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Create user guide help

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Create user guide help

User guide help documents are grouped in appropriate sections on the page and listed in a configurable order. Add your sections to a help page.

Before you begin

Create all your help documents from within the section record. This allows you to refine their titles, adjust their placement, and decide if they are appropriate for the section.

Role required: admin


  1. Create a page.
    1. Navigate to System User Guide > Administration > Help Pages and click New.
    2. Complete the form.
      Table 1. Help page field definitions
      Field Description
      ID Page identification used by the system to create a help URL.
      Application Application scope for this help page. This field is read-only and defaults to the Global scope.
      Title Display title for this page.
    3. Click Submit.
      User guide help page
  2. Create help page sections and associate them with the page.
    1. Navigate to System User Guide > Administration > Help Page Sections and click New.
      User guide section definition
    2. Give your section a unique and concise title, and then click Submit.
      The view returns to the list of sections.
    3. Create additional sections for your help page.
    4. Navigate to System User Guide > Administration > Help Pages and open your new page.
    5. In the Page to Sections related list, click New.
    6. Complete the form.
      Table 2. Page to Section field definitions
      Field Description
      Column Column location on the page for this section. The first column is designated as 0 and the second column is designated as 1. There must be at least one entry for column 0 for the sections to display.
      Order Order in which the sections display in the columns on the page. If no order number is defined, the system lists the sections in alphabetical order.
      Application Application scope for this record. This field is read-only and defaults to the Global scope.
      Page Help page on which this section appears. You can use the lookup field to change the page on which a section appears.
      Section Name of the section to display on the selected page.
      Placing sections on a help page
    7. Click Submit.
    8. (Optional) Add sections to the help page as needed.
  3. Create one or more documents.
    1. Navigate to System User Guide > Administration > Help Page Sections.
    2. Open a section record you created.
    3. In the Help related list, click New to create a help document for that section.
    4. Complete the form.
      Table 3. Help document field definitions
      Field Description
      Number Document number generated automatically by the system.
      Section Section in which this document appears.
      Order Listing order for this document in the selected section.
      Published Date this document was created.
      Updated Date this document was last updated.
      Short description Brief description of the content of this document. This description is used as the title for the document on the help page.
      Text Document content, including graphics and tables. You can format your entry, create bulleted or numbered lists, and attach images.
      User guide help document
    5. Click Submit.
    6. Repeat the process to create the necessary help documents for that section.
      Section record with help documents