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Make a timeline visible to a selected user

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Make a timeline visible to a selected user

Make selected timelines available to users by creating a custom module within an application and defining the roles that can access it.

About this task

To permit these users to update task records directly from the timeline, configure the timeline to allow span dragging.
Note: Timelines delivered by a custom module are not entirely dynamic. The left pane, the summary pane, the auto-refresh feature, and the grid lines are not dynamic and do not reflect changes made to the timeline record after the module link is created. However, the data represented by the spans, the labels, and tooltips display all updates in the custom module.

To create a timeline page module:


  1. Click the Edit application icon on an application (such as Incident) in the navigation pane.
  2. In the application Modules related list, click New.
  3. Configure the Module form to add the Timeline page field.
  4. Fill in the form as described in the table and click Submit.
    The Module form provides the following fields.
    Table 1. Making timelines visible to selected users
    Field Description
    Title Enter the name of the module as it will appear in the navigation pane. For example, you might use Planning Timeline.
    Order Enter a number to determine the sequence in which this condition will be evaluated if more than one matching condition exists. Conditions with a lower order are evaluated first.
    Application Select the application for the new module.
    Hint Enter a brief description of the module that appears when the user places the cursor over the module name. For example, you might enter Weekly view of high priority changes.
    Active Select this check box to enable the module for the roles defined. Clear this check box to disable the module for all users.
    Image Select an appropriate icon to appear with the module name.
    Link type Select Timeline Page. When this link is selected, the Timeline Page field appears.
    Timeline Page Select the timeline page you want to appear in this module. For example, for the Change application select a change-related timeline, for the Incident application select an incident related timeline.
    Roles Select the roles that can access this module.
    Override application menu roles Select this checkbox to show this module when the user has the specified roles. Otherwise, the user must have the roles specified by both the application menu and the module.
    The completed module form looks like this.
    Timeline Page Module New