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Paste content into the HTML editor

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Paste content into the HTML editor

Paste content from a desktop application to the HTML editor. Content might not paste the same from every application.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to an HTML field. For example, the Text field of a Knowledge article.
  2. Paste in content from another application.
    Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox do not support paste using the Paste icon. Use the command/control+V keyboard shortcut instead.
  3. From the paste formatting options dialogue, choose to Keep or Remove the text formatting for the pasted content.


The HTML editor has some pasting limitations:
  • Pasting images: Pasting images and text from OneNote works in Microsoft browsers. Pasting from OneNote into Chrome or Firefox works but styles and images are not included. You can still select images individually and paste them into the HTML field. Pasting images and text from Microsoft Word into any browser works as expected.
  • Pasting tables: Pasting tables into Safari does not always work correctly. Pasting tables into Internet Explorer only works from Excel.