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Time worked fields

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Time worked fields

The Task [task] table provides a time-tracking field called Time worked. This field measures how long a record has been viewed in order to measure work time on a ticket.

Figure 1. Time Worked

Any table that extends Task can use this field. To add the field, configure the form.

As the record is viewed, the timer counts upward. To pause the timer, click the stop icon (Stop icon)

To resume the timer, click the start icon (Start icon).

When the task is saved, the amount of new time in the timer is used to generate a record on the Time Worked [task_time_worked] table. This table can be viewed as a related list on the task form.

By default, the time displayed in the Time worked field displays a cumulative value stored in the task record. If you modify a Time Worked record, the changes will not be reflected in the task timer.

You can set the property com.snc.time_worked.update_task_timer to enable updating of the task timer value based on changes to the time worked records. This is accomplished through the Update task timer business rule.