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Kingston Patch 1

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Kingston Patch 1

The Kingston Patch 1 release contains fixes to these problems.

Kingston Patch 1 was released on January 11, 2018.
Build date: 01-03-2018_0843
Build tag: glide-kingston-10-17-2017__patch1-12-12-2017
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Kingston.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Kingston fixed problems, see KB0623762.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Kingston Patch 1 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Kingston Patch 1, refer to KB0662222.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce




During the TPP migration, if a row size limitation error occurs, the CMDB table may experience data loss

During TPP migration, a MySQL row size limitation error can occur when the CMDB table and its child tables have a large number of medium text fields. The migration does not fail gracefully and the row size limitation error can result in data loss. When this problem is encountered, it will cause the state of the migration to show Failed (with errors). Check the sys_tpp_migration record for Base Configuration Item [cmdb] to see the state of the TPP migration, including detail on the affected table.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




The page value in a list v2 in IE11 is not displaying correctly When using List v2 in IE11, changes to pagination values are not reflected. However, this works as expected in Chrome.
  1. Make sure List v2 is enabled.
  2. In IE11, navigate to Incident > Open.
  3. Modify the pagination value in the top right.

The page numbers do not increment past 1.

Asynchronous Message Bus


Queued AMB messages can push session waiters beyond the 'Max Waiters' threshold, resulting in ignored requests AMB messages queued for delivery can push a session's waiting transactions beyond the system's allowed maximum amount. The result is that legitimate UI requests are ignored.




In Helsinki (UI16), List v3 has performance and availability issues compared to List v2 After upgrading to List v3 (a new feature in Helsinki), a substantial difference is noticeable in performance, specifically on load time.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Slowness and potential browser lock ups When attempting to add extended fields of cmdb_ci (and likely any other Table Per Partition) fields, large table structures can cause adding those fields to be slow, and potentially locking the browser.

This may occur in any place where users are able to add extended fields using a slushbucket, like in the report builder or when trying to add dot-walk fields to forms using the form layout.



Performance issues occur when multiple 'discovery.phase.complete' events are processed Processing multiple 'discovery.phase.complete' events results in the consumption of the same sys_mutex key, which causes performance issues.




Some relationships are not showing on CMDB related lists, and searches against CMDB tables are not returning all records
  1. Upgrade from a pre-Jakarta version.
  2. Look directly in the database for how many of the entries in cmdb$par1, $par2, etc. have a NULL sys_class_path.

If working with a command-line client like "sudo snow query", remember to escape the $ symbol.

For example: sudo snow query mycustomer "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM cmdb\$par2 WHERE sys_class_path IS NULL




Accessing a public report of the type list deletes the default record of the report table from sys_ui_list, causing the default list for a table to revert to its system-generated version Accessing the results of a public report from the type list causes the default record from the sys_ui_list table to be deleted. Any list layout configured by the administrator is lost. In addition, a record is created by the guest user on the sys_ui_list table with an empty View field.

Audit History


The activity log is capturing incorrect workflow changes The Stage field in the Requested Item shows the same value for old and new stage in the History Set.

All Other Fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce



Approval Coordinator with a Manual Approval child activity errors out when pre-generating approvals When using a Manual Approval activity inside an Approval Coordinator, any Generate activity fails to generate approvals. The error "Cannot read property 'duration' from null" appears in logs.



Manually created approval records are not recognized by the Manual Approval activity When multiple approval records are added for a workflow that uses the Manual Approval activity, they are added in the 'Not yet requested' state. If one of those approvals are then immediately approved, the Manual Approval activity will not complete.

Asset Management


Fix Software Asset Management logs

Asset Management


Running discovery with SAM foundation leaves the display name empty for software installs
  1. Install SAM Foundation.
  2. Install Discovery.
  3. Run discovery on a machine.
  4. Go to the cmdb_sam_sw_install list.

The display names are all empty.

Asset Management


Transfer Order Line has negative Quantity Remaining, and fixing Quantity Received does not recalculate it correctly When completing Transfer Order fulfillment through its stages, Transfer Order Line has a negative value for Quantity Remaining.
  1. Create a new Transfer Order and its related Transfer Order Line (select any hardware or peripheral).
  2. Complete the stages for the Transfer order until Ship.
  3. For the Transfer Order Line, click Receive.
  4. Enter the Quantity Received. This should be lower or equal to the Quantity Requested.
  5. Press OK multiple times.

Multiple updates are triggered, with this message displayed multiple times on the form: "Merged updated record with previous record with similar attributes." Quantity Remaining shows a negative (-) value.



DigestToken does not always work as expected After upgrading an instance with DigestToken and activating the MultiProvider plugin (without enabling ExternalAuth), DigestToken can stop working at certain times.

Automated Test Framework


Clicking a modal step does not allow setting timeout Clicking a modal with the implementation to support retries within a timeout. However, the timeout is not shown on the form and users cannot set it.

Automated Test Framework


Record Query does not wait for records to exist, and it only asserts immediately

Record Query only immediately asserts the presence of a record. It does not use the step timeout to wait for the record to be asynchronously created.

