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Communities release notes

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Communities release notes

ServiceNow® Communities product enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

New in the Kingston release

Participate and contribute content in the community by providing incentives in the form of points, achievement levels, and badges. Use a highly configurable gamification framework to configure point values associated with specific user activities and to create badges that highlight areas of expertise. View leaderboards to find community experts on specific forums or topics.
Community events

Create and participate in events to encourage engagement across the community.

User Self-Registration
Self-register to the community to make onboarding easier.
Forums for membership
Control and limit access to certain forums. Request membership or be invited to join a forum.
Create case from discussion
Provide quicker resolution to questions in the community by creating a case and engaging agents.
Knowledge Harvesting
Harvest knowledge from the community to convert unstructured conversations to structured knowledge articles to make the information more accessible.
Improve search rankings using SEO
To improve search results for community content from external search engines like Google, the Communities application generates SEO meta tags and injects the tags into questions, topics, forums, and other page types. If an auto-generated SEO meta tag does not meet your needs, you can modify or replace the tag.
Reach out to community users with announcements
Communicate to community users via UI notifications and emails. Target announcements to the entire community or to a specific forum.
Share documents and files in the community to enable better collaboration.
Add an attachment in a question, answer, blog, event, and comments.
Bookmark your favorite community content, so you can easily locate it.
Manage feedback on the activity feed
Add your feedback, such as comments, upvote, or mark content as helpful inline on the Activity Feed on the Communities homepage.
Follow another community user and view their activity in the community.
Gain insights into community behavior through reports and analytics
The Communities dashboard displays up-to-date status on community usage, membership, content type, and trends by forum and by topic.

Changed in this release

  • Video content: Post a video as a standalone content type and edit it once posted.
  • Community profile: View a user's contributions, network, achievements, expertise, and events they are attending. Community administrators can edit the display settings on any community profile.
  • Additional navigation:
    • Toggle between the Content List and Activity Feed on the community homepage.
    • Filter by question to view solved, unsolved, and unreplied questions.
    • Navigate to all forums and all topics and other quick links from the Community menu on the homepage.

Activation information

Communities is only available for customers who are licensed for Customer Services Management. To activate Communities, activate the Customer Communities plugin (com.sn_customer_communities).

For customers who want to implement Knowledge Harvesting, activate the Knowledge Management Service Portal plugin (com.snc.knowledge_serviceportal).