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Generate a digest token

Generate a digest token

After generating an unencrypted HTTP header, generate a digest token for authentication.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The system only accepts one HTTP header as the source of pre-authentication.


Configure your single sign-on software or authentication portal to generate an HTTP header to contain the digest token.


For example, here is a sample SiteMinder HTTP header.

Table 1. Sample SiteMinder HTTP headers
Sample HTTP header Sample digest HTTP header Sample HTTP headers with digest
SM_User DE_USER SM_USER=joe.employee;DE_USER=KfNr4nlt86b9gEfcoiT0dU/YLM0=

Typically, the authentication portal or web page runs the code to generate a digest token from the unencrypted HTTP header and includes the digest token in the URL to the target instance. See SNC Guru for code samples of generating a digest token.