For example, a process generates an approval request. The record is created a few seconds later. The test executes the Record Query step faster than the record can be created and it fails.

Benchmarks Application


If an incident has multiple SLAS, the same incident is included multiple times in 'Number of resolved incidents with met SLAs'
  1. Create an incident.
  2. Create multiple task SLAs (at least 2) for the incident you created.
  3. Resolve the incident within SLA timelines. Make sure all SLAs timelines are met.
  4. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Jobs.
  5. Run the Benchmark data collection job.
  6. Verify the 'Number of resolved incidents with met SLAs' KPI score on the scorecard.

Expected behavior: Unique incidents should be considered in the 'Number of resolved incidents with met SLAs' KPI.

Actual behavior: The 'Number of resolved incidents with met SLAs' KPI score is displayed as two, though there is only one incident (assuming two SLAs were created for the incident).

Benchmarks Application


Unable to download scores for the first month after opt-in

Benchmarks Application


Correct "% of closed requests with breached SLAs" benchmarks KPI definition Currently, incidents that do not have task SLA are considered as met SLA. Incidents that do not have SLAs assigned should not be considered for met or breached. Tasks that have SLA assigned should be used for Benchmarks KPI calculations.



Guest users are not receiving messages automatically in anonymous support chat When non-authenticated users start an anonymous support conversation, they do not receive messages coming from the agent.

Cloud Management Application



Azure discovery: List nodes get stuck at processing When doing discovery in Azure, the discovery of VMs is not returned.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Cloud Management Application


When a resource's tag values are tracked only on-instance and not the cloud, the billing report is not capturing the tags If a CloudFormation template is provisioned, a stack is created where the resources on the ServiceNow instance are assigned tags, but the tags are not in the cloud. In cases like this, the tags are not part of the CSV content of billing downloads, but are known to the instance because they are linked with the resource. The observed behavior is that this content is treated as having no tag values.

Cloud Management Application


Azure: Blob-based image templates are not being discovered

Cloud Management Application


VMware Virtual Machine Template: Guest OS attribute should show up by default Without specifying the OS type, the provisioning will fail.

Cloud Management Application


When an extension interface is created, interface mappings should come by default

Cloud Management Application


The Azure Billing download results in no data when the downloaded CSV column headers are localized to a non-English language The Azure Billing Schedule runs successfully but cannot retrieve any data. The Azure Cost import set shows 0 records for Insert.

Cloud Management Application


Tags with capitalized name field cannot have values assigned Values for the new tag are expected to be assigned and filterable on the Billing dashboard, but values for these new tags are left empty.
  1. Create a ServiceNow (Custom) type tag with a Label matching a tag name in the AWS or Azure bill.
  2. Set the Name field to something with a capital letter, such as u_Owner.
  3. Run billing discovery.

Values for these new tags are left empty.

Cloud Management Application


Designer cannot access the blueprints that they create or import Blueprint designers cannot see blueprints that they create or import.
  1. Log into the application as a cloud service designer.
  2. Navigate to the blueprint module.
  3. Create a blueprint/import one.
  4. Navigate back to the blueprint main screen.

The blueprint designer will not be able to see the blueprint that is created/imported.

Cloud Management Application



Billing report cost totals are incorrect for European number formats
  1. Install the I18N: German Translations plugin (or another with the same number style).
  2. Navigate to System Properties > System Localization and set the default language for the system to de.DE.
  3. Set up and run AWS or Azure billing download.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Run time exception Impact rules are stored in the Service Model (in the svc_model_obj_impactrule table) for a Business Service and each impact rule has a rule type associated with it (e.g. CI, Cluster, Host etc) that is populated at the creation time. When a customer changes the impact rule (e.g. "Influence" value), the rule stored in Service Model gets updated.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Unable to view added columns in slushbucket and filter field list The filter field list for creating identification filters and inclusion rules is not being dynamically updated to include new columns/fields that are created,
  1. In CI Class Manager, go to Columns.
  2. Create a new column.
  3. Go to Identifier.
  4. Try to add the new field in the slushbucket.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Inconsistency in CMDB SDK API for dependency relationship when compared to CI Class Manager The definition of inbound/outbound relation type should be consistent between CMDB SDK and Class Manager.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


CMDB Dashboard is not working correctly CMDB dashboard is not populating completeness/correctness score properly.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The Identification Engine should be optimized to prevent clutter in tables

Core Platform


Dynamic Content Blocks with ${AMP} are being escaped when converted to $[AMP]

Core Platform


Platform performance improvements

Core Platform


An exception is thrown when the transform map calls the script include function The scoped transform map script is encountering an exception when attempting to call a scoped script include function.

Core Platform


When Size Awareness is disabled, calculations should not be performed.

Core Platform


Escalated growth in memory and resource usage due to performance windows and slow pattern stack trace functionality

CSM Communities


Content page text of code and table type distort the UI and overlap over other widgets on the page, causing links and other actions in those widgets to break Event text runs over into the right rail.

CSM Communities


Multiple clicks on attachment download results in multiple downloads starting When clicking on a Community attachment, if a user clicks more than once, a download is triggered for each click.
  1. Go to Community content that has an attachment.
  2. Click the attachment 2-4 times.

