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HR Service Delivery release notes

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HR Service Delivery release notes

ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery application enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

HR Service Delivery improves the employee service experience by automating HR interactions and providing a single platform for all HR services.

Kingston upgrade information

When upgrading from any release prior to Kingston, and you have customizations that reference script includes:

New in the Kingston release

Case and Knowledge Management (HR Service Management)
  • New case creation flow

    Creating an HR case has changed in Kingston. HR agents can search for an employee to verify the caller within the Now Platform without the using an external system. This step determines the eligibility of an employee for HR services before a case is created. This step also simplifies the process of creating a case from a phone call or chat.

  • Pre-defined response templates

    HR administrators can create personalized template responses used to update case notes, work notes, or other fields on the case. This feature provides consistent, accurate responses.

  • PDF templates and generation

    Calculated dates can be provided in documents without using scripts. HR administrators can also choose the specific format for how dates appear in the parsed date fields for document templates.

  • HR case and task template improvements

    Task template improvements include due date calculation based on task assignment date. You can also set reminders for due dates. Case and task assignments are also added to the templates.

  • HR criteria improvements

    Automatically create corresponding user criteria when HR criteria is created so that users can take advantage of HR criteria to support knowledge articles, catalog, and service portal.

  • Deep link generator

    Create deep links to outside applications or websites. HR Administrators can create a link to external sites directly in the HR Profile form for easier access to employee information. Personalized links can be added to knowledge, catalog, and case forms.

  • Restricted Caller Access

    Restricted Caller Access (RCA) defines cross-scope access to HR Service Delivery. RCA is available to help secure sensitive information in HR scoped tables and script include APIs. Without RCA, tables that are not private to a scope are susceptible to queries by any server-side script.

  • Knowledge Management release notes

    The ServiceNow™ Knowledge Management (KM) application enables the sharing of information in knowledge bases. These knowledge bases contain articles that provide users with information such as self-help, troubleshooting, and task resolution.

Employee Service Center
  • Content management improved

    New content writer roles support non-HR content creation and management.

    Content type was decoupled from the widget to enable content type use for multiple widgets.

    Widget and content type organizes your content.

  • More content types added.

    Banners, image-based links, and emails were added. Customize your HR Service Portal banner image and send mass email using rich text and target-specific groups of employees.

  • Personalized content supported.

    You can personalize widget content on the HR Service Portal based on the viewer.

  • Multi calendar support.

    You can show multiple calendars. For example, employees can choose a calendar of US Holidays or Non-US Holidays.

  • Org chart improvements.

    An updated design provides a vertical hierarchical view and expanded employee information.

  • Connect Chat Integration

    Streamlines the employee experience with real-time chat on HR cases and tasks and automatically routes employee questions to the correct individuals in the company.

  • Download events and holidays to calendar

    Download all or individual events and holidays to your personal calendar.

  • To-do improvements

    From the Navigation bar, easily see the number of outstanding to-dos with fewer clicks (without going back to the HR Service Portal home page).

    Easy access to open and completed cases from the navigation bar.

  • Service Portal release notes

    Service Portal is a portal framework that helps you build a mobile-friendly self-service experience.

Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions
  • Lifecycle Events Dashboard

    A new Performance Analytics solution is provided in Kingston. A new dashboard and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for HR agent, manager, and executive are also provided. The HR Onboarding Executive Dashboard is provided after activating the Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Human Resources Lifecycle Events Scoped App (com.sn_hr_lifecycle_pa) plugin.

  • Reporting based on activity owning group improves data analysis.
    Owning groups:
    • HR activity writers
    • HR
    • Employee
    • Service Center of Excellence (COE)

      Reporting by activity sets and activities added.

  • Approval activity type added

    Support one or more approvals of a lifecycle event case at any stage (activity set) of the case.

    Easily configure the approvers, the rejection path, and missing approver path on a Lifecycle Event activity.

  • Activities appear to HR agents by activity sets.

    Easily identify child cases of an activity set or parent case.

  • Multiple base system examples created

    Enterprise Onboarding demo data converted to default data.

    More base system HR services and lifecycle event services are added.

  • Ability to create child HR services using service activities.

    Activity Set organizes the case list for HR agents instead of parent case.

  • Ticket page enhancements

    Shows a badge that represents the organization the Assigned to person belongs to on the HR Ticket page.

    Quickly identifies the organization of the Assigned to person.

    Base system provides defaults and is configurable.

    Able to filter to-dos based on badges.

HR Integrations
  • More vendors added for integrations.

    SuccessFactors can integrate with HR Service Delivery.

    Added default HR services to integrate with First Advantage, a background verification vendor.

Changed in this release

Create an HR case
  • Follows a single flow that verifies the identity of an employee prior to creating or resolving an HR case.
  • The process was simplified to alleviate errors by first determining the eligibility of services available to the subject person.
  • The process is designed for first call resolution.
  • You can have multiple approval steps in a service activity without using a complex workflow.
  • There are multiple approval options like first to approve, any to approve, any to reject, and what to do upon a rejection.

Content type for Employee Service Center

To support the new content types and widget instances for the Employee Service Center, a script runs to map the previous versions to the new versions and a widget instance. Widget instances provide flexibility when creating and adding content.

There are new content types in Kingston that do not require mapping:

  • Banner
  • Email

Activation information

HR Service Delivery is available as a separate subscription. Activate one or more of the following plugins:

  • Case and Knowledge Management plugin (com.sn_hr_core)
  • Employee Service Center plugin (com.sn_hr_service_portal)
  • Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions plugin (com.sn_hr_lifecycle_events)

If you are subscribed to Performance Analytics, activate one or more of the following content packs:

  • Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Human Resources Scoped App [com.sn_hr_pa]
  • Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Human Resources Lifecycle Events Scoped App [com.sn_hr_lifecycle_pa]

Integrate HR Service Delivery with a third-party HR application like SAP™ SuccessFactors® or First Advantage. The HR Integrations plugin (com.sn_hr_integrations), is automatically activated with the Case and Knowledge Management plugin (com.sn_hr_core), to assist you in the integrations process.

If you are migrating from the legacy version (non-scoped) to the scoped version of HR Service Delivery, activate the HR Migration plugin (com.sn_hr_migration) to assist you in the migration process.

If you are subscribed to both HR Service Delivery and Facilities Service Management, activate the Facilities Move Management plugin (com.snc.facilities_service_automation.move) first. Activating the Facilities Move Management plugin first ensures that the building map appears in the Employee Service Center.

Note: When upgrading from Istanbul, HR document templates have a new field. The Document type field helps to filter a list of document types so that HR Criteria can apply the necessary document based on the conditions of an employee. HR criteria works with this field to further narrow the list of document templates you want available for an HR case. Because Istanbul did not have this field, you must create new or select an existing document type for your document templates.

See Document Types .