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Kingston Patch 12

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Kingston Patch 12

The Kingston Patch 12 release contains fixes to these problems.

Kingston Patch 12 was released on December 13, 2018.
Build date: 12-04-2018_0932
Build tag: glide-kingston-10-17-2017__patch12-11-28-2018
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Kingston.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Kingston fixed problems, see KB0623762.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related fixes

Kingston Patch 12 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Kingston Patch 12, refer to KB0720478.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce




Saving a form with a currency field results in the currency field getting multiplied by 100 Even if a user doesn't make changes to a currency field on a form, saving the record results in the currency value getting multiplied by 100. This issue occurs when a user's language is set to English and their country is set to US.
  1. Create a Currency field on the incident table called Test Currency.
  2. Open two browser sessions (for example, Chrome and Chrome incognito).
  3. In session 1 log in as System Administrator user and be sure his System Settings have the language set to English.
  4. In session 1, open INC0000015.
  5. In session 2 log in as the ITIL user and make sure the user's System Settings have the language set to Spanish.
  6. In session 2, open the same incident (INC0000015).
  7. In session 1, set the Test Currency field value to a number between 1 and 999 and save the form.
    • Notice in session 2 that the Test Currency field is marked as updated.
  8. In session 2, update the title and save the record.
    • Notice in session 2 that the Test Currency field is updated and multiplied by 100.
    • Notice in session 1 that the Test Currency field is updated and multiplied by 100.
  9. In session 2 Set the Test Currency field value to a number between 1 and 999 and save the form.
    • Notice in session 1 that the Test Currency field is updated.
  10. In session 1, update the title and save the record.
    • Notice in session 2 that the Test Currency field is updated and multiplied by 100.
    • Notice in session 1 that the Test Currency field is updated and multiplied by 100.

Security Access Control Lists



Checklist templates restricted to specific groups are not available to non-admin group members The checklist template should be available to only members of the selected group and the user who created the checklist. However, checklists are no longer available for group members.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Forms and Fields



Glide list fields set to read-only via client script or UI policy do not update the value when the form is saved After upgrading to Jakarta, if a user sets a Glide list type field to read-only with a UI policy, client script, dictionary or ACL, if the value for this field is updated with scripts, it does not get saved when the form is submitted.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Forms and Fields



Update Selected/Update All does not work if a formatter named 'Checklist' is present in default form view
  1. Open any one of the sc_task records and make sure that the Checklist formatter is not on the form.
  2. Go to the list view of sc_task records and select multiple records to be updated.
  3. Right-click on the column name and select Update Selected from the context menu.
  4. Try selecting a value for the reference fields like Assignment group.

    Note that the lookup icon to select works correctly.

  5. Open one of the sc_task records. Right-click in the former header and choose Configure > Form Layout.
  6. Add the Checklist formatter to the form.
  7. Repeat the previous process and try updating multiple records.

Note that none of the reference lookups work and an error appears in the logs. You are not able to select a value for the reference field to update the records.

Change Management



The CAB Workbench displays incorrect date/time values for planned start and end dates When setting the timezone for a CAB meeting to Eastern, the planned start and end date for the change requests differ from the change request record and the CAB workbench meeting's listed dates.

All other fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Asset Management


The counter on 'Capture asset tags' can disappear
  1. Navigate to Procurement > Orders > Purchase Orders.
  2. Select a purchase order with a status of Ordered or Pending Delivery.
  3. On the order form, click Receive.

    The Receive Purchase Order screen is displayed with the list of the products that were ordered.

  4. To enter asset details, click Capture Asset tags.
  5. In the Capture Asset Tag dialog box, click Insert a new row.
  6. Enter the asset tag, serial number, rights, and license key.
  7. Click Insert a new row again.

A message appears: 'Asset tag or serial number is not specified. The system generates empty tags that can be updated later.' There is no counter.

Change Management



During a meeting using the CAB Workbench, attendee's names are displayed incorrectly In CAB meetings, the attendees' names and display pictures are matched incorrectly or switched with another user.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Change Management


The 'Refresh Agenda Items' UI action contains confusing text After clicking the 'Refresh Agenda Items' UI action, there is a pop up that says: "Once the agenda items have been refreshed, would you like to send meeting invites to any new or updated attendees?" The message notifies all attendees instead of just the new attendees.
  1. Go to any CAB Meeting.
  2. Go to the Attendees related list.
  3. Add a new attendee record.
  4. Go back to the CAB Meeting form.