The attachment is downloaded multiple times, depending on how often you clicked.

CSM Communities


Gamification points are not given to topics after changes are added When topic is edited in the primary content type, the topic change is not reflected in child content types, such as answers and comments. Gamification points are not given to the topic after changes are added.
  1. Log in as David Loo and post a question.
  2. Log in as Abel Tuter and reply to the question.
  3. Log in as David Loo and add a topic to the question.
  4. As David Loo, mark Abel's reply as correct.

Gamification points are not given to Abel for the new topic added.

CSM Communities




Improve SEO for Communities

CSM Communities


Performance issue with reload of search page after landing on search page from homepage When a user searches for a keyword on the Community homepage, the entire header and footer is not reloaded. However, after landing on the search page, the entire page is reloaded again after initiating another search.
  1. Search for a keyword on the Community homepage.
  2. After landing on the Search results page, search again with a different keyword.

The entire search page is reloaded.

CSM Communities


Community migration scripts are not running successfully during upgrade from Jakarta to Kingston

CSM Communities


Performance issues with Content List filters: "Unreplied and sort by Popular" - transaction canceled due to maximum execution time exceeded The load time for certain content list filters is high (more than 4 seconds).

CSM Communities


In the search result page, the 'Author' filter does not work for non-admin users The search page 'Authors' filters are broken for non-admin users.

CSM Communities


When videos are added to a question's description, the description disappears until refreshed In Community, videos can be added while editing a question or a blog. When a video is added to a question or blog's description, the video causes the description to disappear until the page is reloaded.
  1. In Community, post a Question and a Blog.
  2. Open the question and click Edit.
  3. Add a video to the description and save.

    The description goes missing, but the description and video reappear when reloaded.

  4. Open a blog and click Edit.
  5. Add a video to the description and save.

    The description goes missing, but the description and video reappear when reloaded.

The video should appear immediately after editing is complete.

CSM Communities


Role adjustments for Communities

CSM Communities


Performance issue when there are many forums on the home page with broken navigation to forum list / forum home pages

CSM Communities


Creating content other than question from the Community home page is broken Users can only create questions from the homepage.

Customer Service Management


Unable to make calls via 3C CTI on Lead and Activity form As part of the Kingston release, the OpenFrame team modified their framework to interact with third-party integrations. Due to this upgrade, 3C Logic is not working in Kingston.
  1. Go to the Leads table (sales_lead).
  2. Open a lead form.
  3. Edit the fields Business Phone, Country and State/Province to a working mobile number.
  4. Next to the Business Phone field, click the call icon.
  5. Log in to 3C Logic.
  6. Click the call icon to initiate the call.

The call is not initiated.




MID ServerLister incorrectly notifies MID Servers of potential changes

In Jakarta, support for attachments on MID Server Script Files was added. There was a dictionary change to add the field script_attachment and reference sys_attachment. It also had the default cascade delete rule to nullify the reference upon deletion of the attachment.

The platform performs a multiple update database execution when an attachment is deleted to null out references. Even though no actual change is made, this triggers the database listener MidScriptListener to incorrectly notify all MID Servers of a potential change.

  1. Initiate a grab log files from an existing MID Server record.
  2. Upon an input response with an attachment, remove the attachment.

Note that an ecc_queue record is created per MID Server with the following:

Topic: SystemCommand, Source: FileChange, Name: ecc_agent_script_file, Queue: output



Discovery schedules may not complete if there are many concurrent pattern based discoveries to the same target machine When there are many horizontal discovery probes triggered at the same time and targeted to the same machine, there is a mechanism that delays their execution based on property controlling the number of allowed concurrent sessions. Users may encounter a situation that those ECC output messages will not be processed at all, and the discovery schedule will remain 'active'.



Create the relationship between a pool to its parent pool when they are nested Nested resource pools in vSphere are not handled correctly.



The lookup tables do not update as well when changing the identifier Changing the lookup tables in the Load balancer identifier during the server is up and running does not update the pattern lookup elements, and the pattern fails in running and in debug.
  1. Change the identifier rule a for load balancer.
  2. Connect to debug.

The old rule takes place.



Unable to upgrade the MID Server System commands upgradenow and autoupgrade are not working as expected.

Edge Encryption


Marking a field for encryption in sys_user does not behave as expected

Edge Encryption


Clicking post and save (on after another) on an encrypted journal field, results in the value being prepended with _123STREAMENTRY321_ For details on the fix to this PRB, refer to Edge Encryption limitations. For details, refer to the Other Kingston Patch 1 information section at the bottom of this topic.

Edge Encryption


Executing the guid file generates an error Running the proxy keeps trying to read the guid file. When there are any issues in accessing the file, the logs are filled with errors.

Edge Encryption


Unnecessary SEVERE errors are reported on the proxy upon every startup This issue occurs for HTTPS instances. Even when there is no actual error, the proxy reports a SEVERE error at each startup.
  1. Set up a HTTPS instance.
  2. On a Linux VM, set up a proxy.
  3. Start the proxy and examine the logs.

SEVERE errors occur in the logs.

