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Guided tour system properties

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Guided tour system properties

Guided tour is active by default on your instance. The administrator can change system properties to modify how the instance interacts with guided tours.

The administrator can enter sys_properties.list in the navigator and search for Name *glide.guided to change these properties.

Table 1. Guided tour system properties
Name Description
com.glide.embedded_help.guided_setup.persist_actions Allows Guided Setup actions in the embedded help panel that are based on states to display on all pages. An example is the Mark as Complete action. The default behavior (false) is to only show actions on the initial Guided Setup page.
  • Type: true | false
  • Default value: false
com.glide.guided_tours.enable Enables the addition and use of guided tours in the instance.
  • Type: true | false
  • Default value: true