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Components installed with Client Transaction Timings

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Components installed with Client Transaction Timings

The Client Transaction Timings plugin installs several components.

Database Table Structure

The plugin adds the table syslog_client_transaction.


The property glide.client.track_transaction_timings enables and disables the plugin.


The plugin relies on the new script include AJAXClientTiming. This is the script that gathers the information required and populates them on the syslog_client_transaction table.


This plugin does not require any other plugins, but will not gather information unless the Response Time Indicator Response Time Indicator is enabled.

Activating the Plugin

To activate the plugin, navigate to System Definition > Plugins and activate the plugin.
Note: New instances have the plugin activated by default.

Disabling the Plugin

Although plugins cannot be removed, the functionality can be disabled:
  1. Enter sys_properties.list in the application navigator filter.
  2. Locate the property named glide.client.track_transaction_timings.
  3. Set the property value to false.

The functionality can be enabled again by setting the property value to true.