Edge Encryption


Empty journal entries get inserted in Incident This issue occurs when journal fields with encryption configuration are present with normal journal fields, such as worknotes and comments fields on the incident table.



Notification form will not display with glide.ui.escape_text = false

Event Management


Secure connection failed BS groups with a lot of groups fail to show alerts in the dashboard.

Event Management


Binding for AWS and Azure events throwing exception, and alert is not being created AWS and Azure events fail to create alerts.

Event Management


Multiple issues with Event Management after upgrading to Jakarta After an upgrade to Jakarta, legacy binding by rule (to a specific CI type) fails to work and does not create alerts.

Event Management


Event rules header is not in the head of the page

Create a new event rule.

The title for "new event rule" is misplaced.

Event Management


Service group severity is incorrect after changing a service to maintenance The Event Management dashboard is not updating the colors of Service Groups reflecting alerts under them.

Event Management


The Event Management dashboard loads very slowly Slowness while accessing the Event Management dashboard can lead to performance issues.

Event Management


Upgrading event rules using the UI action fails Event rules, which include the sys_domain field in their filters, are corrupted after using the Save and Upgrade UI action.

Event Management


In certain circumstances, rules with legacy binding do not have binding performed After upgrading to Kingston, rules that are using legacy binding and set to Istanbul release (and haven't gotten updated) stops working, and no binding is performed

Express to Enterprise


Clean up unrequired user updates related to ACLs While converting back, the ACLs/ACL roles are unlocked in the conversion process.

Field Service Management


A message box appears upon using Dynamic Scheduling

Financial Management


Cost plans spanning across fiscal years are not promoted The portfolio is not promoted when cost plans spanning across fiscal years are selected.
  1. Install PMO.
  2. Create a portfolio with some demands and projects.
  3. Add cost plans spanning across and within a year for demands and projects.
  4. Promote the portfolio.

Expected behavior: The portfolio with selected cost plans is promoted, and plan and plan items are created.

Actual behavior: The portfolio is not promoted when cost plans spanning across years are selected. When a cost plan within a fiscal year is selected, promotion is successful.

Financial Management


Account type (Capex/Opex) is missing from New Financial Planning Workbench The new Financial Planning Workbench replaces the Budget Console in Kingston. It should have Account Type, Open or Capex, in addition to Account Number.
  1. Activate the Project Portfolio Suite with Financial or Financial Planning.
  2. Navigate to Financial Planning > Workbench.
  3. Navigate to Plan View and open Grid view Plan Item & Breakdown.

Account Type is missing.

Financial Management


Budget Console Drill detail at a period level does not work correctly In the budget console in a per period breakdown, the drill detail does not show the period amount for the budget data. The console drill only shows the full year amounts.

Financial Management


On copying a plan from itfm_budget_plan to itfm_plan, only the subplan is copied if a subplan exists

Financial Management


The split bucket for an invalid account is considered as No_account , Amount of No_account is shown in InValid account If users have invalid buckets with no account, all amounts pile up in this bucket and show abnormal values. Invalid account buckets should not be handled as no account.

Financial Management


Performance issues due to leaf level granularity in breakdown lines The cost allocation engine generates breakdown lines. Performance issues can occur because breakdown lines are generated with leaf buckets. In breakdown lines, leaf buckets should only get populated for bucket-based rollups.

Financial Management


The budget items are not rolling up in the budget preview The preview console for budget plans in the ITFM module is not working as expected.

Flow Designer


Users are still redirected to the login screen when sessions time out
  1. Open flow designer.
  2. Create a new flow.
  3. Wait for the session to expire.

If the user does not have unsaved changes, they are redirected to the login screen. If they do have pending changes, they are requested to save them first. When they try to save them, they are redirected to the login screen.

Flow Designer


ITSM spoke app needs to set their Runtime Access Tracking to none Runtime Access Tracking is set to tracking. Any action or flow in another scope will not be able to use ITSM spoke with this protection policy.

Flow Designer


Filter widget hangs when a table with a Glide-encrypted filed is selected
  1. Install the Security Incident Response and Security Incident - Security Operations Spoke plugins.
  2. Open Flow Designer.
  3. Open the Security Incident - Phishing - Template flow.
  4. Expand a trigger definition.
  5. Click Add Filter.
  6. Try to select a field on the condition filter.

Instead of showing Security Incident table fields, the field picker hangs.

Flow Designer


Windows is closed when user session expires and Flow Designer is open When the session expires, the Flow Designer window closes by itself.
  1. Navigate to System Properties.
  2. Change the glide.ui.session_timeout property to 1 minute.
  3. Open Flow Designer.
  4. Create a new flow.
  5. Wait 1 minute until the session times out.

The tab is closed. The login window should be displayed to allow the user to log in without closing the window.

Flow Designer


Adding OOB 'Wait for Condition' action when the show draft toggle is selected shows the action as draft action
  1. Create a new flow.
  2. Click the gear wheel on the flow header and select Show draft actions.
  3. From the action picker, add an OOB Wait for condition action.

Notice the text "(Draft)" next to the action name. The action should not be a draft action.

