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Incident Management release notes

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Incident Management release notes

ServiceNow® Incident Management product enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

New in the Kingston release

Major Incident Management
The Major Incident Management plugin (com.snc.incident.mim) provides the following functionality:
  • Roles: Introduces major_incident_manager and communication_manager roles.
  • Trigger rules: Provides trigger rules to define conditions under which an incident is automatically considered as a major incident candidate.
  • Major incident properties: Provides the properties: Create major incident from candidate

    ( .min.major_incident_creation) and Compose Email on Major Incident Overview ( The Create major incident from candidate property defines whether a new major incident must be created or a major incident candidate must be promoted to a major incident. The Compose Email on Major Incident Overview property provides comma-separated list of Incident Alert Task types that can have Compose Email option on Major Incident Workbench.

  • Chat with conference call: Initiates a connect chat with conference call participants to open multiple avenues for collaboration.
  • Major incident assignment: Assigns major incident to a Major Incident Management group and a major incident manager who is accountable for its life cycle through coordination, documentation, and communication.
  • Incident form: Introduces Major Incident section and related lists. A new field Actions taken is introduced. Actions taken is a journal field where you can enter details of the actions taken for a major incident. This field is for only internal users. This field is only visible when Major Incident Management (com.snc.incident.mim) plugin is activated.
  • Major incident response flow: Introduces major incident response flow which can be configured to define how major incidents should be handled based on the priority or incident category. In the default major incident response flow, when a major incident is created, two incident alerts are generated automatically under the Incident Alerts related list: Technical Communication for the technical updates and Business Communication for the business updates. Incident tasks are automatically created for each of these incident alerts.
    Note: You can configure the automatic creation of Incident Alerts and Incident Alert Tasks using Flow Designer .
  • Major incident alerts and major incident alert tasks: Introduces a new column Type in the Incident Alert [incident_alert] table. The Type column has two options: Business Communication and Technical Communication. Incident Alert Task [incident_alert_task] table is a new table that extends Task table and references Incident Alert table. Each Incident Alert can have its own set of Incident Alert Tasks.
  • Major incident dashboard: Provides consolidated actionable view for all major incidents to co-ordinate and manage different activities of the major incident process. There are two versions of the PA Dashboard: normal and premium.
  • Major incident workbench: Provides a single pane view to manage major incidents by aggregating and providing actionable information. The Major incident workbench interface is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level A-compliant.
Baseline ITSM dashboards Performance Analytics Solutions
View IT Manager, IT Agent, and IT Executive ITSM dashboards that contain actionable data visualizations to monitor ongoing ITSM operations to help improve your business processes.
Enhanced abilities
  • Incident management properties : Added properties for configuring Incident management behavior.
  • Copy incident : Provided ability for users to create an incident by copying fields from an existing incident. Fields and related lists to be copied can be easily configured using incident properties.
  • Create child incident : Provided ability for users to create a child incident by copying fields from the parent incident. Fields and related lists to be copied can be easily configured using incident properties.
  • Business service : Added the active tasks icon to view a list of all active tasks affecting the business service that you have selected as a configuration item.
  • Incident auto-closure property : Updated the duration of the incident auto-closure property to 7 days.
Business rules
The following business rules are available for new as well as existing customers.
  • Clear Resolve fields : Clears the Resolved by, Resolved, Resolution code, and Resolution note fields when the state of an incident changes to any state other than Resolved, Closed, or Canceled.
  • Update incident reopened field : Enables the Last reopened by and the Last reopened at fields to be automatically populated with the name of the person who reopened it and the date and time when the incident is reopened. The fields are populated when an incident is reopened by a user after it was closed.
  • Clear On Hold Reason and the Incident State Change to In Progress : Updates the On Hold functionality for Awaiting Caller. If the caller updates the incident, the On hold reason field is cleared and the state of the incident is changed to In Progress.

Activation information

Active by default.