Neither 'Refresh agenda item' or 'Send meeting request to attendees' can be used to notify only the newly added attendee.

Cloud Management Application


Unable to append tags to the resource group and NIC resources in Azure Portal
  1. Create a blueprint with a VM and an additional volume.
  2. Provision in Azure.

Only the VM and the root disk get the tags. NIC, resourcegroup, additional volume do not have the tags assigned.

Cloud Management Application


"Reconcile CI" issues: Excessive memory usage and events backup as workers are busy When Cloud Discovery is complete, 'Reconcile CI', an async business rule, is triggered to mark CIs as stale. This uses a full table scan rather than querying only relevant data.

Cloud Management Application


Cloud scripts issues
  • Parameters are not resolved for the post-provisioning step. For example, ${parameter.StackName} shows up as blank.
  • Parameters are not synced in the OS profile association for the cloud script.

Issue 1

  1. Create a cloud script.
  2. Add a parameter (e.g. Message), and add the default value as ${parameter.StockName}.
  3. Use the script in a post provisioning step, such as ExecuteScript or use it with NodeAccess.ExecuteSSH. The value of the message shows up as "" in the actual script.

Issue 2

  1. Create a cloud script.
  2. Associate the cloud script to an OS profile. It automatically imports the variables defined for the cloud script.
  3. Change the variable default value in the cloud script.
  4. Check the OS profile association. The variable default is still the old value.

Cloud Management Application


Data from forms should be read before making the prefill form
  1. Create a simple blueprint for AWS.
  2. In a catalog item, add a client script to set the value for the stack name to Test001.
  3. Add a form load rule that hides the Application and Business Service when the stack name is Test001.
  4. Navigate to the user portal and click the catalog item.

When the catalog item is launched, the value for the stack name is 'Test001', but the Application and Business Service are still visible.

Cloud Management Application


Location parameters should autoload with the cloud account When the form loads, the location parameter does not load based on the cloud account. To properly populate the Location field, users with multiple cloud accounts have to toggle between their cloud accounts anytime a catalog item order form is opened.

Cloud Management Application


Azure Billing: Even though billing probes are not processed (no import set rows in import set) for Cloud Management, the billing job is marked as successfully finished When the Azure billing job is run, an error message appears in the node logs.

Condition Builder


'New UI' Filter Condition Builder: Missing translation for 'OR' and 'AND' when creating a filter The AND and OR conditions in the 'new UI' Filter Condition Builder are not translated to selected languages other than English.
  1. Enable another language other than English, such as French.
  2. Set the instance language to French.
  3. Navigate to incident.list.
  4. Open the 'new UI' filter condition builder.
  5. Press the AND and OR filter buttons.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Affected CI Notifications - Recipients receive multiple emails for the same notification and the jobs can take a long time generating the emails
  1. Create an INT on a bond trading CI.
  2. Impersonate different users, such as Fred Luddy and Ron Kettering.
  3. Subscribe to the bond trading CI.
  4. Log in as a third user, like David Loo, and update the INT.
  5. Wait for a few minutes and check the sys_email table.

There are 2 emails about the affected CI notification for each recipient instead of 1.

CSM Communities


Community portal widget URLs are broken if the portal name is changed When the url_suffix changes for a community portal, links are broken because they still point to the previous URL suffix.
  1. Change the community portal's url_suffix.
  2. Traverse all links from all pages.

Some links are broken because they still point to the previous URL suffix.

Customer Service Management


Research performance issues with dynamic recipient lists for publications There are some performance issues for the scheduled job that refreshes publications with recipients. Improving the scheduled job's performance will allow users to run this scheduled job more frequently.

Customer Service Management


The Updated and Updated By fields on the sn_customerservice_case table display incorrect dates after completing the data migration task

Customer Service Management


When guest users click Live Chat and include a question mark in the description field of the record producer, the page hangs

If a guest user chooses the Live Chat link on the /csp portal page, they are redirected to a public service catalog page that is a record producer. The record producer prompts them to enter:

  • their first name
  • their last name
  • their email address
  • a brief description of their issue
  • a simple categorization of the issue as Product or Billing

If the brief description contains a question mark character (?), when they click Submit, they will get a pop-up that hangs instead of redirecting them to a chat agent queue.

Dashboards and Home Pages


Dashboards and homepages do not refresh reports automatically when the interactive filter value is changed When a report and interactive filter exist in a scoped application and glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout is set to false, the interactive filter only refreshes the report in the edit mode. However, the interactive filter does not work when viewing the dashboard.



