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Embed video content in help topics

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Embed video content in help topics

You can embed a link to video content in a custom embedded help topic. YouTube and Vimeo video content is supported.

Before you begin

Role required: embedded_help_admin or admin

About this task

You cannot use the insert/edit video icon in the HTML editor to embed the video. You must enter the source code.

Figure 1. HTML editor icons
Use the source code icon, not the insert video icon, to embed video.

The administrator can disable the ability for users to see embedded video in the Embedded help system properties.


  1. Complete the following steps to obtain the embed code for the video.
    1. Navigate to the location of the video on YouTube or Vimeo.
    2. Open the Share option for the video.
      In YouTube, the text appears below the video. In Vimeo, click the share icon beside the video.
    3. Under Embed, select the code and paste it into a text editor.
    4. Modify the code to enclose it in a <div> and remove elements that do not get rendered in the embedded help content page.
      For example, here is the embed code for a YouTube video. The modified code also contains a title for the embedded video enclosed in a <p> tag.
      <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" 
      frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

      After modification, the code looks like this.

      <div class="video"><iframe src="" 
      <p class="p">Video: Work at Now</p>

      Vimeo embed code has more attributes. Strip them out so it looks like the following example. Notice the difference between YouTube and Vimeo for the allowfullscreeen attribute.

      <div class="video"><iframe src="" frameborder="0" 
      <p class="p">Video: Work at Now</p>
      Note: As shown in the examples, enclose the <iframe> and the <p> tags within a <div class="video"> tag. If the administrator disables the property to display video content, all content within the <div class="video"> tag are hidden.
  2. Navigate to Embedded Help > Help Content, and then open the custom help topic to embed a video.
  3. Click the source code icon (<>).
  4. Position your cursor at the end of the line above the location of the video.
  5. Press the Enter key to move to a blank line enter the embed code you modified.
  6. Click OK, and then click Update.
  7. To test that the video appears, open the page that displays the content you just updated, and then open the help panel.