Flow Designer


Users with action_designer and flow_designer roles do not have access to scoped action icons
  1. Create a new user with the action_designer and flow_designer roles.
  2. Navigate to Flow Designer and open one OOB flow, such as Benchmark Recommendation Evaluation.

The scoped action's icons are not displayed.

Flow Designer


In the Flow Designer, scoped apps cannot access system tables
  1. Log in as admin.
  2. Create a new scoped app called User Management.
  3. Open Flow Designer and create a new flow.
  4. Add a new Trigger.
  5. Try to select the sys_user table.

The user is not able to select sys_user table, even though it is accessible from all app scopes.

Forms and Fields


The date picker is returning incorrect results When using the date picker on any new record, the expected date is not being selected.

Forms and Fields


Currency field that is set to read-only through UI policy or client script does not honor the change in values made through client scripts

Forms and Fields


The string <value 1> was <value 2> in activity formatter is wrongly composed, leading to meaningless translation
  1. Activate the I18N and French language plugins.
  2. Navigate to any open incident.
  3. Change the state, and update the record. Ensure that the activity stream is on the form, and the state field is a visible activity field.
  4. Switch the language to Japanese.
  5. Navigate to the record that you changed.
  6. Investigate the activity stream.

Expected behavior: <(value 1) was (value 2)>

Actual behavior:<value 1> was <value 2>

Forms and Fields



'Printer-friendly version' is not working when you have an attachment in the record

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Forms and Fields


Unable to upgrade TinyMCE to fix issues that are available in the latest version

Forms and Fields



Images embedded in HTML content are unexpectedly uploaded by TinyMCE every time a record is opened Inserting (pasting) an image into an HTML field attaches the image to the record. This change is made to the record, even if the record is not saved.
  1. Create an HTML field on the incident table.
  2. Paste an image into the HTML field.
  3. Reload the record.
An image is attached to the record and appears in the activity formatter.

Guided Tours


Autolaunch dismiss modal not working for List v3
  1. Create a tour on a V3 list.
  2. Configure autolaunch.
  3. Navigate to the list for autolaunch playback.
  4. Dismiss the playback after step 1.

The dismiss is not happening. A console error occurs.

Guided Tours


Accessibility is not working for V3 lists
  1. Activate V3 plugins.
  2. Create a tour using the keyboard on a V3 list.

This does not work as expected.

Guided Tours


Guided Tours buttons are not localized

Human Resources


Copy paste functionality is broken for templated snippets

Human Resources Service Management


Errors loading some files during plugin activation When some HR plugins are loaded, some red console error messages show parse errors on some XML files.

Human Resources Service Management


Variables are not translated in the Description of an HR Case from the record producer Using the record producer 'General Inquiry' in a language other than English will generate a new case. In the new case, the short description is translated completely, but the description contains a mixture of translated and untranslated text because the variable questions are not translated.
  1. Install a language, such as French, and switch to that language.
  2. Use the General Inquiry record producer to generate a case.

    Note that the variable(s) are translated.

  3. Enter some text in the variable(s).
  4. Submit the variable.
  5. View the case.

The Description does not include translations for the variables, leaving them in the original language of the catalog item.

Human Resources Service Management


Page redirection for HR Service
  1. Open HR Cases with the 401(k) Retirement Plan Enrollment Inquiry service.
  2. Click Responses.
  3. Close the sliding panel.
  4. Create a new task and submit it.

The page is redirected to the new page.

Human Resources Service Management


Unwanted error messages on HR Survey

Human Resources Service Management


Tabs are not showing up when the language is French The 'HR Ticket Page' tabs (Description, Attachment, Approval, Chat, and History) are not showing up when viewed in French language.

Human Resources Service Management


Users cannot create HR Portal content belonging to the same content type but different widget instances, and user selection is not adhering for table not sys_user

Human Resources Service Management


Some OOB onLoad client scripts are causing slow response times for the HR application There are two onLoad client scripts on the HR application that result in slow(er) response times.

Incident Management


Navigating to email log tab of major incident workbench shows an error on upgraded instance (Geneva to Kingston) The error is: "Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'sys_email0.instance' in 'on clause')".

IT Asset Management


After an upgrade, an inactive choice in the incident.state table is reactivated After users marked the state choice option 'Awaiting Vendor' as 'Inactive = true', it reverts back to 'Inactive = false' after an upgrade.

Knowledge Management


The JavaScript error in IE11 causes the advanced knowledge search to fail When users use the Search Knowledge functionality from an incident record, the following JavaScript error appears in the console: Object doesn't support property or method 'getElementsByTagName'.

Knowledge Management


If only the UI15 plugin is enabled, 'Post a question' does not give the form In the Knowledge homepage, the "Post a question" functionality is not working as expected. An injector error is thrown in the console.

Knowledge Management


On the 'Ask question' page (social_qa), users are unable to write in the field under 'Title' Users can ask a question from the knowledge homepage by clicking the button 'Post Question'. This button will take the user to the 'Ask question' page (social_qa) where the user can type the question in a field below the 'Title' field.

Knowledge Management


Searching for a KB article returns an outdated version In the global search, searching for a KB article with versioning enabled returns an outdated version, instead of the published one.

