values:
    • Type: Time Series
    • Visualization: Line
    • Indicator: Number of Open Incidents
    • Time Series: By Avg +
  3. Select the Previous period chart checkbox.
  4. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Jobs.
  5. Open the job, select [PA Incident] Daily Data Collection, and click Run.
  6. Navigate back to Performance Analytics > Dashboard.
  7. Click the '+' sign on the top right corner to add content to the dashboard.
  8. Select Performance Analytics > Time Series.
  9. Add the newly created widget to the dashboard.

Note that the first and the last bar are not displayed in the chart.



Filtering on tags in the list view for CMDB generates an error message in Jakarta
  1. On the filter navigator, navigate to Business Services.
  2. In the list view, create a filter with 'Tags'.
  3. For the 'Tags' filter, make it 'Tags has Contacts'.

Notice that when you run the filter, an error occurs.



An update set that drops and recreates a CMDB table deletes and other cloned elements If an update set drops and recreates a table inheriting from CMDB, and the update set is manually altered in a certain way, columns that are in use on CMDB may be dropped, leading to data loss and outage.



In Jakarta it is not possible to override the Display flag on CMDB.Name once it is set After the upgrade, the display value of one of the tables changed, picking up the display value from the parent table instead of its own display value.



Sys_documentation records for TPP cloned descendants fields are missing Base sys_documentation records are not duplicated for descending tables on CMDB hierarchy (TPP), resulting in a 'record not found' message when attempting to configure labels from a child table form.



The table extending cmdb_ci is missing all parent columns when installing an app that adds fields to cmdb_ci When installing a scoped application containing a table which extends cmdb_ci, the table is created and marked as extending cmdb_ci. However, it is missing all the columns that should have come from cmdb_ci. This problem happens when:
  • There is an app being installed (not an update set or plugin).
  • The app creates custom tables extending CMDB (or a descendant).
  • The app adds custom fields to CMDB (or a descendant). In this circumstance, the parent columns from CMDB do not get 'cloned' to the new custom tables.

Platform Security


Need to remove '*' from the 'Allow Embedded HTML Code' configuration listed on the security dashboard As the categorization has been changed for the configuration 'Allow Embedded HTML Code' from Mandatory to Recommended, this change needs to be reflected on the security dashboard as well. This can be done by removing '*' symbol from the title of the guided setup content.

Project Management


Use of parallelStream in the Java code



Single score reports can show negative values when using real time updates Sometimes a single score report that is real-time updating can show a negative value, which should be impossible because there cannot be a negative number of records. This was reproduced with a normal table and not a data source.

Service Analytics


OI Metrics 'Canvas' is being cut off in the Service Mapping metrics view The 'working' canvas of the Metric Explorer is being displayed in a smaller size of the page.

Service Analytics


Distributed cluster can start on a MID Server even when the OI extension fails to start MID Server can process data only if the OI extension has started. If for some reason the extension fails to start, the data will not be processed. Because the Ignite cluster does not know the extension has failed, and it continues to send data to the MID Server and it will end up losing the data in case the extension is not started within an hour.

Service Analytics


AWS Connector does not paginate to collect all metrics The listmetrics API returns only 5000 metrics in one request. Users need to make multiple calls to get all the data. The fix is to use the token provided by the API to make additional requests if needed.

Service Level Agreement



SLA Repair does not recreate the correct SLAs if one or more SLA definitions match its reset condition and the condition uses the new advanced condition types (changes/changesFrom/changesTo)
  1. Create the following new SLA definition:
    • Name: Reset test
    • Schedule source: No schedule
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Start condition: Active is true
    • Stop condition: Active is false
    • Reset condition: Assignment group changes to Service Desk
  2. Create an incident, leaving the assignment group empty and confirm that the 'Reset test' SLA you just created is attached.
  3. Change the assignment group to 'Service Desk', save and confirm that the original task SLA for 'Reset test' has been cancelled and a new one is attached.
  4. Update the incident twice more by adding a character to the Short Description field and confirm that you still have 2 Task SLAs for the 'Reset test' attached.
  5. Click Repair SLAs from the Incident form.

You will see that you have 4 Task SLAs for Reset test.

Service Mapping


AWS (ALB) failed with 'Missing pattern-based outgoing connections from load balancer. Please check the correctness of the incoming connection' The fix enables the correct discovery, identification, and connections of Amazon AWS Application ELB.

Service Mapping


Amazon external setup shows the wrong topology map

Service Mapping


When a pattern has a library step and a precondition, the step will always be executed in debug mode. However, it will never be executed in runtime, no matter what the condition is On the Unix pattern library, Amazon AWS and Apache include preconditions, which should be deleted.