On Windows, patterns do not create choice list entries for Engine Edition In previous releases when using probes, Engine Edition choice list values were created by SQL Server Sensor. After moving to pattern-based discovery, Engine Edition choice list values are not created.

Using a Discovery SQL Server on Windows, check sys_choice for cmdb_ci_db_mssql_instance. engine_edition. Verify that the discovered values are not getting created.



Load balancer does not get discovered because of IRE errors



Discovery external credentials: Performance and credential affinity issues When Discovery queries an external credentials provider API (ex: CyberArk) to fetch credentials, there are three performance problems resulting in many unnecessary hits to the vault:
  1. The MID Server queries the API for all credentials of same type in the credential list, rather than using the credential affinity to first fetch and try just the one credential.
  2. The MID Server queries the API for all credentials of the same type in the credential list, rather than stopping when it finds a credential which succeeds against the discovery target.
  3. CyberArk only: If there are N Discovery credentials where Credential ID key was not found via the API, MID Server will query the API N times using the same IP address rather than just once, and can assign affinity to credential where Credential ID does not exist in the vault.

Refer to CyberArk integration configuration for more information.



SNMP walk commands are not built correctly when generating them for querying a table using a filter that matches more than 1 row

When configuring an SNMP query using probes, there is an option to use a filter to reduce the input's size. First, all records that match the filter are fetched. For each index\row found, all requested fields are fetched by building an SNMP walk commands.

However, when the filter applies to more than 1 row, instead of appending the current index to the current field, indexes are accumulated.



Serverless execution patterns are not executed with different URL parameters provided The discovery schedule for serverless does not work when there are two serverless execution patterns with different parameters. It picks up only one of the parameters.

Event Management


Alert Console: An error message appears when clicking on an alert: "Tear off called for a non existent reference field"
  1. Open the Alert Console.
  2. Click on one of the alerts.

Event Management


Errors occur when running RCA leaner jobs calculation on MID Server RCAlistener errors are displayed in the MID Server logs. This issue seems to happen when there is a proxy between the MID Server and the instance.

Event Management


Connected Services Cache - (ConnectedBSGraphCache) is working insufficiently For customers with many connected services, it may take a long time to calculate the impact due to frequent cache calculation.

Forms and Fields



When glide.sys.date_format = dd-MM-yyyy, date values are corrupted When glide.sys.date_format = dd-MM-yyyy, date values are corrupted in the HR read only variable editor on the update of an hr_case record created from a record producer.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Forms and Fields


The read-only values in a dropdown are visible if the user presses the up or down keys while the input has focus

Forms and Fields



Reference field in CMS after Kingston upgrade does not display the popup preview when hovering over the 'i' info icon In the CMS/ESS portal, when clicking on any reference icon in the form, the pop-up displays for a brief moment and disappears immediately.
  1. As admin, navigate to /ess/
  2. Open INC0000005.
  3. To view the referenced user record, click the reference icon for Caller or any other reference field.

The popup for the reference icon displays very briefly, then it disappears.

Human Resources Service Management


HR Condition may not evaluate correctly for users when using an OR clause
  1. Using the sys_user table, create a HR Criteria with HR Conditions.
  2. Set up the conditions as follows.
    • Condition: Name starts with A
    • OR CLAUSE (different than OR condition)
    • Condition: Name starts with A
  3. On an HR Service, set the field hr_criteria to this HR criteria record.
  4. To test the HR criteria, go to Create new case and search for an employee whose name does not start with A.

The criteria is incorrectly available for users whose name does not start with A.

Human Resources Service Management


Additional comments in HR cases are saved in IE but not Chrome
  1. Impersonate the system administrator.
  2. Create new HR cases or open any case.
  3. Change the state to WIP.
  4. Fill in the additional comments.
  5. Click Suspend.
  6. Fill the reason and worknotes and suspend.

Additional comments should be saved, but they are not.

Human Resources Service Management


HR announcements might not display on the HR Portal if their start date is compared to the current date in GMT For example, if the instance is in the Australia/Sydney timezone and an HR announcement (sn_hr_core_link) has its start_date set to '2018-10-26', and you check the HR Portal on '2018-10-26' at 9:00 AM AEDT (Sydney time), the announcement is not displayed. The announcement will only show up after 10:00 AM AEDT (2018-10-26 00:00 GMT).
  1. Set the instance's timezone to Australia/Sydney.
  2. Create an sn_hr_core_link record.
  3. Set the start date to your current date based on the above timezone.
  4. Navigate to the HR Portal between 00:00 and 11:00 AM Sydney time. The announcement will not be displayed.
  5. Navigate to the HR Portal after 11:00 AM Sydney time.

