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Agile Development 2.0 release notes

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Agile Development 2.0 release notes

ServiceNow® Agile Development product enhancements and updates in the Kingston release.

Agile Development is an iterative and incremental process for software development environments. The Agile Development application helps you to develop software products adhering to agile methodologies.

New in the Kingston release

Agile Development Guided Setup
Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Agile Development Guided Setup to implement and administer Agile Development 2.0.
To access Agile Development Guided Setup, navigate to Agile Development > Agile Development Guided Setup.
Agile Board
The Agile Board has a landing page where you can access the key features of the application. Information on the Agile Board is organized in the following tabs:
  • Home: Assess estimated work versus actual work using analytics. Monitor the completion of stories to meet the goals of a sprint or release.
  • Personalized Backlogs: Create filters to define which stories appear in your backlog.
  • Backlog Planning: Manage and maintain all your personalized backlogs.
    • Organize and prioritize stories.
    • Create stories, epics, and themes. Group stories by epics or the following categories: all stories, stories without story points, and stories without acceptance criteria.
    • Modify the existing filter criteria of the backlog.
    • Search for stories based on a keyword.
  • Sprint Planning: Plan all your sprint-related activities.
    • Create, organize, monitor, start, and complete sprints.
    • View current and future sprints in chronological order.
    • View these key aspects of a sprint: planned start and end dates, story points, percentage group velocity, number of story points (total, complete, and pending) for the current sprint.
    • Assess stories in the backlog and drag them to sprints.
    • Add stories to the backlog or any sprint, and set up their order of implementation.
  • Sprint Board: Track all the stories of the current sprint and view their transition from one state to another (for a given assignment group).
    • Change the state of a story by moving it from one lane to another.
    • Filter stories based on search criteria.

Changed in this release

The following changes are implemented as part of Agile Development 2.0:
  • The field Team has been renamed to Assignment Group.
  • There cannot be more than one sprint in the Current state. The state of all existing sprints in the Current state will not be changed. However, users cannot move new sprints into the Current state unless all the current sprints are completed or canceled.

Removed in this release

The following changes are implemented as part of Agile Development 2.0:
  • The Group Backlog feature has been removed.
  • The Sprint Planning page under Release Planning has been removed. It is replaced by the Sprint Planning tab in Agile Board.

Activation information

You can activate Agile Development 2.0 (com.snc.sdlc.agile.2.0) if you have the admin role. The dashboards for Agile Development 2.0, if required, must be activated separately using the Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Project Portfolio Suite Dashboards plugin (com.snc.pps_dashboards). You will need a Performance Analytics license to use the dashboards.

For more information, see activate Agile Development 2.0.