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Enable e-signature for approvals on mobile

Enable e-signature for approvals on mobile

Administrators can configure e-signature to enforce approvals with passwords or biometrics.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

E-signature uses the following re-authentication behavior:
  • If a user logs in with SSO, e-signature attempts to re-authenticate using the normal SSO authentication flow.
  • If a user logs in with a local username and password, e-signature attempts to re-authenticate the user with the local password only, not the username.
  • If a user has biometrics, or TouchID, enabled on their device, e-signature attempts to re-authenticate with the user's biometrics.


  1. Activate the Approvals with e-signature [com.glide.e_signature_approvals] plugin. For more information on activating a plugin, see Activate a plugin.
  2. To enable a specific table for e-signature approval, navigate to System Definition > e-Signature Registry, then click New and complete the form.

What to do next

Authentication using biometrics is enabled by default. To disable biometric authentication, navigate to sys_properties.list and change the glide.ui.m.auth.allow_biometrics property to false.