The announcement is displayed.

Human Resources Service Management



HR: Integration imports cause slow events When using the HR Integrations application, there are long running 'events process' jobs which make events seem stuck.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Import / Export


When a user clicks the Preview button on an export definition record, the list's filter options are not responsive and the preview list columns are not sortable Starting in Istanbul, the export definition preview list columns are not sortable and the list's filter options are not responsive. The console logs show several uncaught reference errors.
  1. As admin, go to System Export Sets > Export Definitions.
  2. Click New. Example definition:
    • Name: Incidents
    • Table: Incident [incident]
    • Fields: Number, Opened, State
  3. Add a filter: Active is false.
  4. Save the record.
  5. Click Preview.

    A preview list is displayed.

The preview list columns are not sortable, and you cannot adjust the list's filter using the filter breadcrumbs or the Show/Hide Filters button.



Running flow with integration payload results in slower reporting and flow persistence In Flow Designer, users may use Integration Steps more like the REST step. As they retrieve payloads, large numbers of rows are written to sys_json_chunk, which can slow down reporting and flow persistence.

Knowledge Management


Images in knowledge article tables are not displaying properly when published When text or images are inserted into a KB article through a table with the correct format, and users click View Article, the images are not displayed or they appear smaller.




The user preference to set the default go to search field in a list is not honored in List v3

The user preference to set the default search category in a list is not honored in List v3. In List v2, setting the 'db.order' user preference would not only affect which column the list was default sorted on, but also what the default search category on that list would be.

For example:
  • incident.db.order
  • value: name
  • system:true
  • user: [blank]

This would set the default search category on the incident list to Name. In List v3, this only affects the sort column.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




On touchscreen laptops, double scrollbar appear on the form In Windows 10 touchscreen laptops on Chrome, a double vertical scrollbar appears on forms.
  1. On a Windows 10 touchscreen laptop, use the Chrome browser to navigate to any list, for example, navigate to Incident > All .
  2. Open any record.

Note that the screen shows double vertical scrollbars.

On-call Scheduling


On-Call Schedule entries have an incorrect 'end time' when they are created from schedules with dates in Daylight Savings Time When creating On-Call Schedule entries, if you select dates in the WHEN field which are outside the Daylight Savings dates (March 11 - November 4), you will get an inconsistent start and end time in your rota. Schedule Entries are created with an incorrect 'end time' when they are created from schedules with dates in the Daylight savings dates. The start and end time shifts by one hour from expected due to the dates selected in the schedule entry.

On-call Scheduling


A user with appropriate access is not able to view or search their own schedules in the 'On-call Schedules' module The On-Call Schedules tile does not populate any data as all the schedules need to be loaded in the "All on-call schedules" tab. In addition, the All On-Call Schedules tile does not show any groups or schedules when a name is typed into the filter.

On-call Scheduling


Overlapping time-off creation should be allowed across groups When scheduling time off for a user on one rota, users cannot schedule the same time off for the same user on another rota. An error message is shown: "Timeoff request for the user overlaps existing request."
  1. Install the On-call Scheduling plugin.
  2. Create a schedule with a user (Beth Anglin) for a specific group.
  3. Create another schedule for a different group that the first user is a part of. If they are not part of that group, add them.
  4. On one of the rotas, schedule time off.
  5. On the other rota, schedule the same time off for the same user.

The original time off should show on all schedules the user is associated with, but an error message is displayed: "Timeoff request for the user overlaps existing request."



Multiple CIs can appear with the same chassis serial number Cisco Nexus switches implementing Virtual Device Context (VDC) virtual switches that are discovered with the Network Switch pattern are returning the same chassis serial number for all VDCs, resulting in multiple CIs with the same chassis serial number.




DataPower Server pattern throws an error While discovering IBM DataPower devices, an error in the 'DataPower Server' pattern gets thrown at the final identification engine status.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



The pattern 'Network Switch' fails due to neighbor interface being down or neighbor not being discovered The pattern library 'SNMP - CDP and LLDP' may get identification errors because of duplicated neighbor_id for discovery_device_neighbors record.




As downstream connections, pattern "F5 BigIP LTM" fails
  1. Run discovery on Business Service.
  2. Pattern 'F5 BigIP GTM' works, creating an outgoing connection.

