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Add incidents by same caller related list

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Add incidents by same caller related list

This example adds the existing relationship, Incidents by Same Caller, to incident forms.

About this task

  • Applies to table: This list appears as an available related list when viewing an incident record.
  • Queries from table: This list displays a list of incidents.
  • Query with: This script selects records where the caller_id matches the caller_id of the parent record (the incident you are viewing).
Relationship record


  1. Open an incident.
  2. Right-click the header and select Configure > Related Lists.
    The name of the existing relationships appears in your list of available lists.
  3. Move the Incidents by Same Caller list to the Selected list.
  4. Click Save.
    Incident with the related list of other incidents for the caller

What to do next

Notes and limitations:
  • If you click the New button on one of these new relationships, the system attempts to ensure that the new record matches the list conditions. For example, clicking New on the example list results in an incident where the caller_id is pre-populated with Bud Richman.
  • When scripting your condition, current is the record to which you want to add queries while parent is the main record being displayed.
  • These relationships do not refresh until you update a form. In the example, if you changed the caller from Bud Richman to Fred Luddy, the list at the bottom of the screen still displays the incidents belonging to Bud Richman until you save the incident.
  • You are not limited to a single query condition. It is, for example, possible to have a related list of all incidents opened by the same caller in the last week, or all open incidents opened by the same caller.
  • The current and parent objects cannot be used with the Queries from field. Instead, the gs object is available for GlideSystem calls.
  • The Edit button is not available on defined relationships, as the relationship is scripted.

Additional use case: You can enable a similar relationship for the Request table to display Requests by the Same Caller using Requested For on the Request table.