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Change Management release notes

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Change Management release notes

ServiceNow® Change Management product enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

Activation information

Active by default.

New in the Kingston release

Plugin for Change Request Calendar
The Change Request Calendar (com.snc.change_request_calendar) plugin is introduced in this release. This plugin is activated by default for new and existing users.
The Change Request Calendar (com.snc.change_request_calendar) plugin displays Change Schedules for a given Change.
Plugin for Risk Assessment
The Change Management — Risk Assessment version 2.0 plugin (com.snc.change_management.risk_assessment) is introduced in this release. This plugin is activated by default for new users.

The Change Management — Risk Assessment version 2.0 plugin updates the risk assessment for a change request in the following ways:

  • Updates the underlying assessment engine from Legacy Assessment to Survey & Assessment v2.
  • Improves the overall assessment experience.
  • Introduces a new assessment questionnaire based on sound practice from customers, ServiceNow Change Management experts.
  • Works seamlessly with Risk Calculation capability of Change Management.
Plugin for On Hold functionality
The Change Management Best Practice — Kingston plugin (com.snc.best_practice.change.kingston) is introduced in this release. To synchronize the On Hold functionality between the change task and change request, the following plugins need to be activated:
  • Change Management Best Practice — Kingston plugin (com.snc.best_practice.change.kingston)
  • Change Management — Core plugin (com.snc.change_management)
  • Change Management — State Model plugin (com.snc.change_management.state_model)

The plugins are activated for instances first provisioned on Kingston. When upgrading from a previous release, you must Request a plugin .

The plugin updates the On Hold functionality in the following ways:
  • If the change request state is set to On Hold, the value of the On Hold field for all the active change tasks for that change request is set to true and the on hold reason is copied from the change request to the change tasks.
  • If you clear the On Hold check box in a change request, the On Hold field for all the active change tasks for that change request is set to false and the On hold reason value is cleared from the change tasks.
  • If the change request is canceled, all the active change tasks related to that change request are also canceled.
  • A change request can only be closed when all the active change tasks related to that change request are closed or canceled, otherwise a pop-up appears notifying you that there are open change tasks that need to be closed.
  • If there are existing change tasks that are manually placed on hold, these do not get overwritten when the change request is set to the On Hold state. Similarly, when the change request is taken off hold, the change tasks that were placed on hold manually remain On Hold.
Baseline ITSM dashboards Performance Analytics Solutions
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Enhancements to Change
  • Added the Email option under the more actions icon ( more actions icon) in the content frame to allow email from any change record.
  • Added Change Management properties com.snc.change_request.copy.rl.change_task.attributes, com.snc.change_request.copy.rl.task_ci.attributes, and com.snc.change_request.copy.rl.task_cmdb_ci_service.attributes to the Change Properties module.
  • Added the Revert to New option in the context menu for the Normal and Emergency change types, which enables the change to be reverted from its first approval state (Normal Change Type = Assess, Emergency Change Type = Authorize) back to New for editing. Any change which is reverted to New will have existing approval records canceled and new approval records generated when resubmitted for approval.
  • Modified the Normal Change Type workflow so that an assignment group manager can approve the change in the Authorize state when its Risk value is defined as Low.
  • Business service: Added the ability to view a list of all active tasks affecting the business service that you have selected as a configuration item.
  • Added the View Calendar button in the header of the Change Request form that appears once the Planned start date, Planned end date, and the Configuration item fields are populated and the record is saved.
Change Advisory Board (CAB)
  • CAB Definition:
    • Under Agenda Management, the Auto Add Agenda Decisions check box is added. If you select the check box, the agenda decisions taken by the CAB and change approvers are automatically captured in the meeting notes widget and stored in the Meeting Notes field in the related CAB Meeting record.
    • Under Agenda Management, the Use filter criteria to drive Change Request date range check box is added. If you select the check box, you can use the condition builder to determine the date range of change requests included in a CAB Meeting occurrence.
  • CAB Workbench : A Confirmation window has been introduced to start the meeting that appears when the CAB Manager clicks the first agenda item for the first time. This is to ensure that even if the CAB Manager arbitrarily checks other agenda items, the meeting starts from the first agenda item.

Changed in this Kingston release

  • Risk choice list : Updated the Risk choice list in the Risk Conditions form to include High, Moderate, or Low, eliminating the Very High and None Risk values. If you upgrade, you are not affected by this change.
  • Copy Change UI Action : Moved the Copy Change UI action from change request form header to the context menu. The UI action is only available on new instances as the move is part of the Change Management Best Practices – Kingston plugin that is not activated on upgrades.

Removed in this release

Risk choice list : In the Risk Conditions form, the Very High option is removed from the Risk field.