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Create a rate type

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Create a rate type

You can create rate types using the Rate Types feature.

Before you begin

Role required: timecard_admin

About this task

The rate type functionality is used to categorize different types of work. For example, Standard versus Overtime. It can also instruct down-stream, third-party product about the nature of the work performed.

For example:

  • A user works extra time during the day and must differentiate standard time from overtime.
  • A technician may be paid at a higher rate based on different types of work involved in the execution of a task.
  • An appliance repair task may be billed at one rate for the first hour and a different rate for the remaining hours.
  • A service call may last four hours during which specialized equipment is used for one hour. The company must capture the use of the specialized equipment for purposes ranging from additional billing to legal compliance or warranty tracking.


  1. Navigate to Time Sheets > Administration > Rate Types.
  2. Click New and fill the form.
    Name Provide a suitable name for the rate type.
    Description (Optional) Summarize the purpose of the rate type.
    Active Deselect the check box to mark the rate type as inactive.
    Note: Inactivating a rate type does not remove it from records where it exists. When time card processing encounters an inactive rate type on the time card, no matching labor rate card is found. In this case, the system rate is used for generating the expense line.
  3. Click Submit.


  • The rate type is displayed in the Rate Types list.
  • The rate type if active is also displayed in the Rate Type field in the Labor Rate Cards form, Time Worked form, Time Card form, and Worker Portal.