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Software Asset Management release notes

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Software Asset Management release notes

ServiceNow® Software Asset Management product enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

The Software Asset Management application lets you manage your software assets by automatically normalizing, reconciling, and reclaiming software assets.

Kingston upgrade information

Warning: If you upgrade to Software Asset Management (com.snc.samp) from Software Asset Management plugin (com.snc.software_asset_management), you cannot revert back to Software Asset Management plugin (com.snc.software_asset_management).

New in the Kingston release

Updated overview dashboards using Performance Analytics to trend KPIs for Software Asset Management
Leverage native ServiceNow platform capabilities to trend IBM, VMware, and Office 365 software cost and compliance over time. You can also customize your own key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress toward your software asset goals.
VMware publisher pack
Use the VMware publisher pack for optimization and compliance of main VMware license metrics, including per processor and per application instance. Effective License Positioning (ELP) dashboards are enabled with this publisher pack.
IBM publisher pack
Automate reconciliation of complex server licensing scenarios for IBM products using IBM publisher pack. Integration with IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT), an IBM-approved discovery product, is used to consume sub-capacity and full-capacity measurements for license compliance. A separate dashboard is activated to provide visibility to compliance and cost optimization for IBM deployments.
Microsoft Office 365 integration
Use the Microsoft publisher pack with Office 365 integration to connect to multiple admin centers. Office 365 subscription details allow a consolidated view of compliance and optimization initiatives in a specialized dashboard.
Reconciliation dimensions
Run reconciliation to assess dimensions of software installs in groups and subgroups (country, department, company, region, and cost center). In addition to selecting certain publishers, grouping lets you obtain specific compliance results for your selection.
Software installation condition filtering

Apply software rights according to conditions set in the software discovery map so you can filter out specific software installations that do not require a license. For example, production server installations versus failover server installations.

Custom license metrics

Create custom license metrics to define specific software calculations not included in the predefined license metrics list. Custom license metrics are useful so reconciliation can calculate compliance for niche and specialized software publishers.

Predefined software suites

Automate the creation of software models using predefined suites as a source of content. When creating software models and software entitlements, applicable suite components for the software model are automatically created to establish the relationship between parent and child software.

Software blacklisting

Use software blacklisting to identify software installations not allowed in your network environment. When reconciliation is run, a removal candidate for blacklisted installations is created so that a remediation action can be taken to remove the software.

Enhanced remediation actions
Use additional remediation options to automatically create and remove allocations, remove unallocated installs, and remove unlicensed installs. These remediation options are in addition to automatically creating a purchase order for new software licenses.
Software lifecycle support
Input software lifecycle phases for use with the Technology Portfolio Management feature of Application Portfolio Management to help manage the lifecycle of software that supports business applications.

Changed in this release

Reclamation candidates have been renamed to removal candidates.

Activation information

The Software Asset Management Professional (com.snc.samp) plugin requires a separate subscription and must be activated by ServiceNow personnel. This plugin includes demo data and activates related plugins if they are not already active. See Request Software Asset Management.

For the Software Asset Management (com.snc.software_asset_management) plugin, available prior to Kingston, see the Asset Management release notes. ITSM Software Asset Management is a feature of Asset Management.