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Upgrade Details related list

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Upgrade Details related list

Upgrade Details lists all Upgrade Details records for this upgrade.

Navigate to System Diagnostics > Upgrade History to view the Upgrade Details related list.

Table 1. Upgrade Details related list
Field Input Value
Disposition Action performed on this file during the selected upgrade:
  • Inserted: The system inserted a new record.
  • Updated: The system updated this record.
  • Deleted: The system deleted this record.
  • Skipped: The system did not change this record in order to preserve customizations.
  • Reverted: This record was reverted to the base version.
  • Table not found: The system could not find the table that contains this record.
  • Unchanged: The system did not change this record because the baseline component has not changed since the last release.
  • Skipped Manual Merge: The system did not change this record because updating it requires manual intervention.
  • Skipped Apply Once: The system skipped this record because it had already applied an update from an xml file in the apply once folder.
  • Not Latest: The system applied a change, but this change was overwritten later during the same upgrade.
Priority Relative importance of the conflict that caused the skip based on the following criteria:
  • 1 (highest priority): xml content
  • 2: script or script_plain
  • 3: html content
  • 4: sys_ui_form_section, sys_ui_related_list, or sys_choice_set
  • 5 (lowest priority): other
  • Reviewed
  • Retained
  • Reverted
Comment During the process of resolving a skipped update, you have the option to add a Comment to any record. For example, the comment might explain the action that you took to future reviewers.
Target name Name of the record corresponding to the current file.
Plugin Plugin that contains the record.
Type Current file type (such as Business Rule or UI Policy).
Table Table that contains the record.
File name Current upgrade file name.
Changed by vendor Indicates whether the file has been changed by the vendor since the last upgrade.