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Special cases in job schedules

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Special cases in job schedules

Some special cases require care in job scheduling.

End of the month schedules

Because months have different lengths, take care when scheduling jobs for the end of the month.

  • Scheduling an event for the 29th or 30th is not recommended, because the scheduled job will not be executed in months (like February) which are shorter than those dates.
  • If an event is scheduled for the 31st, it will be executed on the last day of the month, even if the month is shorter.
For example, something scheduled to run on the 31st of the month will run on February 28th or February 29th in a leap year.

Weekday schedules

For scheduled scripts, use the following script to run only on weekdays:

(function isWeekday() {
   var isWeekday;
var gDate = new GlideDate(); //Uses your Timezone!
var day = gDate.getByFormat('EEEE'); //Gets name of day
switch(day) {
       case "Saturday":
       case "Sunday":
           isWeekday = false;
           isWeekday = true;
return isWeekday;

Scheduled jobs from scripts

To execute a scheduled job triggered by an event, use the following script:

//Execute a scheduled script job
var rec = new GlideRecord('sysauto_script');
rec.get('name', 'YOUR_JOB_NAME_HERE');
This script can be run using one of several tables:
  • scheduled_import_set (Scheduled Import Sets)
  • sysauto_script (Scheduled Script Execution)
  • sysauto_template (Scheduled Template Generation)
  • sysauto_report (Scheduled Report)
Note: SncTriggerSynchronizer does not provide methods to execute scheduled jobs in the future.

Running schedule jobs imported from another instance

To prevent unexpected data changes, the system does not automatically create Schedule Item [sys_trigger] records for Scheduled Jobs [sysauto] imported from an XML file such as an update set. To run a scheduled job imported from another instance, update the scheduled job record.