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Add custom embedded help from a copy

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Add custom embedded help from a copy

To customize embedded help for your organization, you can edit a topic in the base system and save it as a copy.

Before you begin

Role required: embedded_help_admin or admin

About this task

In base system topics, the read-only ServiceNow Help check box is selected. When you create a copy, the ServiceNow Help check box is cleared, allowing you to modify the content.

When a user navigates to a UI page for which custom content exists, the custom content displays instead of the base system content.


  1. Navigate to Embedded Help > Help Content.
  2. Open the embedded help topic to copy.
    You can also open an embedded help topic by selecting Edit Help Article from the menu in the embedded help pane.
  3. Update the fields as appropriate.
    Field Description
    Name The embedded help topic name.
    Page The UI page this topic corresponds to. Typically, you do not change the page name.
    • Normal content appears for any user with the appropriate role who navigates to the page.
    • Setup content appears when the page is accessed from a link in Guided Setup.
    Role The role that the topic is written to assist. Users assigned to the role see the content when they navigate to the associated UI page.

    All roles that contain the role also see the content, unless another topic targeted to their role exists for the same page. For more information, see Embedded help roles

    Active Specifies whether this content displays for the UI page. Clear the check box to prevent the content from being available.
    Product Enterprise is the default, and should not be changed.
    Qualifier The qualifier that provides custom embedded help for a common UI page.

    For example, the page is opened for every Homepage module and for many Dashboard modules. Create the qualifier before you enter it into this embedded help record.

    Version The version this topic is appropriate for. If you are editing the content for a custom application or to provide information relevant to your organization business process, select All.
    Last sync The last date and time that the CDN was checked for updated content. When a user accesses this UI page, the platform determines whether the last sync date and time are more than 15 days ago. If it is, the CDN is checked for updated content and the date is refreshed.
    Note: The administrator can change the last sync duration in system properties.
    Order The order defaults based on the role, and determines what content to display when the user has an assigned role. For more information, see Embedded help roles.
    Domain Specify the domain this content is used for, if applicable.

    This field appears in the form if the administrator configured the form to display it.

  4. In the Content field, update the text using the HTML formatting tools as needed.
    If you add a link, enter the full URL to the web page. A good practice is to select New window (_blank) as the Target.
    Note: Do not add images in an embedded help topic. Images are removed from the content section when the record is saved.

    To add an embedded video, see Embed video content in help topics.

  5. (Optional) To add another line below tables, videos, or related links, click the newline icon ().
  6. Click Copy in the form header.
    The edited topic is saved and the list redisplays. The ServiceNow Help check box is cleared in the saved topic.