Service Mapping



WMI Collector service is not started on MID Servers on Windows machines set to non-English language
  1. Install a MID Server on a non-English Windows server (for example, Japanese).
  2. Install the MID Server.
  3. Try to run horizontal discovery on a Windows computer with MSSQL/IIS/tocal. Make sure that the process classifier is using patterns and not probes.

The first installation attempt will always fail.

Service Mapping


Issues with the implied match feature

Service Mapping


Redis database is not discovered

Service Mapping


The "get the broker report to variable" step can cause performance issues Information from the "get the broker report to variable" step is only used by connection sections; the step is unnecessary for horizontal discovery.

Service Mapping


Environments are not picked up for recomputation when the is_recomputing field is NULL The recomputation logic is based on the fact that is_recomputing == false picks up environments for the recomputation. When is_recomputing is NULL, and last_recomputation is NULL as well, this logic does not work as expected, thus environments that need the recomputation are not picked up. The query should be changed to handle such situations.

Service Mapping


Fail to discover Oracle RAC connection if they are directly in the web.config file and fail to search within files web.config refers to This fix adds the ability to identify the connection section to Oracle RAC within the IIS configuration file: web.config, and the ability to read referred files from IIS the configuration file: web.config.

Furthermore, the fix enables the correct discovery and creates the connection of IIS virtual directory to databases.

Service Mapping


Better identify IIS IIS discovery fails when the entry point IP address does not match the IP address IIS is listening on. However, in IIS this means that IIS listens on all IPs.

Service Mapping


Add a condition to one of the steps in the connection section When the connection is not created, the 'Citrix Application Icon' CI cannot be discovered.

Service Mapping


OOTB HAProxy pattern is creating duplicate connections Duplicate CIs are created on the map. This fix will enable the correct discovery and identification of HA Proxy.

Service Mapping


Pop up messages get stuck at times

Service Mapping


Cannot perform POST query to AWS

Service Mapping


MSSQL database is missing MSSQL database is not discovered on Windows machines because it has '_' in the name

Service Mapping


Jboss is not discovered Jboss is not discovered because the OS on the pattern was changed from 'All' to only Windows and Unix.

Service Mapping


IIS horizontal discovery fails when there are no running websites Users are experiencing issues with pattern IIS failures.

Service Portal


Switching 'Type' to anything except 'Page' hides the Page field Icon Link widget options: Switching 'Type' to anything except 'Page' hides the Page field. This makes the widget not work because it does not know what to open (except when the Type is set to URL or Page).
  1. Add the Icon Link widget to the Service Portal page.
  2. Open instance options.
  3. Set Type to anything except Page and URL (e.g. KB Article).
  4. Set the secondary field (e.g. KB00001).
  5. Save options.

Preview to see that the widget does not open the correct item without a page defined.

Service Portal


On Windows 10 tablets or specific desktop touch screens in IE11, Service Portal has a vertical scrollbar issue The portal display shows a double scroll-bar. This issue only occurs on Chrome and Windows 10 Edge laptops with a touch screen. If users go into Device Manager and disable touch screen, the problem disappears.

Service Portal


The 'Target' HTML link attribute is not working in the Service Portal header in the avatar dropdown The 'Target' HTML link attribute is not working in the Service Portal header and prevents the link from working at all.

Service Portal


In the Form widget, saving record does not capture unposted comment or worknote left in the ticket-conversation input In Service Portal, CTRL+S or Save dose not capture the comments and worknotes.

Vendor Security Risk Assessment



An incorrect number of answered questions and total questions may be displayed on the vendor portal The vendor portal shows an incorrect number of answered questions and total questions. The fix for this PRB ensures that the number of answered questions and total question is accurate.

Vulnerability Response



Failed to run CWE Comprehensive 2000 Integration
  1. Install the Vulnerability Response plugin.
  2. Navigate to Vulnerability > Integrations.
  3. Click and run CWE Comprehensive 2000 Integration.

Notice the integration fails.

Vulnerability Response


PA jobs collecting data for the vulnerable item indicator fail PA indicator 'Vulnerable Items' breakdown refers to the newly non-existent field Assignment Group, breaking the vulnerability PA data collection.



stage_states are empty in wf_context records Records excluded by the previous fix remain in a broken state due to the wf_context.stage_states value being empty.

Other Kingston Patch 2 information

Create or modify patterns
To make the MID Server run this pattern only if the process identified on a CI matches the classification criteria for this pattern, select Enforce Process Classification.
All simplified patterns created from generic applications, have this attribute enabled. For more information about creating process classification, see Discovery classifiers.

Fixes included with Kingston Patch 2

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.