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Service Mapping release notes

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Service Mapping release notes

ServiceNow® Service Mapping application enhancements and updates in Kingston.

Service Mapping discovers all business services in your organization and builds a comprehensive map of all devices, applications, and configuration profiles used in these business services.

Kingston upgrade information

After you upgrade from the Jakarta release or earlier, complete the following tasks:
  • Make sure that discovery errors are categorized by rediscovering CIs that were discovered before the upgrade with errors. For details, see Categorize discovery errors after Service Mapping upgrade.
  • Make sure that discovery errors hidden before the upgrade do not reappear in business maps. To resolve these errors, rediscover all CIs using the All Applications schedule.

New in the Kingston release

Follow the workflow to complete suggested tasks for deployment
The new Service Mapping interface guides users through the workflow and recommends actions at each point in the deployment.
Verify setup using the readiness checklist
Verify basic Service Mapping resources and configurations. For missing configurations, there are suggested actions.
Map business services in bulk
Map all or selected potential business services in a single operation. Service Mapping extracts potential entry points directly from load balancers on your network. It also scans traffic-based connections to identify potential service entry points.
Access all major tasks from the new Home page
Access Service Mapping workflow tasks from the new Home page. This page also displays important progress statistics. For example, view the number of business services discovered with errors, waiting to be approved, and completed. For an example of accessing major tasks from the Home page, see Map multiple business services suggested by Service Mapping.
View and fix errors by categories

Service Mapping displays errors classified by their root cause, for example, missing credentials or task timeout.

Use suggested actions for resolving errors
Complete tasks for fixing errors, like creating credentials or adding management IP, for mapping in bulk and from individual business service maps. For an example of using suggested actions for resolving errors, see Fix business service errors in bulk.
Access error troubleshooting information
View instructions for fixing errors in bulk or individually from the map. For an example of accessing troubleshooting information, see Fix business service errors in bulk.
Skip errors to continue discovery
If you know what configuration items (CIs) and connections make up your business service, you can enable Service Mapping to continue discovery of the business service even if there are some errors. You can skip errors to troubleshoot later so you can complete mapping most of the business service, even if some CIs are missing.
Review and approve business services using a new workflow
Collaborate to review, fine-tune, and approve each business service. The state of the business service changes to reflect every stage of this process. The system automatically creates and closes tasks for the business service owner as part of the review and approval workflow.
Add missing CIs manually
Manually add configuration items (CIs) that Service Mapping cannot discover and map automatically.
Monitor mapping progress using the service mapping dashboard
The dashboard provides an up-to-date overview of the status of all business service maps in your organization and counts of tasks associated with services.
Easily access your tasks
You can access your tasks related to mapping, fixing, or reviewing business services assigned using the new navigation item under Service Mapping > Administration > My Tasks. For an example of accessing your tasks by navigating to My Tasks, see Review business service maps.
Create a new pattern based on a CI discovered as generic applications
Use a wizard to easily create a light discovery pattern for correctly identifying generic application CIs. Service Mapping identifies configuration items (CIs) that it failed to properly discover as generic applications.
Collect data about CIs with insufficient credentials using Nmap

If a pattern fails to identify a configuration item (CI) because of authentication failure, Service Mapping can use network signature information to collect basic information about the CI without using credentials.

Align application pattern triggering between Discovery and Service Mapping
The process classification logic is utilized during the top-down pattern execution. Patterns do not require the process match operation.
Use extension sections to modify patterns
Enable patterns to search for additional attributes and modify pattern discovery logic without modifying identification sections.
Enable Service Mapping to collect data using the Netflow protocol and the VPC Flow Logs
Enrich your traffic-based discovery by configuring Service Mapping to use the Netflow protocol and VPC Flow logs.

Changed in this release

  • Termination type: This field is added to the Match operation type in the Pattern Designer. Use this field to define that the lack of match does not cause pattern failure and a discovery error.
  • The Planner: This feature is being deprecated and will be removed in the future release. The improved planning functionality is provided as an integral part of the new Service Mapping user interface.
  • Enhanced discovery algorithm: This algorithm provides a less error-prone discovery process.
  • Enhanced traffic-based horizontal discovery: Access to TCP connection data collected by enhanced traffic-based horizontal discovery performed by Discovery.
  • Noise reduction algorithm: This algorithm improves the traffic-based discovery.
  • Enhanced process identification: This improvement helps reduce the number of applications discovered as generic applications.

Activation information

Service Mapping is available as a separate subscription and requires activation by ServiceNow personnel. The following plugins are activated automatically when Service Mapping is activated: Discovery, Pattern Designer, Cloud Management Core, Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Service Mapping, and Event Management and Service Mapping Core. The Event Management and Service Mapping Core plugin is different from the Event Management plugin.

Accessibility information

Service Mapping supports Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level A for all tasks performed by users with the sm_user role. User interface elements have enhancements that make them accessible to screen readers. Service Mapping offers text alternatives for the following Service Mapping-specific UI elements:
  • Map elements
  • Business service list
  • Business service and CI Properties pane
  • The More Options menu
  • The timeline area
  • Pattern Designer elements like step tree

For information on operating Service Mapping using keyboard, see Keyboard shortcuts for operating Service Mapping in accessibility mode .