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Push logs

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Push logs

Consult the push log to track the status of push notifications that are queued to send from your system.

To view the push log, navigate to System Logs > Push Notifications. Users are required to have the push_admin or admin role to view the push log.

Table 1. Push log fields
Field Description
Claim Identification number that is generated by the scheduled job that sends the push notification. This number is applied to the Claim field to ensure consistency across multiple push scheduled jobs.
Payload Content of the push notification.
Queue count
Number of times that the system tried to send the push notification. The status of the push notification relates to its queue count.
  • If the queue count is 0 for longer than expected, then there are no scheduled jobs that are trying to send the push notification.
  • If the queue count is greater than 0 and the Type is success, then you can infer that this is how many times the system tried to send the push notification before finally sending.
  • If the queue count reaches 10, the system stops trying to send the push notification. The Type changes to failure.
Request ID Unique identification number for the push notification. Similar to the message ID for an email, the request ID is used as a correlation token for the push notification.
Type Status to indicate whether the push notification has been sent. The Type column can have these values:
  • failure: The message could not be sent.
  • pending: The message is queued for processing.
  • success: The message was successfully sent, although not necessarily received by the mobile device.