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MID Server release notes

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MID Server release notes

ServiceNow® MID Server application enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

Installation and configuration information

A guided setup feature is available to easily install, validate, and configure individual MID Servers. For manual procedures, see MID Server installation and MID Server configuration.

New in the Kingston release

MID Server installer for credential-less Discovery
Install Nmap on each MID Server that is expected to run Nmap commands for credential-less Discovery. The Nmap installer is provided with a subscription to Discovery and Service Mapping.
Encryption of sensitive data sent to MID Server

Use the automation API to encrypt sensitive probe data that is sent from an instance to the MID Server through the ECC Queue.

Enhanced MID Server configuration file security
Use one of the optional security configuration interfaces to protect sensitive data in the MID Server config.xml file, such as credentials, host names, and URLs. Store configuration data in a CyberArk vault or encrypt important data outside the config.xml file using Windows Data Protection API (DPAPI). Use provided APIs to create your own custom scheme for securing or encrypting MID Server configuration data.
Multi-domain MID Servers
Configure a system property to enable a single MID Server to support multiple domains.

Changed in this release

  • Capability selection: The [capability name]:[value] combination appears in the choice list when you add a capability to a MID Server. An example would be Cloud Management:aws-us-west. This combination allows you to see all the capabilities that have different values, even if the capability name is the same.
  • Windows 2016 support: The MID Server is supported on Microsoft Windows 2016 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.