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LDAP on-demand login

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LDAP on-demand login

Create new accounts by matching users to existing LDAP accounts.

After an LDAP integration is established, the instance can allow new users to log in to the system even if they do not yet have an account on the instance. When a new user attempts to log in to the instance, the integration checks to see if this user has an account in the instance. If the integration does not find an existing user account, it automatically queries the LDAP server for the username that was entered. If a matching LDAP account is found, the integration tries to authenticate with the password the user entered. If the password is valid, the instance creates an account for the user, populates the account with all applicable LDAP information, and logs the user in to the instance.

On-demand login uses the LDAP User Import transform map. For more information on transform map requirements, see LDAP transform maps.