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Operational Intelligence release notes

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Operational Intelligence release notes

ServiceNow® Operational Intelligence product enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

Operational Intelligence is an add-on application to Event Management, with a key preventive role in a service-centric complete solution for eliminating service outages. Operational Intelligence has capabilities of proactively identifying service issues, pinpointing service outages, and automating remediation.

Operational Intelligence captures raw metric data that various data sources such as SolarWinds server and Nagios server, collect. Then, based on analysis of historical threshold data, Operational Intelligence detects anomalous behavior which events may not capture. Operational Intelligence generates anomaly alerts which can be promoted to regular system alerts and appear on the Alert Console and service health dashboard.

Changed in this release

  • Operational Intelligence: Operational Metrics is named Operational Intelligence. The following components were also renamed:
    • The ITOM Metric Management plugin is named Operational Intelligence.
    • Operational Intelligence-related scheduled jobs are prefixed with 'Operational Intelligence'.
    • The MID Server Operational Metric extension is named MID Server Operational Intelligence.
    • Entries in the navigation bar and other related user interface captions refer to Operational Intelligence.
  • MID Server : Operational Intelligence MID Servers must be members in a MID Server distributed cluster. A MID Server distributed cluster facilitates communication between its MID Server members to effectively distribute the Operational Intelligence workload.
  • Efficiency and robustness of anomaly detection is enhanced.
  • Static upper and lower bounds: You can set static values to override the learned upper and lower bounds, and the upper and lower width values for specific metrics.
  • Anomaly alert promotion rule: You can create an alert promotion rule that is based on the alert's anomaly score.
  • Anomaly Map and Metric Explorer: Both the Anomaly Map and the Metric Explorer support CMDB groups for adding CIs to the map.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) connector and Microsoft Azure connector: The AWS CloudWatch and AzureConnector connectors are available with Operational Intelligence to support pulling metric data from Microsoft Azure and from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Activation information

Operational Intelligence plugin ( requires a separate subscription and must be activated by ServiceNow personnel. This plugin includes demo data and activates related plugins if they are not already active.