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Layout concepts

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Layout concepts

Layouts define the overall structure of the page by arranging where dropzones appear on the page.

The dropzone is where content blocks, which make up the content of the page, can be added. The name '"dropzone" comes from the fact that content blocks can be dropped into any of these zones. Most content blocks match the width of the dropzone, so the dropzone controls both the location and sizing of the content block.

Defining a custom layout requires knowledge of Jelly script, but there are a number of out-of-box layouts that can be used. After a layout is chosen, the layout dictates where the dropzones on a page appear.

Content blocks can be added at any dropzone to create the actual content of the site. Every layout divides the page into one or more logical areas. A number of commonly used predefined layouts are available, but you can also define your own custom layouts.