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Create a transform map

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Create a transform map

Every import operation to a production table requires at least one transform map associated with an import set.

Before you begin

Role required: import_transformer, import_admin, or admin

About this task

The transform map specifies the data relationships between the import set and the target table. For every transformation, you must either create a new transform map or select an existing one.


  1. Navigate to System Import Sets > Create Transform Map.
  2. Fill in the fields, as appropriate (see table).
    Table 1. Create transform map
    Field Description
    Name Enter a user-friendly label for identifying the transform map.
    Source table Select the import table containing the raw import set data. An import table is any table that extends the Import Set Row [sys_import_set_row] table. You can select only tables within the currently selected application scope.
    Active Select this check box to make the transform map available for use.
    Run Business Rules Select this check box to run business rules, workflows, approval engines, auditing, and field normalization while the transformation inserts or updates data into the target table. Clearing this check box runs GlideRecord.setWorkflow() with a value of false.
    Enforce Mandatory Fields Choose whether to enforce mandatory fields on the target table.
    Copy Empty Fields Select this check box to clear fields with existing values when an incoming field contains an empty value. See Using NULL as a Field Value for information on how to import empty values.
    Created Shows the transform map creation date. This field is automatically populated.
    Target table Select the table where you want transformed data to be placed. You can select only tables within the currently selected application scope, the global scope, or tables that grant write access to other applications
    Order Enter the order in which to apply transform maps in the event that more than one map fits the conditions. ServiceNow runs transform maps from lowest to highest Order.
    Run Script Select this check box to display the Script field.
    Script Enter the transform map script you want to use to transform field values in the source table to the target table. ServiceNow runs the transform map script in addition to any Field Maps.
    Field Maps Use this related list to add one or more field maps. ServiceNow runs the transform Field Maps in addition to any transform script.
    Transform scripts Use this related list to add one or more transform map scripts. A transform script allows you to apply extra business logic at a specified stage of the transformation.
    The sample User import transform map looks like this.
    Transform map record
    Important: The string NULL is a reserved word. It should not be used as a field value in import set transform maps or anywhere in the First name or Last name fields. The reserved word is NULL in all capital letters. A field with the value Null or null, for example, is acceptable. NULL should be used only to clear out a particular field.