    Pattern 'F5 BigIP LTM' fails.

  3. Run debug on pattern 'F5 BigIP LTM' from the discovery log.

    It works.

In the discovery log of pattern 'F5 BigIP GTM', the port for the outgoing connection is 0.



Need to enable the correct discovery and identification of Windows 2016 on Hyper-V The 'Hyper-V Virtual Networks' pattern should be modified to support getting networks from Hyper-V servers running on 2016 (both standalone and running on Windows Server 2016).
  1. Make sure the appropriate Windows Classification record is set up to run Patterns (e.g. Windows 2016, Hyper-V).
  2. Run a Discovery scan against a Windows Server running Hyper-V.
  3. Once complete, check the 'cmdb_ci_hyper_v_network' table and see that there are no networks here being created.



The MS SQL Enrich Attribute Library is inactive by default in London instances, causing the MSSQL DB on Windows patterns to fail

Run discovery on a Windows server that has a SQL server instance running on it.

The discovery fails with an error under Identification for MS SQL Server: 'Failed to find library by name: 9c3db3fb51234dbabc963f7c35ddc3ab.'



Cisco interfaces and Cisco VIPs are not discovered properly due to version issues ACE load balances are missing the capability to properly discover Cisco interfaces and Cisco VIPs.



Issue with pattern 'Oracle DB on Windows' The pattern's query steps need to get updated to reflect the correct variable.



Netapp query doesn't run in the debug mode The operation 'run netapp query' doesn't return results. Instead, an incorrect message about a credential issue appears.



The Azure DataBase pattern fails to process empty results and internal server errors 500 received from Azure

Performance Analytics


Performance Analytics: The breakdown relation does not work as expected If both the first and second breakdowns are in the same breakdown relation, the detailed scorecard shows incorrect elements and corresponding scores on the second level breakdown to breakdown relation.

Project Management


Copy project breaks the dates of the project Planned end dates are not recalculated properly in the copied project.

Project Portfolio Management


Incorrect count on related lists in List v3: On the Project form, the Resource Plan related list record counter display the incorrect count When the List v3 plugin is activated, the Resource Plan related list record count is displayed incorrectly on the Project form.




Trend reports show duplicate second-level group by values (on the chart and the legend) When grouping by related records that have identical names, Trend and Column reports show duplicate results.
  1. Create a new Trend or Column report with the table asmt_metric_result.
  2. Configure the report with the following values:
    • Grouped by: Metric Definition
    • Trend by: Created
    • Per: Month
    • Aggregation: Count

Note the duplicated values in the columns and in the legend as well. If you click on duplicate elements, they point to the same list.




The breakdown filter on dashboard resets on switching tabs - NullPointerException
  1. Create a new dashboard.
  2. Add a breakdown acting as an interactive filter.
  3. Add another tab to the dashboard.
  4. Add a single score report to the first tab, and set the Follow interactive filter flag for the report.
  5. Select a breakdown element.
  6. Switch to the second tab.
  7. Go to another dashboard and come back to the original dashboard.

The report filter is reset upon coming back to the original dashboard. Refreshing dashboard restores the filter.



In interactive filters, date filter list values are not translated in other languages The date filter is not translated for non-English users.




New Reporting UI broken when using a UI15 theme other than 'System' The Report designer is broken when using UI15 with any theme other than 'System.'

This is reproducible in Jakarta Patch 9c. It works fine in Jakarta Patch 8b.

  1. Switch to UI15.
  2. Navigate to Reports > Create New.
  3. If using the Classic UI, click Switch to New UI.
  4. Try creating a simple report and notice that everything works as expected.
  5. Now change the theme of the instance other than "System", such as Heisenberg.
  6. Navigate back to Reports > Create New.
  7. If using the Classic UI, click Switch to New UI.

There is additional white space added to the left of report configuration. Additionally, there is no content displaying on the main section. If you scroll down, the report is displayed at the bottom.




Using a date filter while using group by on the 'title' in column type reports does not display data in bar graphs The issue occurs when the values in the same group have the same text, but the casing is different. Thus one may be partially lower case and the other one upper case. This will cause them to seem like different groupings, which causes this conflict.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Resource Management


The 'Update Resource Aggregates' UI action does not work properly On some upgraded instances, aggregates don't have tasks populated, which causes a mismatch in reports and blank rows in the resource finder. In addition, updating aggregates with the 'Update Resource Aggregates' UI action on the form does not work (i.e. creating aggregates without populating task).