Knowledge Management



The image size is lost when a Word document is imported to the knowledge base
  1. Import a Word document by dragging and dropping the file to the Knowledge Homepage and following the instructions in the pop-up window.
  2. View the article.
Note that the image size and the text position are not correct.




Users can still use 'Go To' search for tags in a list, resulting in an error: Unknown column 'task0.sys_tags' in 'where clause'
  1. Go to / to access the incident table.
  2. Click the gear icon and add the Tags column.
  3. Click the column header search icon (magnifying glass).

    Note that the header search does not work.

  4. Select tags from the Search or Go To field in the list column header, fill in the search term, and search.
Note that errors occur when searching.

Machine Learning Platform


Fix Incident info message for null prediction When no field prediction is made, ITSM Agent Intelligence shows an incorrect incident information message: "INCXXXXXXX: Predicted for Assignment group. Predicted Hardware for Category."

On-call Scheduling


Rotation schedule disappears from 'Members' related list on a Roster (cmn_rota_roster) record When creating a roster with the OOB 24x7 schedule, the rotation schedule disappears from members related list when the rotation start time falls within the same week the roster record is created.

Password Reset Application


Security Questions Enrollment questions block section does not show up The Security Questions Enrollment questions block section does not appear on the enrollment page for non-English languages. Also, when the UI is changed to a language other than English, the verification methods 'Enter email' and 'Confirm email' give an error.

Performance Analytics


The score migration process fails on the scores table If a scores table contains over three billion scores, the migration process will not complete successfully.



Searching in the date field gives an error When users try to search for a date (MM-dd-yyyy) using the 'list header search', the following error is returned: "General Data Exception detected by database (ORA-01843: not a valid month)".



Importing XML can cause some records to lose attachments After importing XML, some records may lose their attachments. This issue occurs because importing XML updates does not follow the table locator. For example, if attachments are stored on a SQL Gateway, and an update set contains new attachments to be imported, those attachments are written to the primary database instead.




SQL exceptions can occur for a storage column/alias that exists in multiple partitions If a storage column/alias exists in multiple partitions, but some partitions are erroneously classified as synchronized in a TPP, SQL exceptions can occur.



Incorrect SQL issue TPP tables produce incorrect joins that return incorrect data in certain conditions.



After upgrading from Jakarta to Kingston, a new process_status field in cmdb_ci_service_discovered does not receive the default values for old records
  1. Discover several business services in the lab.
  2. Verify some of them without errors.
  3. Upgrade the instance to Kingston.

All the business services without errors should appear under Approve, but they do not exist in the homepage.



Performance issues can occur during CI creation or updates RW serialized record / CMDB compact records should not pull metric data from MetricBase (Clotho) for evaluation.



The optimizer is trying to optimize for the ORDER BY when it is better to optimize for the WHERE clause After an upgrade to Jakarta, the new structure of the CMDB table can cause the MySQL Optimizer to choose the index on the ORDER BY field, even though it would be more efficient to choose the index based on the WHERE clause. This can lead to performance degradation for CMDB queries that fit this criteria.



ClassDefNotFound error appears on MetricBase 'Test Connection' with MetricBase HA setup




Data loss can occur when adding an index on an existing column on a TPP table via IndexDescriptor#create when that table is out of index capacity Adding an index to a TPP column will sometimes try to migrate columns to accommodate an index.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Platform Security


Ensure the snc_internal role is only added for sys_processor records of type script For details on the fix for this PRB, refer to Explicit roles.

Risk Management


Risk SLEs and ALEs currency should always be consistent Risk calculation is not working if the instance default currency is different from the default USD.

Security Applications


Trusted Circles: cloning should not clear the sn_tis.central.url property Cloning should not clear the sn_tis.central.url property for potentially previously registered instances.

Security Incident Response


PAN autofocus workflow errors out with JavaScript error

Service Analytics


TimeSeries models with no content are not synced to MID Servers

Service Analytics


Model building fails when configuration rules select an empty configuration item Metric config rules help users change behavior of anomaly detection and model building, and it can be customized at the level of Individual CI/Metric combination. As part of model building, config rules are evaluated to calculate customized parameters. When config rules evaluate to an empty CI on metric map, model building is not able to handle this and an error is thrown. This error can also occur when there are multiple config rules, which leads to an evaluation of same Metric/CI combination.

Service Catalog



Read-only choice fields on catalog shows dropdown values
  1. Add a drop down variable to a catalog item.
  2. Set the drop down variable to read-only using a UI policy.
  3. Try the catalog item.

You will be able to see the options in the drop down variable, even if it is set as read-only.

Service Catalog



g_form.clearValue on any variable triggers an onChange of that field

When a client script calls g_form.clearValue on a variable, a change is detected and triggers any onChange client script for that field even though the value does not change.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog


The variable attribute 'ref_ac_columns_search=true' does not work in tasks created by the 'Catalog Task' activity in a workflow Users are unable to search columns which are specified by the attribute 'ref_ac_columns' in the task that is created by the workflow activity.

Service Mapping


"process on port - mac" causes the process detection to fail on certain OS types during pattern execution Some customers who have upgraded to Jakarta are experiencing a regression in the process detection phase of the pattern execution. The problem was identified as a result of the system executing the "process on port - mac".

