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Client transaction timings

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Client transaction timings

The Client Transaction Timings plugin enhances the system logs by providing more information on the durations of transactions between the client and the server.

By providing information on how time was spent during the transaction, performance issues can be tracked down to the source by seeing where the time is being consumed.

This plugin requires the Response Time Indicator Response Time Indicator to be enabled, and collects information from the following browsers:
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome

Client Transactions Information

Installing the plugin adds the module Client Transactions to the System Logs application, which provides a list of every logged transaction between client and server within the last day. The following information is tracked:
Table 1. Client Transactions Information
Field Description
Created The moment the transaction was recorded.
Response Time The number of ms spent by the server in fulfilling the transaction.
Business Rule Time The number of ms spent by business rules triggered by the transaction.
SQL Time The number of ms spent by the SQL database.
Client Response Time (Load_completion_time) - (start_time). It is inclusive of server time.
Client Network Time The number of ms spent by the network the client is connecting through.
Browser Time The number of ms spent by the browser during the transaction.
Client Script Time The number of ms spent executing client scripts
UI Policy Time The number of ms spent executing ui policy
Type Type of transaction (one of Form, List, Other)
Table The table that was displayed e.g. incident, change_request
View The view for this form/list

Client Detailed Information

A more detailed breakdown of the client timings for all Form rendering (but not list rendering) is also tracked. To see details, drill into a particular client transaction record and observe the related list at the base of the screen.
Table 2. Client Detailed Information
Field Description
Order The order during the load that this operation occurred
Type The type of operation
Name Descriptive name of this particular operation
Duration Number of ms this particular operation took to complete