Service Mapping


Process detection failing on Solaris Solaris process detection can fail when the version of the local zone is below 11.2 and the version of the global zone is 11.2 or higher.

Service Mapping


install_status is no longer updated on LB patterns The F5 LB SSH Pattern no longer updates the install_status for LB services. Some users use install_status for lifecycle processes.

Software Asset Management Professional


One-click-revert feature which can revert the instance back to the OOB version

Some existing tables are reused in the Software Asset Management Professional plugin. Some users may have customizations on those preexisting tables, and when the SAMP plugin is activated, the SAMP changes are not applied to those tables.

The fix for this PRB introduces the Revert Customizations module, which allows you to catch all SAMP customizations, roll them back, and make the SAMP product out-of-box. The Revert Customizations module is only visible to system admin users only. When the module is selected, a summary of all SAMP skipped records is shown. To revert all of the files in the list view, click Revert.

Software Asset Management Professional


Performance improvement for pulling Office 365 subscriptions

Software Asset Management Professional



Import Office 365 user subscriptions take a long time to run and fail with an error This issue affects users with a large number of subscriptions. The scheduled job 'Import Office 365 user subscriptions' takes a long time to run, and then fails with an error.
  1. Set up a Microsoft Office 365 integration according to the instructions in Set up Microsoft Office 365 integration.
  2. Wait until the scheduled job 'Import Office 365 user subscriptions' starts, or manually start it.

The job takes a very long time to run, then fails.

Time Card Management



Adding notes to a time card in the Worker Portal causes instance slowdown and unavailability if the user adding the notes has just numbers in the user_name column When a user goes to the Worker Portal to add notes to the time cards, the instance will slow down and become unavailable. This issue is caused by users with only numbers in the user_name column of their profiles.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Time Card Management


In the Worker Portal, the 'Add unassigned tasks to time sheet' link displays ASCII for some characters

The Plugin Time Card Management comes with a portal called Worker Portal. Its URL is This portal has a link: 'Add unassigned tasks to Time Sheet.' When this link is clicked, it shows a search box. The results from searching in this box will show ASCII for some letters and accents. For example, the word rejeição will show as rejeição

This issue impacts certain non-English languages, such as Portuguese, because some heavily rely on accents.

  1. Activate the Time Card Management plugin. If you are using a Jakarta instance, you must also activate the Time Card Portal plugin.
  2. Navigate to incident record INC0000027 ( 198100063e60278f76ec).
  3. In the Short Description, add the text Testando rejeição (translation: rejection testing).
  4. Save the incident.
  5. Navigate to the portal
  6. Click Add unassigned tasks to time sheet.
  7. Search for the word Test.

The search results show the word rejeição as rejeição

Upgrade Engine Issues


Translated text (sys_translated_text) is not present when installing an application When an application has application files with translated fields, the translations are included in the file. However, when installing the application on another instance, the translations are not installed into the translated text table.

Upgrade Engine Issues


Exporting and then importing XML on a sys_dictionary record generates an 'empty' sys_db_object record Unloading (as opposed to updating) sys_dictionary generates 'empty' sys_db_object records. This can occur during upgrades, plugin and application installs, and XML import.
  1. Export any sys_dictionary record, such as task.short_description.
  2. Import that same sys_dictionary record.

Vulnerability Response


Vulnerable item 'Closed' date and 'Closed by' fields are not updated after Kingston upgrade After upgrading to Kingston, when importing 'Fixed' detections from the Qualys Cloud Platform application, the matching vulnerable items' state is updated to 'Closed'. However, the 'Closed' date and 'Closed by' fields are not updated.



Multiple workflow timers fail with an error "Cannot find function getGlideDateTime in object" Users get the error "Cannot find function getGlideDateTime in object" in all timer activities on a workflow.

Other Kingston Patch 12 information

CyberArk integration configuration
For credential lookups in versions at Kingston Patch 12 and later, the MID Server finds the credential by matching the credential identifier to a name in vault, which must be unique. If the Credential identifier field is blank, then the MID Server finds the credential by IP address.
Revert Software Asset Management customizations
You must revert customizations after installing Software Asset Management for the first time, or upgrading from Software Asset Management Foundation plugin, for all features to function as intended. The Revert Customizations module in Software Asset Management administration reverts customizations of files related to Software Asset Management to base configuration that were skipped during the installation or upgrade process.

Fixes included

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.