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Troubleshoot script issues with SAML

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Troubleshoot script issues with SAML

You might encounter script issues if SAML is already active at the time you activate Multiple Single Sign-On and if you already customized the installation exits.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Back up the modified installation exit SAML2SingleSignon_update1 and script include SAML2_update1.
  2. Revert both the installation exit and script include to the version that is available with the baseline system.
  3. Activate or upgrade the Integration - Multiple Provider Single Sign-On Installer plugin. The system upgrades SAML and all necessary files to SAML 2 Update 1.
  4. Open the Multiple SSO properties page and select the Enable Multi-Provider SSO check box to enable it.
  5. Put the SAML2SingleSignon_update1 installation exit changes into the baseline script include MultiSSO_SAML2_Update1 and the SAML2_update1 script include changes into the baseline SAML2_update1 script include.