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Legacy Import set data for Altiris

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Legacy Import set data for Altiris

This topic lists module names displayed by the Altiris import set data.

The Altiris import set data section shows a list of Import sets tables used in containing data retrieved from using JDBC to query the Altiris database. The module names (hence the import set tables they point to) match Altiris's table names and structure that it is loading from.

Module names

Note: Functionality described here requires the Integration - Altiris 2.0 plugin.
  • Scheduled Cleanup
    • Configure a schedule to cleanup/delete import set data that have already been transformed
  • vComputer
  • Inv_AeX_OS_Operating_System
  • Inv_AeX_HW_CPU
  • Inv_AeX_HW_Memory
  • Inv_AeX_HW_Serial_Number
  • Inv_AeX_HW_Logical_Disk
  • Inv_AeX_OS_Add_Remove_Programs
  • Inv_AeX_AC_TCPIP

When viewing each of these table lists, at the end of the list you have links to other operational functions of the import set.