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Direct JDBC Probe

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Direct JDBC Probe

A direct JDBC probe specifies all the parameters necessary in the outbound ECC Queue XML payload.

It is a standalone probe that is decoupled from a JDBC Data Source and does not insert into an import set. The required field in the ECC Queue record for a direct JDBC probe is Topic and it must equal JDBCProbe. The Source field is reserved for the sys_id of the data source record in the case of a JDBC data source.
Note: If you have ServiceNow Discovery enabled on your platform, add the skip_sensor parameter to the probe to avoid the discovery sensors from processing the probe and resulting in a "No sensors defined" error.

XML Structure

A direct JDBC probe has the following XML payload structure
<parameters><parameter name = "skip_sensor" value = "true" /><parameter name = "parameter_name" value = "parameter_value" />
  <parameter name = "work" ><select  ... >