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Troubleshoot a report on a homepage

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Troubleshoot a report on a homepage

You can troubleshoot reports that may be impacting homepage performance by identifying which reports are on the problem homepage, determining which reports are running slowly, and correcting problems in slow reports.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Homepage Admin > Pages.
    Opening the homepage record instead of the homepage saves time and system resources.
  2. Open the problem homepage record.
  3. In the Portal related list, note item names in the Summary field.
    These items may not all be reports.
  4. Enter sys_report.list in the navigation filter to open a list of all reports.
  5. Search for a report title that matches an item on the homepage that you noted down from the Summary field.
  6. Open the report and run it.
  7. If the report runs slowly, look for and correct the following common reporting mistakes.
    • Returning too many results
    • Grouping by fields such as duration or name
    • Reporting on a user-created table that uses many joins on other tables
  8. If the report runs slowly and correcting common mistakes does not help, examine the type of report and what data it reports. Look for ways to optimize or replace the report.
  9. Repeat these steps for each item on the homepage.