Service Mapping


Incorrect classification on HPOM The HPOM pattern triggers horizontal discovery on a OVCD server process, which causes a discovery performance degradation.

Service Mapping


Requests processed at that time will result in an error When the WMI Collector service restarts itself due to memory problems or other problems, requests processed at the time of the restart are lost.

Service Mapping


Memory leak in the WMI collector service will cause it to restart after reaching the allowed limit When the WMI collector is highly loaded, there is an increase in the unmanaged memory heap usage. Once the limit is reached (currently 400MB), the WMI collector restarts.

Service Mapping


In Service Mapping, when pressing 'Map your services' it seems to ignore the query and map all available VIPS (the entire table)

Service Mapping


Remove redundant operation in the pattern designer

Service Mapping



The pattern execution may hang when users try to restart the WMI Collector Service Symptoms include:
  • Slow Discovery or Discovery timeout
  • Unresponsive MID Server

Service Mapping


Need to query both Total number of requests (HTTP) AND Total number of connection (TCP) and return max (requests, connection) as hit count The F5 pattern returned false information, causing critical business services to not being discovered.

Service Mapping


Cloud access MID custom operation does not work with the proxy Discovery of AWS data centers fails in Jakarta.

Service Mapping


LB patterns report a wrong value for VIP operational status, which complicates and prolongs the Kingston automated Service Mapping process

Service Mapping


Tomcat discovery terminates since the parse file is waiting for a password instead of using failover

Service Mapping


Service Mapping issue with additional prompt Many of the UNIX servers are sending one or two consecutive prompts when trying to log in using SSH. The Service Mapping SSH engine is unable to address consecutive prompts. As a result, all Service Mapping attempts to discover applications on those servers fail.

Service Mapping


The discovery of SAM-premium related CIs changes from using probes to using patterns During an upgrade to Jakarta, not all relevant patterns are with horizontal patterns.

Service Portal


Inactive articles are displayed in the 'KB Category Page' widget If a Knowledge article (kb_knowledge record) has been made inactive, the article should not be seen in the standard UI (i.e. in $ However, inactive articles are visible in the 'KB Category Page' widget.

Service Portal


Reference fields do not highlight (Editable Highlight) when navigating through "Tab" key When users use the keyboard to navigate the variables on an item, reference fields that contain a value do not indicate they are the current element in 'focus'.

Service Portal



Autocomplete on reference field/variable fails if the display column of target table is translated_text
  1. In the Dictionary, set display to True for the sp_page.short_description field.
  2. Create a new reference field on the problem table, referenced table is sp_page.
  3. Add the new field to the Problem form.
  4. Activate the Spanish language plugin.
  5. Switch to Spanish language.
  6. Navigate to a Problem form.
  7. Type mis in a new reference field.

Service Portal


Service Portal HTML Editor does not enable browser spell check Spelling errors (red underlines) are not visible for incorrectly spelled text entered within the Service Portal HTML Editor. Any incorrectly spelled text within the platform editor shows a red underline.

Service Portal


When typing the polish letter "ś" (Alt Right + s), no text appears In the search bar, type Right Alt + S, which should type the character 'ś', but nothing happens.

Service Portal



In Service Portal, users are unable to nest multiple widgets in an already embedded widget Embedding multiple Widgets by ID using the <widget> directive does not work. Only the latest widget in the template is loaded.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Software Asset Management


IBM PVU Subcapacity Breakdown of Top 10 Products indicator cannot show up breakdown records properly when there is a large number of products In the Publisher Overview page, the IBM PA report can show a loading error when there are more than 100,000 records in the Product table.
  1. Load a large number of product records in the samp_sw_product table.
  2. Run reconciliation.
  3. Go to the Publisher Overview PA report.
  4. Click IBM.

The IBM PVU Subcapacity Breakdown of Top 10 Products indicator cannot show breakdown records properly when we have a large number of products.

Software Asset Management


Product result is not set for suite children during reconciliation

Software Asset Management


Suite Components should only be brought over when Discovery map changes on the software model

Software Asset Management


Device dropdown is not filling up in Procurement because of 'is active=true' for an invalid column When performing the sourcing step in the SAMP SW request workflow, CI selection does not provide any records to select.
  1. Navigate to Procurement > Requests.
  2. Go to a request which has been approved but sourced = false.
  3. Open the Catalog Task.
  4. Click Source Request SAM.
  5. Click Add allocation.
  6. Select an entitlement name.

Under Assigned/Allocated where Select device is the label, nothing comes up on the dropdown list.

Software Asset Management


Discovery model misses are pushed back to CDS before the content has been pulled and the normalization has completed The discovery model with match not found has been pushed to the cds_client_staging. This should not have occurred since the CDS pull has not occurred and the normalization job has not completed.

Software Asset Management


glide.cms.enable.responsive_ grid_layout system property should not be included in Software Asset Management Foundation plugin The Software Asset Management Foundation (com.snc.sams) plugin contains a record for the glide.cms.enable.responsive_ grid_layout system property. The system property is defined as part of the Responsive Dashboards (com.glideapp.dashboards) plugin. The system property should not be updated/inserted by the Software Asset Management Foundation plugin.

