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Secure a homepage

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Secure a homepage

Homepages have two types of roles: read and write. Read roles limit who can view the page. Write roles limit who can make edits to the page, such as adding and moving widgets or deleting the homepage.

Before you begin

Role required: admin
Note: If no write roles are specified on a homepage, then any user with one of the specified read roles may access this page and delete it.
Note: The option Add to homepage does not take into account the property cms.glide.add_content. This means that users can add reports to any homepage they can view. The result is that users create new homepages with the added information when they modify a homepage that they don't own.


  1. Navigate to Homepage Admin > Pages.
  2. Select the homepage you want to secure.
  3. Click the edit icons next to Write roles or Read roles.
  4. Move the roles you want to restrict homepage access to from the Available column to the Selected column.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Click Update.