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Credentials release notes

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Credentials release notes

ServiceNow® Credentials feature enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

All application integrations in the Now Platform require connection information, credentials, and connection and credential aliases to their respective applications to access resources.

Kingston upgrade information

  • Upgrading Connection information: The JDBC connection [jdbc_connection] and JMS connection [orch_jms_ds] tables extend from the Connection [sys_connection] table. They move from the Orchestration run time plugin (com.snc.runbook_automation.runtime) to the Centralized Connection and Credential plugin (com.snc.core.automation.connection_credential). The upgrade process obtains JDBC and JMS connection information and creates corresponding connection aliases and assigns the alias to its corresponding connection.
  • Upgrading Credential tagging: The upgrade process migrates credential tags to credential aliases. All credential tags in the Credentials table have a corresponding credential alias, comprised of:
    • Name: alias name
    • Scope: global
    • ID: alias name
    The credential tag field type changes from string to GlideList in the Credential table and the credential alias field refers to the created alias records.

New in the Kingston release

Connection & Credential Alias and Credential Alias
Connection information and credentials can vary between the QA, Development, and Production environments for the same integration. The tight coupling between this data and application metadata, such as workflow or job scheduling, make application metadata obsolete when you change environments. To alleviate this problem, the concept of an alias is introduced, for connections and credentials, to decouple this data from application metadata. These aliases allow users to design their application metadata to couple to an alias, which during runtime resolves to connection and credential data. The credential alias replaces credential tagging.
HTTP(s) connection
In addition to JDBC and JMS connections available in the platform, an HTTP(s) connection is added. The HTTP(s) connection provides the information that custom HTTP(s) actions or activities use to connect.
OAuth 2.0 credential
OAuth 2.0 credentials enable the Now Platform to obtain access to user accounts on an HTTP service.
StandardCredentialsProvider API
This API is designed for ServiceNow application developers to select a credential provider.
ConnectionInfo API
This API is designed for ServiceNow application developers to access connection information through the connection and credential alias.
ConnectionInfoProvider API
This API is designed for ServiceNow application developers to access connection provider information through the connection and credential alias.

Changed in this release

Activation information

Now Platform feature — active by default.