Specify a redundant LDAP server from an LDAP server record

The LDAP integration uses a redundant server if the primary LDAP server experiences a service interruption.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to System LDAP > LDAP Servers.
  2. Select the LDAP server for which you want to specify a redundant server.
  3. From the LDAP Server URLs embedded list, click Insert a new row.
  4. Fill in the fields for the row (see table).
  5. Right-click the form header and click Save.
  6. Repeat these steps for each additional server you want to specify.
    Entering multiple LDAP servers on the embedded list
    Table 1. LDAP Server URLs embedded list
    Field Description
    URL The URL or IP address to the redundant LDAP server.
    Order The order in which the instance searches for an available LDAP server from lowest value to highest. A business rule automatically populates this value if you leave the field blank.
    Active A true/false field indicating whether the LDAP server is available for use as a backup server. Only active servers can be used as backup servers.
    Operational Status A read-only true/false field indicating whether the LDAP server is currently available. Only servers that are currently operational can be used as backup servers.