Software Asset Management


Software reconciliation does not complete when there are entitlements with an empty license metric The Software Asset Management reconciliation process is showing 'In Progress' and not running to completion.

Software Asset Management


The reconciliation UI page is displayed with a spinning wheel

Software Asset Management


Normalization rules are missing in Kingston




Cannot apply a template to set a checkbox if another checkbox higher on the form is read-only Users get an error saying that the template could not be applied, and they are unable to update the field 'Made SLA'.
  1. Navigate to an Incident.
  2. Add the Active and Made SLA fields to the form and make sure that Active is above Made SLA.
  3. Right-click on the Active label and select Configure Dictionary.
  4. In the dictionary record for active, check the read-only checkbox.
  5. Save the dictionary record and navigate back to the incident form.
  6. Make sure templates are visible and create a new template which sets Made SLA to true.
  7. Apply that template to the incident form.

There is an error saying that the template could not be applied and Unable to update field 'Made SLA'.

If you configure the form layout again and make the Made SLA field higher than the Active field, the template will work.

Time Card Management


Projects are displaying in the worker portal even though no one is assigned at the project level The user sees the project card and gets an error while submitting a time card. The error says that time reporting is permitted only at the project task.

UI Components


When there is a valid session with an IDPinitiate login, RelayState does is not maintained when IDP sends a SAML response IDP sends a SAML response for each request, even though a user has a valid session.

UI Components


Remove com.glide.k15_demo and com.glide.service-portal.k16 plugins

Update Sets


UpdateMutex is not reaped on the node restart The mutex is present and prevents other update operations from happening (like plugin activation/update set preview and commit).

Upgrade Engine Issues


Unable to revert to the base version if the target record does not have a sys_update_version with a state of current An error is thrown when clicking 'revert to base system' while resolving conflicts on the upgrade history log table for a record that does not have a sys_update_version record with a state of "current".

Upgrade Engine Issues


Upgrade history form layout not resetting on upgrade The customizations are kept after the upgrade. The related lists, form sections, and list layouts are not reverted to OOTB.

Usage Analytics


Users with only the usage_admin role are not able to see plugins associated with subscriptions Users should be able to view the plugins that their instance has entitlements for.

Usage Analytics


Usage admins cannot see user roles, but see keywords instead Admins can see and use roles in creating user sets. However, usage admins cannot see roles in the forms or assign users to the sets based on roles.

Usage Analytics


Compliance report 'Application Use Without a Purchased Subscription' shows no data or incorrect data Navigating to 'Compliance Overview' and the third report 'Application Use Without a Purchased Subscription' shows no data or incomplete data/count.

Usage Analytics


slushbuckets for Subscription user sets will not load Platform does not strip leading and trailing blanks when reading from XML.

Virtual Agent Platform


Slack user cannot proceed to the next question if the question is phone control after third party removal



Stage values are duplicated in the Stage field Duplicate 'Request Approved (Approved)' appear in the list view of requested items.



The deletion of duplicate user approvals causes an incorrect evaluation of the group approval state When a user is a member of multiple groups that are part of an approval process, the resulting duplicate user approvals are deleted. The missing user approval records cause the group approval state to be evaluated incorrectly. The exact behavior depends on the specific configuration of the workflow and its approval activities, but can be either:
  • Group approvals that auto-approve because all user approvals in the group have been deleted.
  • Group approvals that hang because they are waiting for a user approval that has been deleted.



On Kingston instances, the 'Activity Properties' popup on Show Workflow is empty An empty popup for 'Activity Properties' appears whenever a user hovers the mouse over any workflow activity in show workflow graphical representation.
  1. Navigate to All workflow contexts (/
  2. Select any workflow in progress.
  3. Click Show Workflow.
  4. On the show workflow graphical representation tab, select any activity, such as Run script.
  5. Hover the mouse over the tooltip.

The 'Activity Properties' pop up opens up, but it is empty.

Other Kingston Patch 1 information

Available system properties
The property was added. Client scripts that are passed in URL parameter in UI pages are not evaluated by the system. If you use URL parameters to load client scripts, you can add and disable this system property. Only use this property while you change the implementation to no longer depend on clients being passed in by URL parameters. Do not keep the system property disabled.
Edge Encryption limitations
When a Journal field is encrypted, the Post button is disabled, even if there are multiple Journal fields and only one of those fields is encrypted.
Explicit roles in CSM
  • Effective with Kingston Patch 1 (KP1): For all existing Processor [sys_processor] records or newly created Processor [sys_processor] records with Type=script, the snc_internal role is automatically added to the Roles field if the field is empty.
  • Content Management System site access is also affected. CMS is set up with Sites (content_site), Pages (content_page), and other resources. Some of the sites may have the Login page configured.
UI page access
Do not use URL parameters to load client scripts in UI pages. The system no longer evaluates scripts that are passed by URL parameter. If your implementation depends on this behavior, you can add the system property [] and set it to false to temporarily allow the evaluation of URL parameters passing scripts in UI pages.

Fixes included with Kingston Patch 1

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.