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Define video file types for HTML fields

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Define video file types for HTML fields

You can define the types of video files that can be added to HTML fields.

Before you begin

Role required: image_admin

About this task

Users can add videos to HTML fields. By default, users can add one of the following types of videos to HTML fields: .mp4, .webm, and .swf video file types. You can inactivate video types that you do not want to allow users to add, or add new video types. .swf files are only minimally supported. .mp4 files might be limited by browser type.

Note: By default, the HTML Sanitizer removes videos from HTML fields. To white list video file types see Embed videos in HTML fields


  1. Navigate to System UI > Embed Object Types.
  2. To deactivate a video type, set the Active field to false.
  3. To add an additional video type, click New and complete the form.
    Note: If you specify values for the Codebase or Pluginspage fields, which instruct the browser where to get the plugin, point to https pages to avoid warnings from Internet Explorer about unsecure content on the page.