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On-Call Scheduling release notes

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On-Call Scheduling release notes

ServiceNow® On-Call Scheduling product enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

On-Call Scheduling provides a way to determine which member of a user group is available to complete a task, for example to find the right person to assign an incident.

Kingston upgrade information

New in the Kingston release

On-Call Schedules
The On-Call Schedules module provides the following functionality:
  • Provides easy access to your most required schedules, eliminating the need to search through all the schedules in the system.
  • Provides a tiled view of schedules that are categorized under Your Pinned On-Call Schedules, Your On-Call Schedules, and All On-Call Schedules.
  • Provides keyboard shortcuts on the Schedule calendar that provides accessibility and helps you to navigate quickly.

Activation information

The On-Call Schedules module is available upon activation of the On-Call Scheduling plugin (com.snc.on_call_rotation) and is available to both new and upgrade customers.