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Create a map page module

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Create a map page module

You can create a new application module for desktop or smartphone users to display a Google map page.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

To create a desktop module that opens a map page:


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Modules and click New.
  2. Select the appropriate application for the module.
    For example, if you are planning to display critical incidents, add a module to the Incident application menu.
  3. Perform the appropriate action for your version of the UI:
    • UI16: Point to the application menu you want to add the module to and click the edit application (pencil) icon.
    • UI15: Right-click the application menu in the application navigator and select Edit Application Menu.
  4. Select the Link Type tab and select the type of link you want for the module.
    For example, you can create a module that opens a map page directly, or one that links through a URL.
  5. Complete the form, as appropriate.
    Field Description
    Title Enter a name for the module in the application navigator.
    Order Enter a number to define the sequence this condition should be evaluated if more than one matching condition exists. The order is evaluated from the lowest value to the highest value.
    Application menu Select the application menu where you want this module to appear. By default, this field displays the application menu that you opened to create the module.
    Hint Enter a brief description to display when a user points to the module name in the application navigator.
    Active Select the check box to activate this module. Only active modules appear in the application menu.
    Image Select an icon to display with this module in the application navigator. If this field is blank, a default icon is used.
    Link type Select the desired link type from the list. This selection changes the available fields in the form.
    Map page Select the pre-configured map page to use for this module. For example, Critical Incidents.
    Roles Select the roles that are permitted to access this module. If this field is blank, all roles can access the module.
    Arguments Define the URL for this module in the format<map page name>. This field is available when the Link type is URL (from Arguments).
    Note: If the map page title has a space in it, replace the space with %20 for the correct syntax. For example, a map page called Critical Incidents becomes Critical%20Incidents%20 in a URL.
    Module with map page link type
  6. Click Submit.