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Testing IdP connections

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Testing IdP connections

Testing the connection to an IdP validates the settings before enabling external authentication.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The Jakarta release supports the test connection within a pop-up window. If your IdP does not work correctly with this option, you can turn off this default setting.


  1. Navigate to Multi-Provider SSO > Identity Providers.
  2. Select a defined IdP or click New to define a new IdP.
  3. (Optional) Configure an identity provider if setting up a new IdP.
  4. Click Test Connection, enter login credentials for the IdP to check login.
    You cannot activate the IdP until you have a successful test connection. If the test fails, you can update to save your configuration information, but you cannot activate this configuration.
  5. Verify results using the SSO Test Results/Summary or the Testing SSO Logs section to see log messages.
    If there are any errors, refer to the Multi-SSO (SAML 2.0) errors and fixes
  6. Click Cancel when testing is complete.
    Sample test connection