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Change the time zone choice list

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Change the time zone choice list

Wherever users have a choice of time zone, the choices are populated using the Time Zone choice list on the User [sys_user] table. Not all time zones appear by default.

About this task

To add or remove time zones from the list of time zones:


  1. Navigate to User Administration > Users and open any user record, or click New.
    User Record
    Notice that the default time zone is System (America/Los_Angeles).
  2. Right-click Time zone, and then select Personalize Choices.
    Personalize Choices
  3. Highlight the desired time zone from the Available or Selected lists, and then Add or Remove the time zones as needed.
    Choosing Time Zones
    Note: The time zone choice MUST be equal to a valid Java/IANA time zone name. If it is not, then the time zone choice is effectively UTC/GMT.